Paramavatar Shri Krishna 25th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Kanha takes durvasa inside his mouth.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 25th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with rishi durvasa in the forest and he sees kevat going with water in his pot. Durvasa is angry and thinks who freed him from my curse? Narad muni appears and says rishi durvasa, kevat the param bhakt of lord Vishnu has been freed from his curse and see he went to serve his lord. Durvasa says who did that? I will not leave whoever did it, my anger will consume them. Narad says yes I will tell you, a child In gokul named kanha freed kevat from his curse by breaking the pot on deepvali with a catapult. Durvasa says I will not leave that kid, he goes angrily. Narad muni says prabhu now I wonder who will save rishi durvasa? Because I know who will save kanha. Lord Vishnu smiles.
There kansa is beside akrur and pralapt brings the doctor. Doctor comes and kansa says

where were you? Pralapt says he was found in gokul celebrating deepavali. Kansa says here a man is dying and you are celebrating diwali there? Doctor says bhagwan I tried everything but he cannot be saved. Kansa says he was about to get better but he died suddenly? Doctor says I told you akrur ji couldn’t be saved.
There kanha and his friends are digging holes near a tree and kanha refills the holes that his friends dig. Jeevak says kanha why are you refilling them? You told us to dig them and now you are refilling them. Rishi durvasa comes near the tree and sees. Kanha says jeevak we are here to find gerua mud(red mud) but it is not here so I am refilling the holes so that someone doesn’t fall inside and they get hurt. Kanha says we have to keep finding for geru mud. Jeevak and friends say kanha now we are tired we want to drink water. Kanha says friends wait, keep digging mother says we shouldn’t stop in a work otherwise we become lazy, keep doing I will bring water. Kanha goes with his pot to bring water. Durvasa now comes but he suddenly falls after stepping in a hole. Jeevak and all friends start laughing. Durvasa gets up angrily. Jeevak says rishi you have such big eyes but you couldn’t see this hole. Dhama says yes what is the use of eyes then? Everyone laugh. Durvasa is angry and says how dare you? Jeevak says rishi you should be careful. Dhama says yes laugh on yourself rishi, because if we would have fallen we would have also laughed so that we don’t feel angry. Durvasa says you all have insulted a rishi, I will not leave you, the fire of my anger will eat you up. Rishi takes water and throws it on friends and they get encircled by fire. Jeevak and everyone say kanha please help us, help us.
There kanha fills the water in the pot and rishi durvasa comes. kanha sees durvasa and says rishi! Rishi says child give me that pot of water, I want to drink water. Kanha says no rishi, I am taking this water for my friends as they are thirsty and working. Rishi says you are denying water to rishi durvasa! Kanha says you are rishi durvasa? The one who cursed kevat? Rishi says yes I am durvasa. Kanha says you cursed kevat for no reason at all, this shows your karma rishi. Kanha says mother always says if we are capapble of doing anything then we should do it and not be dependent on others, you have the entire river and you can take water but you still ask me. Durvasa is angry and says you insulted me?! You don’t know who I am, kanha says and you don’t know who I am. Kanha says you are asking water even when you are capable. Durvasa says I will curse you kid. Kanha takes the pot and says my friends need water, he gpes.
There rohini I waiting with soldiers and says when kansa’s soldiers bring akrur ji here, we will kill them and take akrur ji with us, jai bhavani!
There jeevak and everyone scream for help. Kanha comes running with the pot of water to save everyone, he sees his friends and then pours all water on the fire but it doesn’t extinguish. Kanha then used mud but in vain, he says why isn’t this fire going? Durvasa sees from a tree and says it wont go as it is the fire of my anger. Kanha then closes his eyes and says mother once said that fire can extinguish if it has lack of air. Kanha’s friends fall unconscious.
There kansa is in the court and akrur on the floor. Devki and vasudev are tied in chains. Kansa says see sister, dear akrur ji is dead it is sad that he died, the commander of maheshmati has died. Kansa comes to akrur and looks at his body and says see so much tej he has in his body even though he is dead. Kansa comes near devki and says sister but there is a difference between dying and eating a medicine which makes the person look like he has died. Devki is shocked and has tears. Kansa takes a medicine from pralapt’s hand and squeezes the juice inside it on akrur’s mouth, akrur gets up and is shocked to see kansa, he gets up. Kansa laughs and says devki did you think I wont know you have given him a medicine from which he would look like he is dead? Kansa says akrur is back and says akrur your maharani gave you a medicine so that she could set you free from Mathura and save you, but see I gave you life right here in kansalok. Devki is shocked. Devki has tears and says kansa please, leave akrur ji he has not done anything don’t do this, if you have any humanity left in you leave akrur ji. Kansa says no sister, I don’t have any humanity, you now right I am a god! Kansa says okay as a god I heard you and I bless akrur and grant him his life back. Kansa says akrur go, akrur is shocked. Kansa says go now! Akrur goes from the palace and starts running. Kansa devki vasudev pralapt janur everyone see from the balcony. Akrur is running. Kansa laughs and says yes run akrur run. There rohini and her soldiers are waiting and rohini see from far that akrur is running, she says the plan must have failed, I have to save akrur ji. Rohini has her face covered and she runs on her horse towards akrur. Kansa sees akrur and says yes run but no one escapes death from kansa. Kansa takes a spear and aims at akrur, devki cries and vasudev has tears and says don’t do this kansa please. Kansa aims and throws the spear. Akrur is running and rohini almost reaches him but the spear cuts akrur’s head and his body falls away from his cut head. Vasudev and devki scream no! rohini is shocked and screams no! kansa laughs and says akrur is dead.
Rohini gets down and his body is brought to a side, she cries and says no akrur ji! Kansa sees from his balcony and says who is that who was trying to save akrur? Who is that?
There kanha closes his mouth and breathes in, all the air is sucked inside his body through his mouth, rishi durvasa struggles and is sucked in too. durvasa falls inside and sees darkness everywhere, he says where am i? why is there so much dark here?
Lord Vishnu says to shesh naag, rishi durvasa has become egoistic and has for years given curses to many people and made their lives darkness, today is the time to bring him back to senses by giving him what he has given to everyone for years. Sheshnag gooes.
As durvasa says what is this darkness, he appears inside the galaxy and shesh naag comes. durvasa gets scared and tries to run, shesh naag comes and almost attack rishi durvasa, durvasa falls down and then falls inside water. Durvasa says first I was in darkness, then in space and now in water, what is happening with me? Durvasa sees lord Vishnu on his bed with shesh naag behind, durvasa stands on a rock and says prabhu please protect your disciple, protect me. Lord Vishnu smiles and says rishi durvasa, I am not the one who protects anyone, I don’t punish anyone, it is karma who does it and karma gives everyone what they deserve. Rishi says you are the god of trilok and world balancer, you have created this universe. Lord Vishnu says but karma and dharma is everything rishi. Durvasa falls inside water again.

Precap: durvasa falls at kanha’s legs and says prabhu forgive me, I will never be the same as I was, please forgive me, I wont curse anyone for no reason at all.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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