Paramavatar Shri Krishna 22nd January 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanha goes to gokul with brahma dev.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 22nd January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with garud bringing mountain mandrachal, he keeps it in the water. Nagraj Vasuki comes and ties himself around the mountain with the demons holding his face side and gods holding the tail end. The gods and demons start pulling their sides to roll the mountain in the ocean water, it doesn’t happen as the mountain starts sinking inside the water. Everyone stop and indra dev says I will try and keep the mountain up from sinking. Indra dev uses his power but in vain. Raja bali now tries and says devraj wait! Raja bali tries. Kansa says these fools, only kaal nemi can do it. Kaal nemi thinks I can do it! Kaal nemi tries keeping the mountain up but his powers don’t work too. Lord Vishnu arrives. Gods do pranam and say prabhu please help us! Raja bali says yes Vishnu,

we will need your help.
Lord Vishnu says yes and his water vehicle, his huge tortoise goes under water and keeps the mountain on its shell. The turtle stabilizes the mountain. Everyone thank lord Vishnu and Vishnu goes. Kansa says what is this? I am not here to see vishnu’s incredible power, to me he is just a cheater. All gods and demons start pulling Vasuki ji and the mountain rolls and churns the ocean.
There in gokul, kanha’s friends are removing fruits. Balram and a friend say kanha you also pluck the fruits. Kanha is looking at the Yamuna river which is blacked by poison, he thinks about jamuna and is worried. Kanha says no mother has told me not to. Jeevak says then we will not give you fruits. Kanha says I wont ask you for it. Everyone is sad. Brahma dev comes as a rishi disguised to kanha and says child can you tell me how to go to gokul? Brahma dev thinks I have to test kanha if he is capable of killing kalyanaag. Kanha says yes guru, I can show you the way but who are you? I have seen you in gokul for the first time. Brahma dev says I am a rishi from another village, my name is sachet. Kanha says okay guru come with me, we will go to gokul. Kanha and brahma dev go ahead. Brahma dev says child I have heard the shortest way to gokul is through Yamuna river and this is the longest way also full of hurdles and may take time, then why are we going from here? Kanha says my mother has forbade me from going to the Yamuna river and I have given her a promise, I am sorry but I cannot go there. Brahma dev thinks a promise made to his mother by kanha is a lot for him, that Is nice. Brahma dev then says but she wont know now, she is not here to see. Kanha says yes she is not here, but her teachings are with me, her belief is with me, I cannot betray that and mother says we are watched over everywhere, there is god and he punished us for the wrong and gifts us for the right. Brahma dev is impressed and he goes with kanha ahead.
Kanha and brahma dev reach gokul. Kanha says see guru, this is gokul. There all people who are poisoned are being treated. Brahma dev sees. Kanha looks at everyone and is sad. He goes to a kaka who says kanha I am suffering, please help all of us, we are happy after seeing you. Kanha cries looking at everyone and his tear drop falls on the poisoned hand of kaka. The hand heals instantly. Balram sees this and is shocked he goes and checks the hand as kanha goes to other people. Balram says kanha come here, see this your tear drop healed this kaka’s hand so easily. Kanha comes and sees. Balram says there is power in your tear drops. Kanha says If there was then I would have saved the water of all this world brother, the hand healed because of the medicine. Balram says oh yes, maybe. Kanha and balram go home. At home, yashoda and nand are talking in room and kanha balram hear them. Nand says yashoda we have only 5 pots of pure water left for drinking. Yashoda says in this water how will we give water to all people and what about the children? Nand says yes, people in other villages have died because of starvation. Yashoda say what do we do now? Kanha and balram go back outside. Kanha takes his flute. There yashoda and nand come. Kanha is playing flute, with the sweet music, the music sound goes to the Yamuna river and the water starts becoming pure again from poison. kanha plays the flute. There kalyanaag comes outside and starts spreading poison in the air. Kanha keeps playing flute but suddenly the poison in the air comes there and all people start coughing. Nand falls down. Yashoda says kanha go bring water for father. Kanha goes home and sees only one pot is there and says father had said there were 5 pots of pure water, here there is only 1 pot. Brahma dev sees and thinks this is the final test for kanha, now what will he do In one pot?
There all demons and gods are turning the mountain, the churning starts removing a poison in air, it is hala hal, kaal kuth poison. all gods and demons start coughing and suffocating from poison. kansa says what happened? These powerful demons suddenly stopped and gods too? Their powers are going? Keshari says before the ocean gave amrit, it gave poison, kaal kuth poison. lord Vishnu arrives and indra dev says prabhu save us, this poison will kill everyone. Lord Vishnu says I am incapable of helping you in this. Raja bali says what do we do? Vishnu says now only one person can help you, the one who has won over death, mrutyunjay! Lord Vishnu says all gods and demons go to lord Shankar in Kailash! Ask for his help.

Precap: all demons and gods go to lord Shankar and says prabhu only you can help us and the entire world, please help us.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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