Paramavatar Shri Krishna 21st March 2018 Written Episode Update: Radha gets angry on kanha.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 21st March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with indra dev coming disguised in vrindavan as a jewelry seller. He meets radha and radha says what does he have? Indra dev opens the basket and shows her a pearl necklace and says just some time back a kid sold this to me, see it is beautiful, it will suit you. Radha sees the pearl necklace and is shocked, she says it looks exactly same to the one I had given kanha a gift. Indra dev says yes that kid was named kanha who sold it to me. Radha says what? She is shocked, sad and very angry and says how could he do that? I had given it to him with love. Indra dev says what? You gave it to kanha andhe sold it? That is so insulting, you should not forgive him I think. Radha is angry and says I will not forgive kanha for what he did, he has hurt my feelings today and lost my

trust. Radha goes. Indra dev laughs and he hides behind trees. Radha goes to kanha who is standing with hanuman. Radha says kanha angrily. Kanha says what happened gopi? Radha says kanha I never thought you would do such a thing, today by doing this you have lost my trust and I will never forgive you for that, you insulted my love for you and lied to me. Radha says I will never talk to you kanha, never! Radha says bajrangi you are my friend and you will also not talk to kanha unless I tell you to, give me a promise. Kanha is sad and shocked and he looks at hanuman. Hanuman is sad and looks at kanha, he is forced to give radha a promise, radha takes hanuman with him. Indra dev sees from trees and thinks, it happened as I thought, now hanuman will not talk to kanha and this way no one will be able to save vrindavan from my wrath. Indra dev goes. Kanha there says what did I do that hurt radha so much?
There kansa has his 2 drops of water left inside brahma lok. He reaches a room where 4 gandharva are there, 2 of them play veena. Kansa enters and the gandharva says how did you dare to come here? Don’t you know? No one is allowed to come here, you will be punished for this. Kansa says you dare ask bhagwan kansa where he goes, I will kill you all. Gandharva says you have to face us, the 2 gandharva play veena and remove arrows from its sound, the arrows are attacked on kansa. Kansa gets angry and says what are you doing? Don’t anger me. Kansa walks ahead and he holds one arrow and attacks one gandharva, who disappears dead. Kansa does same with other and he goes too. The remaining gandharva attack kansa but kansa attacks them and they disappear too.
There suryadev sees earth and says now I will not leave the people of earth, they will feel my power. Suryadev brings sun closer to earth than ever. An old man holding a pot of water falls down and faints. Kanha comes to him and says get up kaka, please bring water someone. The heat increases and now people start fainting and falling unconscious. Kanha is worried for everyone. Nand, brij bhanu and all people start helping those who faint. The heat increases so much that people start bleeding from their eyes, ears, nose and mouth. Kanha and everyone bring water for everyone and it becomes difficult to stand on the ground as it heats up. Kanha goes to hanuman who is sitting with radha and her friends. Kanha says radha help people, don’t sit like that angry, now is not the time to sit angry like a child. Radha says just open your eyes and see, I am making medicines for the people with my friends. Radha sits down angrily. Kanha looks at hanuman and thinks, hanuman the heat will kill people. Hanuman thinks prabhu, something has to be done.
There the sun sets and it is night time. Suryadev says no, the people were saved again, it is night and now I cannot do anything to them. Indra dev appears and says suryadev, a person who doesn’t accomplish his goal is a failure and equal to an enemy, wont you do your task so that people pray to me? Suryadev says but indra dev, this is against the rules of the universe, it is night now. Indra dev says don’t worry when I the balancer of this universe tells you to do. Suryadev says okay.
In vrindavan as it is night, everyone get a relief and they start taking water from wells and helping the injured people. Suddenly the sun comes up as bright. All people are shocked and brij bhanu says I have seen this for the first time in my life, how can this happen? Kanha is angry and so is hanuman who looks at the sun. all people run to help the people. Kanha says angrily, surya you have done what you wanted, I will not stay quiet now.

Precap: indra dev laughs as people get hurt. Kansa says I have to now complete my work here, kansa starts searching the books and he finds the shree Vishnu katha book finally!

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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