Paramavatar Shri Krishna 22nd February 2018 Written Episode Update: Trinaavat goes to gokul.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 22nd February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with radha telling trinaavat, lets go baba. Trinaavat says yes, they go together from the forest and trinaavat thinks I will destroy gokul entirely.
There kansa meets kuber dev and says kuber ji pranam. Kuber says kansa in my cave? What do you want from here kansa? Kansa says kuber I have heard a lot about your treasures but I don’t want anything, I came just to ask about the pushpak viman. Kuber says what happened to your own vehicle? Doesn’t It work? But the pushpak viman is the fastest ever, it goes at very high speed and is faster than garud too, you can reach anywhere quickly. Kansa says I want to test it. Kuber says don’t you believe me? I don’t lie. Kansa says I am bhagwan kansa and I create dharma and belief. Kuber says I will allow only for test,

it is the most precious thing I have and nothing can replace it. Kansa says okay and he sits on pushpak viman, he then flies. Kansa laughs.
There kanha and everyone are doing mahadev’s shiv ling’s pooja. As they do the pooja, mahadev smiles. Pooja is over and kanha says dev atidev mahadev ki jai, everyone say jai. Everyone is given the Prasad. Radha comes with trinaavat. Kanha sees trinaavat coming as he is giving everyone the flame of aarti. radha comes and kanha says where were you radha? You have come after the pooja was over. Before radha says anything kanha says, you thought I don’t care for you? I was thinking about you all the time during the pooja. Radha thinks I misunderstood kanha, he was worried for me. Radha says kanha I went to the forest to bring flowers for mahadev’s pooja but I met this lost old man. Kanha sees him and then says oh baba, you are welcome to gokul, take this blessing of the flame of aarti, the pooja was done just now. Trinaavat thinks kansa told me about this kid to stay cautious from him and that pooja flame will be destructible, I cannot go near it otherwise I will be turned to bhasma powder. Trinaavat is forced and takes his hand near the flame and brings it back. Kanha doubts and thinks this man seems weird, I will know his truth soon. Radha says now the pooja is done, if there is no dance and songs, then how will we celebrate maha shiv ratri? Kanha says yes radha, lets dance. All people of gokul start singing and playing dhols. Radha dances with the women as kanha watches and plays his flute and dances too. everyone sing and dance . kanha sees trinaavat watching. Trinaavat thinks these women look beautiful, I want to dance with them. Kanha goes and says baba I saw how you were watching, why don’t you join too? trinaavat says no, I don’t do all this. Trinaavat looks away. Kanha says you shall give away to your wishes. Kanha goes.
There kansa brings the pushpak viman to his palace and keshari sees and says maharaj you brought the pushpak viman. Kansa says yes, now I will take this pushpak viman to shukra lok and ask rishi shokracharya for help, I know he will help me because an enemy’s enemy is a friend, I will go to vishnu’s vaikunth and I will go in his house and kill him. kansa says then I will see that narad muni’s face, I will make him my param bhakt after Vishnu dies, he is a very useful person and he will entertain me with his veena and song. Kansa laughs.

Precap: kansa goes to shukra lok but falls dow on the hot surface of the planet and faints. Shokracharya comes.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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