Paramavatar Shri Krishna 20th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanha becomes young sarpanch.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 20th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with everyone saying kanha is alright. Kanha comes and smiles. Balram says brother kanha did something no one could, he is not a simple child he is the form of some god. All people start saying yes kanha is a god form. Nand says no kanha is only our kanha, he is just a kid, yashoda says yes he is no god, he is a kid. Everyone take kanha to gokul.
There kansa is angry and says Vishnu why don’t you come and fight me? Keshari says swami I think Vishnu is not coming because he is scared of you. Kansa says no, Vishnu is not scared, he is doing his maya, he is cheating as much as he can. Pralapt and janur come and say maharaj don’t be so tensed, we have a solution, both say gokul cannot be destroys by someone else, why don’t you send another demon or go there

yourself? Kansa gets angry and pushes both and slaps the, he says what have I been doing till now? Keshari says maharaj, I think there is a demon who can do your work and this time for sure he will destroy everything that will come in his way.
In gokul, all people say kanha can be our younger sarpanch after nand baba! He is intelligent and can help us in our village matters. Radha says yes kanha will help everyone but let him sit first, everyone come one by one and tell your problems. A man comes and says young sarpanch, we all are in trouble, since kalya naag had put poison in the river, my cows became weak and are incapable now to do farming work and ploughing, what do we do? Kanha says there is one solution, you all people can help each other. Nand says how is that? Kanha says baba, those who don’t have cows now can use the help of other peoples cows and the other men can do the work of farming the field and in the end everyone can distribute the grains equally. All men say that is a very good idea kanha, thank you. Kanha smiles. People go. Yashoda says kanha, now sit down I will bring butter for you and feed you, you look hungry. Kanha sits. Radha says no kaki you sit with kanha, I will bring the butter. Radha goes. Kanha’s friend comes and says kanha come on quickly, we have a problem. Kanha says what? Friend says you only see, kanha goes with him. Radha comes and says where is kanha? Yashoda says he went with his friends. Radha says I will call him.
Kansa calls a demon trinaavat. Trinaavat who is very old is a demon who creates storms, hurricanes and tornadoes. He comes and kansa says trinaavat I need you to destroy gokul. Trinaavat says gokul? Only a village? I can destroy entire worlds and you insult me by telling me to destroy a village, couldn’t you do that? You call yourself bhagwan. Kansa says trinaavat, just do as I say. Keshari says trinaavat mind your words otherwise I will kill you. Kansa says leave it keshari, trinaavat do what I say and don’t fail. Trinaavat says only gods fail, I don’t. trinaavat goes.
There trinaavat goes and starts destroying forests, the goddess of forest comes and says trinaavat don’t do this destruction, I am getting hurt please leave this place. Trinaavat says I am storm, I will destroy until I destroy gokul too.
There kanha goes to balram and balram says see kanha this cow is trapped here. Kanha says so? Balram says kanha we need your help. Kanha says in this? You all can do it yourself, kanha says you cannot rely on me but I will tell you, together you can bring the calf out. Radha says leave him, I will help. Radha says we can remove some mud from here so that we get down together and then pull the claf up by holding each other. Everyone dig the mud and then damodar helps them and balram goes down holding each others hands.
Narad says prabhu why didn’t kanha help them? Lord Vishnu says kanha did not help them because they should know that god exists and should believe in god, god wont eventually help them but will show them the way to solve the problem.

Precap: trinaavat plays flute in the forest disguised as rishi. Radha meets trinaavat.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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