Paramavatar Shri Krishna 24th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 24th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha inside the fire circle. Putna sees and smiles cunningly and says kanha, your time is over, the 8th child of devki is dead.
In heaven, laxmai says prabhu how is this possible? How can kanha die such a gruesome death? How could putna do this? Lord Vishnu says this is karma devi, putna did what she thinks is right, she has done iniquity and will continue to do iniquity till her death. Lord Vishnu says but the fire she created was from her anger and ego, anger and ego can be won only by love and there will be a rain in the form of love to defeat ego. Lord Vishnu smiles.
There as putna sees, the clouds become dark and heavy rain starts. The rain falls on the fire and all the fire is extinguished. Kanha is busy making laddoo. The rain goes. Putna is angry

and says how did this rain come? I created fire with my demon powers, the gods are saving kanha. Putna looks at kanha angrily. Then she turns back to rohini and kanha makes ladoo and says kaki I made the ladoo. Kanha then says kaki don’t tell anyone the recipe to make these ladoo as only I will eat them. Putna says okay and kanha goes taking ladoo. Putna says I have to find another way as the gods are protecting kanha!
In the palace, vasudev is angry and comes out of the prison. 3 guards holds vasudev. vasudev throws away the guards and heads towards the palace in kansa’s room. kansa is making his painting. Vasudev is followed by soldiers but vasudev attacks them and throws them down. Vasudev then come sin kansa’s room with a sword and shouts kansa! Kansa looks behind. The soldiers hold vasudev. kansa says leave him please. Soldiers go. vasudev is angry but he throws the sword down and falls at his knee. Vasudev cries and says please kansa, please! Let me and devki go, let me take devki with me, she will not live for much time. Kansa says get up vasudev please you are my brother in law, hug me! Kansa makes vasudev get up and hugs him forcefully. Kansa says why wouldn’t I listen to you brother in law? Kansa says I will leave you and sister devki for sure but there is a problem. Kansa says where is your 8th child? Putna will bring him and the you all can go together. Vasudev cries.
Balram goes to kanha’s friends and says I have brought your friend kanha’s sandhi prastav to you, friends say so? Why didn’t kanha come? Balram goes to kanha sitting under a tree and says kanha they are saying why haven’t you come to talk to them? Kanha says please tell them something yourself. Balram goes again and says see kanha is sorry for what he did but you are his friends and he misses you all and wants to play with you. friends say but kanha ate our kheer too. Balram goes to kanha and says they love kheer more than you kanha. Kanha says tells them I will leave them if they don’t talk to me. Balram goes again and says kanha is your friend right? Friends say yes. Balram says then do you want kanha to leave you? friends say no, kanha is our friend. Balram then goes in center and says are you kanha’s friends? Friends say yes. Balram asks kanha are you their friend? Kanha says yes. Balram says the why am I taking your messages here and there? You all talk yourselves. Balram goes. Kanha takes a ball and goes to his friends and says friends lets play. Friends are sad. Kanha says see friends you can stay sad at me, but we can at least play. Friends say that is right, we can play. All of them start playing and kanha says I have kheer made at home. friends say yes? Kanha says yes they all go.
At home balram tells yashoda that kanha made him run here and there and because of kanha his legs are paining, so he has decided from now not to take anyone’s messages here and there. Balram sits and says I will not talk to kanha. Kanha comes ithe a plate of laddoo and says mata yashoda, I made these laddos all for myself. Balram looks the other way. Kanha says mother I will not give anyone my laddoo. Balram says kaki tell kanha no one wants his laddo. Yashoda smiles and says I will not speak between you both. Yashoda goes. Balram cant resist and takes the laddoo to eat and eats. Kanha smiles.
Narad muni says what mahima is this of kanha. Narad says kanha convinced everyone and balram got to eat the laddoo. Narad says sheshnaag’s form without thinking got to eat the laddoos. Laxmi smiles and says narad muni, it may be that balram got his laddoo but kanha always gets what he wants, lord Vishnu always does what he wants.
There balram has tears in his eyes and kanha says what happened brother? Tears of happiness? Eat more laddoo. Balram says no kanha, these laddoos are so spicy, balram run to take water. Kanha eats some laddoo and says oh my god, these laddoos are spicy. Kanha says why did kaki rohini make the laddoo so spicy?
At home friends come and say kanha we brought berries for you. one friends says we brought something more better than berries. Kanha says more better than berries? Give it to me, I want to eat it. friends say it is not to eat but to see. One friends removes the gold bangles and says see we found this. Kanha says this? And looks at it, kanha says this belongs to rohini kaki. Behind putna in rohini’s form is hiding and seeing this. Putna thinks of course it belongs to rohini as I did what should have been done. In flashback, putna in her demon form holds rohini by her neck and says rohini the 1st wife of vasudev will die today for planning against bhagwan kansa, putna throws rohini inside the well.

Precap: putna is in the sky and says I need the power of the dark demons of night and with that help I will kill kanha today. Putna goes down inside the house and is beside kanha who is sleeping. Suddenly she sees herself and kanha’s form in front of her smiling at her. Kanha is in white robes holding a white umbrella.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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