Paramavatar Shri Krishna 24th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Kanha becomes shree ram.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 24th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha and radha going hand in hand outside the house. Brij bhanu nand and all people see and brij bhanu says it feels like lord ram and sita’s Jodi is walking amidst us. People say yes nand baba we already have a problem of bringing a ram and sita Jodi for your ram leela. Brij bhanu says yes friend nand why don’t we make kanha and radha, lord ram and devi sita? People say yes nand baba lets make kanha and radha lord ram and sita as there can be no better choice than them. Nand says it sounds right.
In Mathura, devki and vasudev are there in the prison cell an devki tells doctor that kaka you have helped me but I need more help. Doctor says as you said devki, I gave the medicine to akrur ji and now the rest work can be done. Devki says kaka you have to

do 1 more thing and that is you have to go to gokul to rohini didi and tell her about our plan, she will help us ahead. Doctor says yes I will do everything for you and goes. Vasudev says devki what is this plan? You gave akrur ji a medicine to die? Devki says yes maharaj but his life is hidden inside this medicine and this medicine wont kill him. vasudev says then? Devki says this medicine will only make him totally unconscious and his heart beat will stop and even breathing for sometime, in that time rohini didi will help us and he will be saved.
There at nighgt deepavali starts and all the people have gathered for the ram leela arranged by nand. Kanha and radha come walking with balram behind them, they wear dress of lord ram sita and laxman and take their roles. They 3 start walking ahead as lord ram, sita and laxman. Chandra dev indra dev and agni dev see and say for the first time this has happened that lord Vishnu’s 2 forms have come together at the same time and same place as lord ram too and as Krishna too. in gokul, all people spray flowers on kanha and radha and balram. They 3 come and kanha and radha sit and hold their hands as blessing everyone. Balram stands aside with a bow and arrow. all people look at them and say it feels like lord ram and sita have walked into our gokul. Birj bhanu and kirti say see it actually feels they both are forms of lord Vishnu and devi laxmi. Kirti says see our radha looks so beautiful just like devi laxmi.
There kansa lights diyas in akrur’s room and says akrur get up my friend please get up, today adharma and iniquity dies but how can you die? Get up. Kansa says is he really dead or is he playing his tricks with me? Bhadraksh laughs and says I will check bhagwan. Bhadraksh goes inside akrur’s body and comes out, he says maharaj his heart is really not beating and he is not breathing too. kansa says why? Call the doctor, where is ved ji? Janur comes and says bhagwan I found in the entire palace, doctor is nowhere to be found. Kansa says did he go to celebrate deepavali too?
There kevat is in his pot and says today my prabhu has come in his lord ram form and I am honored to have his darshan, today after his darshan it feels like rishi durvasa’s curse was a boon for me. There doctor comes to gokul and some men talk saying we have to check everyone and everything as there can be a demon of kansa too. doctor says where does rohini rani stay? Men say where did you come from? Doctor says from Mathura, men say she doesn’t live here. Doctor is confused and says okay and goes. Men say he can be a demon.
The people say now we should do the maha aarti. Rishi gargachary comes and says the mantras and explains it to all people saying today was the day when lord ram defeat ravana and came back to ayodhya with devi sita and brother laxman, he destrioyed iniquity and it marks a good day as everything good starts from today. The aarti starts and everyone say the pooja aarti. Kevat says today no one can stop me from taking my prabhu’s darshan. kevat goes ahead and stays above all people in the air. Doctor sees rohini and says rohini devi is here. Suddenly some men take him in a blanket and take him away.
There dev ki and vasudev light the diya’s in their cell and devki says maharaj, today lord ram defeated ravana and came back to ayodhya, in the same way even kansa will be defeated and happiness will once again come back in our lives.
There kevat says loudly prabhu shree ram ki jai! Everyone see the pot and get scared, they say matkasur has come. The men of gokul take sticks to break the pot but it is high. Rishi gargacharya says to himself, this cannot be a demon, this is someone as a demon wont come to an aarti of lord ram. Rishi closes his eyes and then understands, he says this is prabhu shree ram’s param bhakt kevat who was cursed by rishi durvasa. Radha says to kanha, prabhu what do we do? You destroyed all pots except this one. Kanha says how will I destroy it devi? My catapult is not here. Radha says I have it and gioves him. kanha takes a supari and then aims at the pot and breaks it, flowers fall from it. Kevat is finally freed. Rishi gargacharya thinks kevat could be freed only by lord Vishnu, kanha did it. Which means kanha is lord vishnu’s form? Rishi has tears. Kanha says everyone don’t be scared, I think this pot was not a demon because he came to lord ram’s aarti and also till today he did not harm anyone, I think he must have been a cursed soul. Rishi has tears and is shocked and thinks these many years how couldn’t I recognize my lord Vishnu? kanha is lord Vishnu’s form of param avtar shri Krishna. Kanha says am I right rishi? Please guide us. Rishi says to people, yes kanha is right everyone, he was not a demon but he was lord ram’s param bhakt kevat who was cursed and kanha gave him salvation. Rishi is amazed and has tears. He is going and nand stops him saying did we do a mistake guru? Guru says no I have some answers to find and understand what happened here as kanha is no ordinary child, I have found someone whom I couldn’t recognize till now. Guru goes. All people say kanha is not ordinary child, because of him kevat was freed and kanha is a divya child. All women say yes yashoda you are lucky to be kanha’s mother. Yashoda takes kanha with her.
The doctor is beaten by all men and doctor says stop, don’t beat me I have come here to talk to maharani rohini and I have a message, kansa has not sent me. Men say tell us, doctor says no I will tell her only even if you kill me. Rohini comes and says ved ji no one will kill you, tell me what happened. Doctor says devki has sent me to tell you that akrur ji has been given a medicine from which his body will stop doing any process completely. Rohini says okay I thought he died and god forbid it did not happen. Doctor says akrur ji’s body will be brought to the shamshan but there it is your work to save his body and bring him here.

Precap: durvasa sees kevat is free and narad muni tells him that he was freed by a child in gokul named kanha. Durvasa says I will see how all children will be safe, he throws his spell on them and they are encircled by fire. Kanha comes to save his friends, he closes his eyes with mouth open to say prayer, he sucks all the air and rishi durvasa is taken inside kanha’s body. Durvasa falls inside and reaches lord Vishnu.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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