Paramavatar Shri Krishna 24th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanha follows varahasura.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 24th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha, radha and balram. Balram says where is the mother cow? Savre then moo’s and kanha says savre is saying that vrindavan’s cows have all been abducted. Then balram says friends get down the tree, don’t worry we are here. The friends get down and say kanha and brother balram, we saw varahasura lure all cows and he abducted them, we were so scared that we climbed this tree to save ourselves. Kanha says which means all cows have been abducted, how do I find them now? Radha says gore, you don’t even know how to find cows. Kanha says they are not listening to my voice today. Radha says I have 1 lakh cows, I know better. Kanha says you only try then, maybe they will hear you. Radha calls the cows but no one comes. kanha says brother balram, we should split now,

I will go and look for the cows, you go and find the demon varahasura, this way we will find at least someone early. Kanha says radha you go home but don’t tell anyone and specially mother that we are finding varahasura and our cows. Radha says no even I will find the cows, kanha says no radha you cannot come, you have to go. kanha goes.
There radha starts coming to vrindavan and says this boastful gora, he doesn’t listen to anyone, I should have gone with him.
Kanha says to savre, now savre how do I find your mother? Savre moo’s and runs, kanha says so savre is taking me behind that demon, I will follow him. kanha goes.
There the demon varahasur plays his flute and lures the demons towards the Yamuna river. Varahasura then says all these cows are here, now I will take them with me, that paramavatar will come behind for sure.
There in vrindavan, yashoda is making food in kitchen and radha comes and says kaki, I never complain about anyone but this kanha, he never listens to me, now you see, my father has 1 lakh cows and kanha has only his pet, savre, then I will have more knowledge about them right? Yashoda laughs and says yes radha but what happened? Radha says kaki, this kanha has gone behind the demon varahasura to find the cows, varahasura has abducted all cows of vrindavana, I said even I would come. Yashoda is shocked and says a demon? Varahasura? No, my kanha is in danger, I have to go and save him, yashoda runs out.
There kanha comes to Yamuna river with savre and says the Yamuna river? But savre this is a river. Kanha then looks deep inside the river and sees varahasura huge swimming away with all cows on his back. Kanha says I will save them and stop this demon. Kanha jumps in the water and he swims and follows varahasura. Varahasura sees behind and says kanha is following me, like I thought, I will take him to my lok. Varahasura swims and reaches to his lok made of rocks, he outs the cows there as kanha comes there and says varahasura, enough! Leave our cows, I have come to take them back. Varahasura says kanha, finally you, paramavatar! I lured you here, I will kill you and also all the cows, you wont go back to vrindavan. Kanha smiles and says if that’s what you want. Varahasura attacks a bolt from his horn, kanha dodges and then closes his eyes and prays om namo bhagvatey vasudeva namaha! Kanha gets a gadha. Narad muni says to lord Vishnu, prabhu paramavatar shri Krishna now knows that he is the paramavatar, he knows his identity.
There kanha jumps and hits varahasura with his gadha. Varahasura falls down.
There yashoda, nand and all people are worried. Radha thinks, kanha had told me not to tell mata yashoda and he in fact saved me from the danger and wanted me to come to vrindavan so I should be safe, but here I put him in trouble, I have to do something.
There kanha fights varahasura with his gadha.

Precap: varahasura hits kanha with an electric bolt and he falls down. kanha takes the form of Varaha(a boar). Radha takes kanha’s form to calm down all people and yashoda.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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