Paramavatar Shri Krishna 23rd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Kanha is tied to a pot.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 23rd October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha eating butter from a pot. Yashoda is sitting and radha comes to her. Radha says kaki I have seen kanha, he was talking about some matkasur but he only broke all the pots of gokul with this catapult. Yashoda sees it and is angry and goes to kanha, she says kanha come with me I know what you have done and you only broke all the pots of gokul. Yashoda says today I will not forgive you and punish you such that the world will know it in future. Yashoda takes kanha as he says I was eating butter mother, please don’t do this. Yashoda takes kanha and then ties him to a huge pot grinder. Yashoda has tears as kanha says mother wait please! Yashoda goes. Kanha is sad and cries. Radha comes with her friends and says kanha I told you to tell me about matkasur, you broke

all the pots and are tied here now, radha laughs with her friends.
In flash back, at night when kanha was about to destroy the pot in which kevat is there, radha from behind comes and says gore I caught you red handed, you are only the one who broke all the pots in gokul, I will go and tell all people of gokul now. Radha goes. Kanha says this gopi has created a problem and even matkasur has gone.
In present, nand says kanha did a mistake. Brij bhanu and another man of gokul say nand kanha wont do this on purpose for fun. Brij says yes friend, till now whatever kanha has done he has done for a reason and even this must have been done for a reason which we all cannot see. A woman says yes nand baba we have to find out the reason, woman says to gopi that you all unnecessarily went and complained to yashoda. Nand says but now what I can see is he has done a mistake.
There radha and her frienda re there and radha says kanha you have been tied here for a long time now. Lalita says yes radha and we should free kanha as he must be tired now. Laxmi is jealous. Radha jumps in and says okay kanha, I will remove the open for sometime and you can rest but after that I will tie you back. Kanha says no gopi, I will not move from here and the rope shall not be untied unless mother yashoda does it. Radha says okay as you wish and she goes. Kanha says I am very hungry now and want butter but mother is not here.
Kevat sees kanha and says my prabhu has been tied here because of me and I will help him.
Lord Vishnu sees and says kevat sees shree ram and with his bhakti he will try to help me as he can.
Nand and brij bhanu are with other people decorating gokul. kevat comes in his pot there. Nand sees and says see that is matkasur which means kanha was right. Nand tells all people to take their sticks. All men take sticks and hammer, nand says attack him everyone. Damodar has hammer and they all run behind kevat. Kevat in his pot goes and then hides. Damodar says where did he go? he disappeared. The woman comes and says see I was right and you stupid gopi’s went and complained about your pots to yashoda and got him scolded. Woman says now go and tell yashoda, gopi are sad and have tears, they go.
There yashoda brings malpua’s for radha and her friends and says radha take this. Radha says wow I love malpuas, radha and her friends start eating. Kanha says mother, wont you feed your son butter? Yashoda has tears and cries, kanha says give me malpuas at least. Yashoda goes away crying. Kanha says mother wait please. Radha says kanha you have broken yashoda’s kaki’s trust in you, she wont come.
Yashoda is crying and kirti says yashoda why are you crying? Don’t cry and go free kanha from the rope and give him food, don’t hurt yourself. Kirti says yashoda you have not eaten anything since morning and even kanha has not eaten anything, go and give kanha food too. all gopi’s come and says yashoda! Yashoda says what now? Because of them I had to tie my son, yashoda goes and says what happened now? Because of you all I had to tie kanha to the huge pot and did not give him any food since morning. What is left now? Haven’t you finished crying about your pots? The gopi’s say yashoda we are sorry, because it was not kanha’s fault, yashoda says what? Gopi’s say yes yashoda kanha was breaking all pots because matkasur is real and he wanted to destroy matkasur. Yashoda says what? She says my kanha! She goes running to kanha who is tied and then removes his rope and hugs him, she says kanha you will forgive your mother right? You are so small but you think so big, kanha says mother there is nothing to forgive as you did what you thought would be right for me. Yashoda hugs kanha. Radha comes with jatila and jatila says kanha take these pedas from barsana, you must be loving malpuas but there are no other pedas better than those of barsana. Radha says yes kanha eat them and eat butter too, if I knew you were breaking pots for the right thing then I would never tell yashoda kaki. Kanha says accept your mistake then. Radha says I did not do a mistake and if this was a mistake then to bring you on line, I will do such mistakes again. Kanha thinks this gopi will never change.
Kanha and all children sit with yashoda as she reads them ram katha and entire Ramayana.
There kevat roams in gokul and says today I will go to my lord as because of me he was in such a huge problem.
After Ramayana, kanha says lord ram was given the exile for 14 years but even mata sita went with him. radha says if I was mata sita then I would also go to exile with lord ram. Yashoda smiles.

Precap: kanha and radha wear clothes of lord ram and sita and become lord ram and sita for gokul people as the act and balram becomes laxman. They 3 come walking and sit on throne as everyone spray flowers. Then kevat comes in the pot and is in front of all people. Kanha sees and removes his catapult and breaks the pot, the flowers fall down from pot and kanha smiles.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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