Paramavatar Shri Krishna 1st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanha fulfills devi vrinda’s wish.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 1st May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kansa in kansa lok as yakshini wakes up alive again. Kansa says yakshini, you will now work for me, bhagwan kansa has given you your life and you will find the form of Vishnu for me in return.
There kanha meets devi vrinda in the forest and says devi vrinda, you have helped me and also you were an ideal wife to your husband all your life, I have come to bless you and fulfill your wish for your karma that you did. Kanha calls rishi gargacharya and rishi says yes devi, prabhu is right. Rishi says devi vrinda, if you remember in your last life, when prabhu saved you from shankachur, you cursed him for killing shankachur but before going he blessed you that you would be given the fruit of your karma and that in the next life you would marry his form of the shalarama

stone! Rishi holds the black stone in his hand and says this if prabhu’s form of shalarama stone and you shall be given your wish, you will be married to the stone. Devi vrinda has tears and she says prabhu, I am greateful for this and I shall never be more pure and lucky, you have given me salvation prabhu! Kanha smiles.
In vrindavan, all the preparations are done and the stone of shalarama sits around the agni kund with a tulsi plant as devi vrinda’s form. Rishi sits and all people gather for the marriage. Rishi says the mantras and prabhu vishnu’s stone form and devi vrinda are married with the proper rituals and mantras said by rishi gargacharya.
Laxmi says prabhu, today by doing this you have given your disciple what she deserved for her karma and for being an ideal wife all her life. Lord Vishnu smiles.
There yakshini says to kansa, kansa I will no more do what you say, I don’t want any revenge, I am now a disciple of lord Vishnu, I shall not go against him. Kansa says what are you saying you fool? You have to go to vrindavan and find vishnu’s form for me, he killed you and your husband too. Yakshini says I was burned by fire but now it feels like the fire burnt all the evil in me. Yakshini says kansa, I will not do any work of iniquity now. Kansa says this was no use of getting you back alive. Kansa presses yakshini’s neck and picks her as she chokes, kansa says do as I say otherwise you will die. Yakshini says leave me!
There kanha is with rishi gargachary in the village and rishi says to all people, from today this plant will be known as the tulsi plant and whenever lord Vishnu is to be prayed or his Pooja is to be done, without putting tulsi with it and doing her Pooja as well, the fruit will not be given. Rishi says the tulsi of Pooja shall be done from now with lord vishnu’s Pooja as well. Everyone smile and are happy as they pray to tulsi and prabhu Vishnu.
Later kanha is with rishi gargacharya and they stand at a hill and look at brij mandal. Kanha says rishi, you now have a role to play. Kanha says in gokul and now in vrindavan, the reason to all problems has always been kansa, my mother yashoda was tortured by kansa, kansa has killed many innocent people and he only got all the gopi’s kidnapped. Kanha says now I shall not forgive him, he has to be punished and rishi, the time has come now, kansa will be punished for his sins once and for all.
Laxmi says to lord Vishnu, prabhu isn’t it too early that kanha has taken the vow to punish kansa? Lord Vishnu says yes devi, but kanha is saying this because of his love for his mother yashoda and he couldn’t see her get tortured.

Precap: kanha says kansa, you shall be punished now. There kansa prepares for mal yudh festival in Mathura. Kanha and kansa have mal yudh!

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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