Paramavatar Shri Krishna 23rd July 2018 Written Episode Update: Kansa sends demon to abduct the cows.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 23rd July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kansa in Mathura, he stands with all the evil demons he had summoned who used their powers against the rishi’s and disciples of Vishnu. Kansa laughs and says so what news do you have my demons? the demons say bhagwan kansa, as you had said, exactly that is happening, the rishi’s are leaving brij mandal as we are not letting them do their yagya’s. the rishi’s are leaving brij mandal and soon vishnu’s avatar wont have anyone here. Kansa says now let that kanha protect his cows and people.
There in nand’s house, everyone say our cow festival is coming. Damodar says yes people, the festival has come and we have to do many preparations for that. Nand says yes, this time we will celebrate our cow festival with all fun and happiness. Nand says yes like every

time, the cow which gives the most milk will win, so people start making your cows prepared for the festival. Everyone is excited.
There balram is with radha and all friends and says so everyone, who is the savior of vrindavan? Everyone say kanha. Radha looks at all the friends and says listen what did brother make you all understand just now? So say like that. Balram says okay we’ll say again, who is the savior of vrindavan? Dhamu and all friends say brother balram! Balram smiles and says yes, who is the protector of cows? Dhamu says kanha! Then says no sorry, brother balram. Balram says yes good, so from now I will make the decisions and kanha will have to listen to me, every time I have to listen to him. Radha says you are right brother.
There kansa is in Mathura, he looks at a map of vrindavan and says so this is the beautiful vrindavan, the gift from bahgwan kansa and these are their cows, the ones kanha loves to protect, bring the cows here, abduct them, I will kill each one of them. Kansa sends varahasura to bring the cows. Rishi gargacharya sees this with his mind sight and kanha says so this is the plan of kansa to make the rishi’s run away from vrindavan, I will do something.
There kanha comes to balram and everyone else and says brother, see I have come. Balram says so what kanha? Kanha says brother the cow festival is here. Balram says we will do as I say, not as you say, every time you tell us and we have to follow but I being eldest I will make the decisions now. Kanha says but brother, what have I done? Does that mean you hate me and want me to go? Then I’ll go. Balram gets emotional and says no kanha, I love you the most, okay we will listen to you, but I will decide. Kanha says okay brother and smiles. Radha thinks brother balram again got trapped in this gore’s trick. Kanha says brother a new demon has come in brij mandal. Balram gets up with his mudgal and says where is it? Kanha says it is your decision whether to fight the demon or not. Balram says obviously kanha, lets go there. radha says brother, kanha is again just making you listen to him. Balram says we don’t have time to talk radha, first we have to deal with that demon. Suddenly they hear the sound of savre mooing. Kanha, balram and radha run to savre and kanha says what happened savre? Savre tells kanha that the cows are in danger and my mother has been abducted. Kanha says what? Mother cow has been abducted? Kanha says brother balram and radha we have to save mother cow. Kanha with all his friends start going in different directions to find the mother cow.
There kansa is in Mathura and he plays flute and after playing opens his eyes and says how was it my disciples? Everyone in the palace is standing away from the ground as there are cobras everywhere. Keshi says kansa, your flute tune attracted cobras and not cows. Kansa says ohh. Kansa picks one cobra and says my flute tune must have attracted you cobras, but my demons will bring the cows here. Kansa throws away all cobras from his palace using his powers. The soldiers bring the mother cow in and kansa says see here is the mother cow whom I will kill. Kansa removes his sword but asti stops him and says bhagwan this is what Vishnu wants, he wants you to have the sin of killing a cow so that you get farther away from being immortal ever. Kansa keeps his sword and says my dear wife, you care for me too much, kansa says put this mother cow confined in fences.
There kanha suddenly sees 2 of his friends sitting on a tree with eyes closed. Kanha calls everyone and everyone tell them to open their eyes and come down. Both friends say no we wont. Balram says come down, what has happened? Why don’t you open your eyes? Both say if we do then that demon will come and kill us. Kanha says demon? Which demon? There is no one here, trust me come down we are here. The friends say no, it was varahasur. Kanha says varahasura?

Precap: varahasura lures all cows using music and brings him to the river, he then becomes huge and abducts all cows taking them to Mathura through the river. Kanha follows him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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