Paramavatar Shri Krishna 25th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 25th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kansa making vasudev sit down and says jija shree, I have always disrespected you all but now I have realized that you are my jija so I have to respect you and save my sister. Vasudev is shocked and amazed. Kansa sits on his knee and says I will wash your feet first jija shree. Vasudev says no kansa, don’t do that. kansa says I have got a medicine to cure sister devki. Vasudev says yes kansa? Is that true? Kansa says yes jija it is true. Kansa then washes vasudev’s feet and says I never got the blessings of my elders but now touching your feet wil remove my sorrow of not getting elders blessings.
Narad muni says Narayan! What is this leela? Suddenly kansa who has been the statue of inquity for decades has become a statue of dharma now? lord Vishnu smiles

and says every human gets a chance in his life to prove himself that he is good, kansa has got his chance now. kansa there says get up jija shree, then he makes vasudev sit for food. Vasudev sits and says will you let me and devki go kansa? Kansa says jija shree, first stop lying and tell me the truth. Kansa sits down. Vasudev says what lie? Kansa says tell me where your child is jija, then I will let you both go happily. Kansa is about to feed vasudev but vasudev angrily pushes his hand away and says kansa you demon! What is this game you are playing with me! Vasudev says I will kill you kansa. Kansa gets up too and says you try to save devki then that is dharma and if I try to save myself then that is evil? Kansa holds vasudev by his neck and says your son will soon die vasudev, he throws vasudev on floor.
Putna is in rohini’s form and she comes home. yashoda nand kanha and damodar are there. Putna says what happened? Why are you all looking at me like this? Yashoda says did rohini this necklace, isn’t this yours? Nand looks doubtfully at rohini. rohini says this necklace? No it is not mine. Damodar says I think rohini did has a problem of forgetting like me. Damodar says she is not able to recognize her own necklace. Kanha smiles.
Nand says rohini didi see once again properly, it is the necklace you always wear. Putna remembers what she did in the forest, in her demon form she catches rohini and then throws her inside the well. Putna says no nand baba it is not mine. Nand says after looking at the necklace it had 2 locks broken and that happens only when you are attacked, where you attacked in the forest Bhabhi? Damodar says yes Bhabhi, tell us so that we can be ready for any danger. Nand says it is my dharam to protect you Bhabhi, yashoda says tell us rohini didi if anyone attacked you. kanha says kaki I feel like you are lying because when I do a mess of something I try to hide and lie to mother, you are doing the same. have you don’t something wrong? Putna gets angry and says I told once nothing happened and it is not mine, doesn’t anyone understand for once? You are all behind me saying the necklace is mine, nothing wrong happened and I am totally fine. Everyone is shocked to see this rude behavior of rohini. nand is confused. Putna calms down and says nand baba it is not mine.
At night, as kanha is sleeping. Putna is standing in the air and is in her demon form. She says kanha today I will not leave you, as the gods and rohini, akrur and your parents are trying to protect you, I will summon the power of all mayavi powers in this world and kill you with the powers. Putna stands and says all dark mayavi powers, come to me and be my strength, help me to kill this kid. The mayavi powers come and putna absorbs them. Putna now comes down and stands near kanha who is sleeping. Putna says kanha you have lived your golden years, now it is time for you to die. Lord Vishnu smiles. As putna is about to bring her hand on kanha, suddenly a form of kanha comes and is holding an umbrella and is in white robes, he says mother you are killing your own son? Putna looks at sleeping kanha and says he is not my son. The form says how can you kill your own son?
Laxmi says lord Vishnu what is this leela? Lord Vishnu says devi I am not doing anything. This is the power of putna’s mind, she I seeing all of this because of her mind. There the form disappears and putna ignores and says I will kill you as you are my enemy. Suddenly now putna’s own form is seen, she says putna you think yourself, are you his enemy? Or are you his mother? Isn’t he your son? Putna looks at kanha and now calms down, she doesn’t attack.

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  1. Why makers changing story of pootna.
    Pootna was Foster mother of krishna as she br*astfeed him.
    She is one of ashtamatrikas.

    1. Vanshika

      I agree di.. They first change story and then dragging unnecessarily…

      1. True

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