Paramavatar Shri Krishna 22nd June 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanha fights the Brahma Rakshasa

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 22nd June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with yashoda and all people in the house as balram is being treated by rishi gargacharya and his disciples. Kanha says guru, please save my brother at any cost, I will help if anything is needed. Nand says guru, please it is a request, balram is my son and I cannot let anything happen to him. Gargacharya says everyone go outside as we have to treat balram. Kanha stays and everyone goes out. Kanha then says guru please do something. Rishi gargacharya says kalyavan hit balram with a nag arrow and even in treta yug laxman had been hit with a nag arrow from meghnad, but mahabali hanuman brought the sanjeevani buti and saved the life of laxman. Kanha says which means even brother balram will live but we will need the sanjeevani buti. Gargacharya says yes kanha but the problem

is that sanjeevani buti has gone extinct from this world. Kanha says what? Then what do we do now? I will do anything and bring the sanejveeni buti to save brother balram. Rishi says kanha, you will get the sanjeevani buti but from one of the ashta-siddhi’s, this time prapti siddhi can grant you the sanjeevani buti but you will have to find her in the dark forests far from vrindavan further than vindhyachal. Kanha says yes I will go right now. Rishi says but be quick, by sunrise tomorrow if the sanjeevani buti is not brought then balram will die. Kanha says okay and he goes.

There in kansa’s palace, keshari has done all make up of nag devi as asti and prapti help her. They all do Pooja of kansa who is sitting on the throne. Keshari does Pooja happily and then kansa opens his eyes and looks at keshari. He is shocked to see her nag makeup and he says keshari what is this? Then he sees a small Vishnu idol in the Pooja plate in keshari’s hand. Kansa picks it and gets angry, he says what is this? Are you new in my palace? And your nag make up keshari, you are a Vishnu disciple and I don’t let them live here. Keshari gets scared and says bhagwan I did not do this, I am not a nag, asti and prapti did this. Asti says now you will also say that we did your make up? Keshari says yes bhagwan, they did my make up. Asti says no bhagwan she is lying, she was born on nagkul where they all pray to lord Vishnu, I and prapti have been demons since birth why would we do this? She prays to nag’s and Vishnu only. Kansa gets angry and then presses keshari’s neck and says you are my last life’s wife, why should I keep you alive? Keshari says please bhagwan I did not know, I have not done this, leave me. Kansa leaves her and then sits. Kansa then says asti you only tell me what to do with her. Asti says bhagwan, after all she is your wife, I say you forgive her. Kansa thinks and says what work does my last life’s wife have with me now? Since you have come keshari, you have just wasted my time always and even made me go to vishnu’s lok, even there my time was wasted, you did not help me at all, pralapt! Pralapt comes with his sword and kansa says take her and throw her away in a cell, she will die soon! Pralapt takes her with the help of soldiers as keshari says please leave me bhagwan, please. She goes angrily and says asti prapti I wont leave you both.

There kanha goes near the forests and reaches there at night, he says now how do I find prapti siddhi? Where will I get her? Suddenly a woman’s screaming voice is heard as she says save me, someone please help. Kanha says someone seems in trouble but I have to save brother’s life. The woman screams again and kanha says but mother always says when someone is in need of help we should help them, I have to save this woman. Kanha goes to the woman who is crying and says save me please, there is a demon behind me and he wants to kill me and eat me. Kanha says who is that? Woman says it is a brahma rakshasa. Kanha says brahma rakshasa? Where is the brahma rakshasa? The demon comes and says here I am, who are you kid? Good even you are here, I will kill you both. Kanha says run lady, he takes her and runs as the brahma rakshasa follow them. Kanha then turns and saves the woman from a spell thrown by the demon. Kanha and the woman hide behind a tree and kanha says don’t worry, nothing will happen to you.

Precap: brahma rakshasa says where are you kid? Where are you hiding? You cannot hide from me, you all will die.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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