Paramavatar Shri Krishna 23rd January 2018 Written Episode Update: Mahadev drinks hala hal poison.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 23rd January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kansa and keshari looking at sagar manthan. Vishnu says you all gods and demons have to go to the one who has won over death, it is mahadev. Vishnu says go to prabhu Shankar and ask for his help. Gods and demons say yes and they all go to mahadev in kailash. There demons and gods go to kailash and say to lord Shankar, mahadev only you can save us now, the poison has been released by the ocean, it is hala hal poison, it will destroy the world and us too. demons say yes mahadev we need your help. Mahadev says for the first time, gods and demons, dharma and adharma both need my help, this is because you gain amrit from the ocean. Mahadev says I will help you. All gods and demons go. mahadev goes and is huge, he bends down as Vishnu watches. Mahadev drinks the poison

slowly extracting all into his mouth. Kansa smiles as he sees mahadev.
Mahadev finishes drinking the poison and the color of his throat becomes blue, thus him being called the neelkanth. Mahadev smiles and looks at Vishnu. kaal nemi says har har mahadev, all gods and demons say har har mahadev and do pranam. Mahadev says prabhu shree hari, now I dran the poison but if any other difficulty arises hereon, you will have to deal with it. Lord Vishnu says yes mahadev and smiles. Mahadev goes. Kansa angrily says this Vishnu is a cheater, he put mahadev before him to drink the poison and saved himself.
There in gokul, kanha comes to yashoda. Yashoda says where is the water kanha? Kanha says mother I did not bring the water, when I went there I saw only one pot of pure water but before I had heard father say there were 5 pots, if we use the water now then there wont be water left for the ones who are poisoned. Brahma dev thinks this child has brains and is kind towards people.
Brahma dev thinks kanha is intelligent, but I have to make this situation more difficult for him.
There all gods and demons start churning the ocean again. As everyone churn the ocean, the ocean first offers gifts. Raja bali says Vishnu dev, what about the gifts offered by the ocean? We all shall get it. Vishnu says yes and smiles. Kaal nemi says yes, equally! As the churning is done, gifts are offered, indra dev’s elephant airaavt, a cow, a bow and arrow, a pot of gold with mata laxmi, 3 apsara women given to demons and many more, all these gifts are equally given amongst gods and demons. Kaal nemi thinks I don’t care about these gifts, I just need the amrit. There indra dev thinks, I don’t care if I get the gifts or no, I want the amrit. Suddenly demons start becoming weak while churning. Kansa thinks why are these powerful demons becoming weak? Kaal nemi tells raja bali to come behind and he comes forward and churns the ocean. Kansa looks at nagraj vasuki who is emitting poison. Kansa says I knew it, this Vishnu is a cheater, he cheated and had demons take the face side of vasuki so that they would be affected by the poison.
There brahma dev goes in the house and sees one pot of pure water, he is about to kick it when suddenly more pots appear. Kanha sees hiding from window. Brahma dev is about o kick when suddenly more pots of pure water appear. Brahma dev is angry and says I am not willing to give up, this is the maya of kanha, I will do something. Kanha thinks there is something wrong with this rishi, he goes.
Outside all people are tensed and helping poisoned people. A child is caught stealing something and everyone stop him. nand and yashoda come, nand says what happened? Bhola show us your hand, what are you hiding? Bhola says nothing! Kanha says bhola, you are my friend, whatever you are hiding no one will take it, it is yours but show us what is it? Bhola opens his hand and it is a piece of roti. Bhola cries and says I was stealing it for my mother, she has been poisoned, she is hungry and I don’t want her to die otherwise I will become an orphan. Kanha feels sad and so does everyone. Brahma dev says nand baba, it is not the child’s mistake, if no one stands against kalyanaag then everything will be like this, now this child has stolen food, next time some adult will steal, someone has to kill kalyanaag. Kanha thinks about kalyanaag.
There as churning of ocean continues, suddenly the result comes and vaid raj dhanvantri dev appears with a pot of amrit. Dhanvantri dev says prabhu Vishnu, I give my pranam to you, this is the amrit, take it and give it amongst the gods and demons.

Precap: kaal nemi takes pot of amrit and runs. All gods are served amrit and rahu cheats and hides amongst the gods as a god, he drinks the amrit.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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