Paramavatar Shri Krishna 23rd February 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanha kills tirnaavat.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 23rd February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kansa on the pushapk viman. He goes flying and says my mind, don’t get so excited, calm down I know you are excited as you will be king soon and will kill that Vishnu but calm down now, you are soon going to be great and will rule entire universe. Lord Vishnu smiles. As kansa reaches shukra lok, the planet shines and kansa is not able to see because of the brightness. Kansa says nothing will happen and no one can stop me. Kansa gets down on shukra lok and as he walks, he sweats because of the very hot planet, he walks and says this planet is too hot, I cannot see. Kansa falls down and he faints.
In gokul, trinaavat laughs as he creates the dangerous storm. Trinaavat says no one will live, he laughs and says I will destroy everything and kill everyone. Kanha

sees trinaavat angrily. He then sees sarla kaki saying what happened kanha? Why is everyone screaming? What happened to this weather? Kanha sees a flying tree branch coming towards sarla kaki, kanha runs fast and says kaki! He pulls her bed and saves sarla kaki and says kaki a storm has come, stay here and don’t worry. Trinaavat says see my power everyone, I wont stop, I will destroy everything. Kanha says trinaavat you are a coward. Trinaavat says after this power of mine, who called me a coward? Kanha says I called. Kanha says trinaavat you coward demon, you attack gokul because kansa told you, you have done adharma and you will be punished for this. Trinaavat says I am not scared from anyone, bhagwan kansa needs you, I will take you to him. Kanha teases trinaavat and runs. Trinaavat goes behind kanha. There everyone call for kanha. Yashoda says protect my son mahadev. Kanha runs and then trinaavat holds him and says I will take you to kansa. Trinaavat then flies taking kanha. Kanha smiles and says trinaavat you wont live your sins. Trinaavat says why am I being stopped? I am not able to fly? Kanha says the weight of your sins is taking you down. Trinaavat crahes into the ground and kanha lands down. Trinaavat says I am unable to do anything, please don’t kill me, leave me. Kanha says you have to die trinaavat. Kanha jumps on trinaavat and kills him turning him into dust. Kanha says this is true justice when adharam harms dharma.
There keshari says no this cannot happen? How did trinaavat die? He cannot die. Pralapt says it is true rani keshari. Trinaavat was killed and it may have happened because of that boy, in gokul he is called kanha. Keshari is angry and says no, bhagwan kansa’s demons get killed in gokul always but this time gokul will suffer and that kid too, kanha must be the form of Vishnu and he will die, I will do the work myself. Pralapt says but how will you do? Keshari takes her demon form and has snakes in her head instead of hair, she says I will not leave anyone. Keshari becomes invisible and pralapt says where are you maharani? Keshari says I can see you but no one else can see me, this is my power. Pralapt and janur smile.
There kansa gets up and says what kind of planet is this? Which power was this that attacked me? Kansa says I want to meet rishi shokracharya. Kansa says guru shokracharya where are you? There rishi shokracharya hears kansa’s voice as he is resting.
In gokul, kanha comes and says mother I am here. Yashoda says where had you gone kanha? I was so worried, why did you leave us? Kanha says I did not leave mother. Yashoda says I did not see you here kanha. Kanha says mother how would you see me? There was so much dust from the storm, even I couldn’t see anyone. Balram says you wont listen this way kanha, kaki you should tie him. Kanha says what did I do? Balram says kanha you don’t listen to anyone. Kanha says how did you get hurt brother? Kanha sees everyone and says everyone is hurt. Radha is crying and kanha says why are you crying radha? Radha says this happened because of me, if I wouldn’t bring trinaavat here, this wouldn’t have happened. Kanha says no radha, it is not because of you, you just helped an old man. Damodar says this happened because kansa sent him, balram says first kalya naag and now trinaavat, will we live in peace? Kanha says yes we will only when I confront kansa mama. Everyone say what do you mean? Kanha says after the end of kansa!

Precap: nand says to yashoda we should leave gokul. Kansa goes to rishi shokracharya and he kicks kansa and throws him away.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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