Paramavatar Shri Krishna 1st November 2018 Written Episode Update: Kirti stops radha from going to vrindavan.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 1st November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha at home and kunti is getting ready. Kanha says where are you going aunt kunti? Kunti says we are heading back to hastinapura kanha. Kanha says so soon? Kunti says yes kanha, I am worried for my sons, if we stay away from hastinapura then their lives will be at more danger. Kanha says aunt kunti, don’t worry for the pandavas, they are not ordinary kids and no one can easily harm them. Kunti says yes kanha but… kanha says aunt I know that you were attacked while coming to vrindavan by some arrows. Kunti says yes kanha, I am worried if that enemy comes again. kanha says but it can also be that someone inside from hastinapura sent those soldiers to kill you and pandavas. Kunti thinks and says yes kanha, it can be. Kanha says aunt kunti, I promise you nothing

will happen to the pandavas, I and brother balram will come to leave you all at hastinapura. Kunti says yes kanha, I promise to you that I will make my sons so capable and brave and dharmadhikari in life that they wont have to depend on someone else. Kanha smiles.
In barsana, radha is with a man and she says kaka come on quick, I have to go to vrindavan. Brij bhanu comes and says radha wait! Where are you going? Radha says father, I am going to vrindavan to ask kanha some answers that I need. Brij bhanu says what happened? Radha says father, kanha is crazy and he called me form of adishakti and devi radha and devi kal ratri, I want to know why he called me that. brij bhanu says okay. Kirti comes and says no radha, you will not go anywhere. Radha says but mother, I want answers and I want to go, I will go. kirti says no radha, I will not let you go anywhere. Radha says mother every time I am stubborn today you are not listening to me. brij bhanu says radha, believe me if your mother is saying no, then you don’t want to go. radha says okay and kirti says when kanha will come here, you meet him otherwise you will not go.
Kansa is in his palace with bhadraksh and he removes his sword in anger. Kansa says bhadraksh I will kill you! bhadraksh says what did I do bhagwan? Kansa says my soul did not go back into my body myself, you had to enter in and place my soul within my body, I am bhagwan kansa and if something like this happens again then I will be destroyed! Kansa goes to his statue and says bhagwan kansa, please guide me, what do I do? Today I could have died and not come back as bhagwan kansa, I am bhagwan and nothing can happen to me, but I want to kill radha and kanha. kansa’s statue says to him, kansa you can take a solution to kill kanha by the help of rishi warpak.
In vrindavan, kanha is with balram and he says brother which name do you prefer or like? Kanha-radha or radha-krishna? balram says kanha to be honest, I don’t like both the names, kanha-radha or radha-krishna, I like only one name. balram takes a stick and writes it on the mud. Kanha reads it and says it is radhe-radhe, but brother my name is not there in it. balram says kanha you only said to me that radha and kanha are one, so everyone can know you as radhe-radhe too. Balram says I shall go now, he goes. Kanha says brother did not understand what I was trying to say.

Precap: kanha goes to radha and says radha, today I will prove to you the true meaning of the name radha-krishna, otherwise I will change my name.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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