Paramavatar Shri Krishna 25th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanha fights brahma rakshasa.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 25th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with brahma rakshasa in his cave, he looks at the woman and tells his 2 servants to get her ready for the offering. Kanha is confused and thinks what offering? Why does he want to sacrifice her? Kanha goes to the woman and says devi, what is happening? Why is the brahma rakshasa keen on offering you? The woman says kanha, this demon has prayed for years to mahadev and he has also gained the favor of prapti siddhi, he kills women like this and sacrifices them to impress prapti siddhi and mahadev. Kanha says I have to stop this, don’t worry, I will save your life kaki. The woman smiles.
There balram is on the bed and he the poison is slowly spreading in his body. Rishi gargacharya is worried as it is night and he thinks I hope kanha brings the sanjeevani buti in time,

if he doesn’t then we will lose balram before sunrise.
Yashoda is at the statue of lord Vishnu and she cries, she says prabhu narayana, please save my balram, he is my son and I cannot let anything happen to him, bhabhi rohini has trusted us and we love balram like we love kanha, please save him narayana, please save his life.
There keshari is in the prison cell and her body is itching, she scratches her face and hands and screams in anger and pain, she says this asti and prapti put me here, I am not going to leave them, they don’t know my power, both of them will die for what they have done to me. asti and prapti come taking some food for keshari, they enter the prison and keshari looks at them angrily and says you both plotted against me, you brought me here. Asti says sister, what have we done? You only prayed to the nag who serve Vishnu, you brought yourself here. Asti and prapti go and they smile cleverly. Keshari screams in anger.
There the woman is made ready in jewelry and attire and she is taken to the cave for sacrifice. Brahma rakshasa says good, now I will kill you woman. He puts the woman on a log to cut her head. Kanha comes and says wait you demon, I will not let you do this. Brahma rakshasa says stop me if you can. Kanha pulls the brahma rakshasa leg and throws him down, then he uses his strength and tears the brahma rakshasa in half by pulling him apart. Suddenly a green form of energy comes out of the body and turns into a witch, the huge witch says you kid you cannot kill me, unless I live inside this demon’s body, I am the brahma rakshasa and you do anything, I wont die. Kanha is shocked and says you are adharmi and those who follow adharma always lose. The demoness goes back in the body and brings back the brahma rakshasa alive. The brahma rakshasa picks his axe. Kanha starts praying to lord Shankar and says om namaha shivay! He prays again om namaha shivay! Suddenly a power appears from mahadev’s statue and it destroys the brahma rakshasa. Kanha then saves the woman. The woman suddenly changes her form and turns into prapti siddhi. Kanha says prapti siddhi? Prapti siddhi says yes kanha it is me whom you were looking for, I am here. Kanha says devi what was all this then? Prapti siddhi says I was testing you kanha and you passed the test, I will give you whatever you need. Kanha says devi, I need the sanjeevani buti to save the life of my brother balram, please give me the sanjeevani buti. Prapti siddhi gives kanha the sanjeevani buti and says kanha, from now I will appear and help you whenever you need me, my forms shall reside in you and come to help you when called. Kanha says thank you devi and he goes.
In vrindavan, the poison spreads slowly around balram’s body and his body turns blue. Gargacharya says it is about to be sunrise, kanha has to come now or balram will be lost. Suddenly kanha comes running and says rishi, I brought the sanjeevani buti. Rishi takes it and he closes his eyes, he presses the sanjeevani buti on the mouth of balram and its juice goes inside the body of balram thus destroying the poison. Balram wakes up after some time. Yashoda comes and she hugs balram. Yashoda has tears and says I thank you narayana for saving balram, balram says kaki I am happy to be back and see you as my mother! Yashoda hugs balram.

Precap: Kalyavan comes in vrindavan, he looks at kanha and says kid, you are my enemy and you have to die. Suddenly a huge boulder falls upon kalyavan.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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