Paramavatar Shri Krishna 20th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Kanha aims at kevat’s pot.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 20th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with radha with her friends finding the catapult. Radha says I knew kanha was upto something. Radha’s friends say we shouldn’t check his room like this. Lalita says yes I think we shold take his permission. Radha says no lalita, kanha is mine not yours so why would I need permission to come here? laxmi and Vishnu look at each other and smile.
Kanha is with yashoda and says I will come mother. He runs towards his room to check. Kanha comes in and sees radha and her friends. Kanha is shocked and says radha what are you doing here? radha hides the catapult and says kanha nothing we just came here to see your room, during deepavali entire gokul is lit but only your room is not clean yet. Kanha says you don’t need to worry about that, my mother will do what she

wants with my room, tell me what are you hiding behind? Radha says nothing gore, I was just here to see your room, radha and her friends go. kanha says this gopi is suspicious I have to stay alert from her.
In Mathura, devki tells the doctor that kaka you have to free akrur ji. Vasudev says devki what are you saying? We owe our life to akrur ji and you want him to die? Devki says maharaj, akrur ji planned everything, he wanted to die that is why he made pralapt and janur beat him, akrur ji doesn’t want to fight you and he wants to be freed from this problem. Devki turns to doctor and says kaka you know me since a baby, whenever I was ill father would send me to you and you would give me the proper medicine and make me fine, today please do this and give a medicine to akrur ji from which he gets mukti. Doctor says devki, let kansa do anything and kill me but now I will free akrur ji. Doctor goes. Vasudev is shocked and thinks devki must not be telling me what she has planned but she cannot do this adharma.
Kevat is in the pot at night and says entire gokul is lit with diyas just like the time when my prabhu shree ram had come back to ayodhya. Kevat cries and says my prabhu, I was so blinded by my want for mukti that I forgot my prabhu’s bhakti and couldn’t recognize him, I have to find my prabhu. Kevat cries and sings and goes in gokul.
Laxmi says prabhu now kevat is calling for you with all his bhakti. Lord Vishnu says yes kevat has called my name with all his bhakti from his heart.
There kevat reaches kanha’s house. Kanha hears the song and gets up and says it is matkasur singing, I have to go and destroy that pot. Kanha finds the catapult but cannot find and says where did it go? I have to find something else. Kanha goes and takes a bow and arrow and sees the pot outside, he says loudly matkasur! Kevat gets scared but then he sees kanha taking aim of the arrow and sees lord ram in him, kevat says my prabhu! And cries. Kanha aims the arrow at the pot. Radha hides and sees and says kanha is only the pot breaker.
Next day radha is in the streets and tells all the people that she has found who broke their pots. People as who? Radha says it is your most beloved and whom everyone loves, it is kanha. Everyone is shocked. one man says if it is kanha how couldn’t no one see him breaking the pots? Radha shows everyone the catapult and says kanha broke it with this. Kanha and his friends see radha. Kanha hears everything and says oh my god radha did what I thought would happen, I have to go to mother before everyone else come. Kanha goes to yashoda at home and says can I help you? yashoda says no go and play that is the help you can give me. Kanha stands sad. Yashoda says what happened? Kanha says mother all the women of gokul think I broke their pots. Yashoda says why is that so? Kanha says mother they think I only broke their pots and now they will come to tell you about that but the truth is I did not do anything. Yashoda is angry, and says did they tell you? kanha says no I heard them talking about it. yashoda says let them come I will teach them. Kanha smiles.

Precap: all the people come and women say yashoda your son broke our pots. Kanha smiles. Yashoda sends the people away and tells kanha did not do anything. Later radha tells yashoda kanha broke all pots with a catapult, radha shows catapult. Yashoda is angry and says today I will punish you such that everyone will remember. Yashoda ties kanha to a huge pot in which chilies are ground.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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