Paramavatar Shri Krishna 1st June 2018 Written Episode Update: Yog maya takes mata kali form.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 1st June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kansa doing aakashvani, he says yog maya all your medicinal planst are captive with me and you cannot do anything, I will kill them, look at the people, they will die without those medicines, I will make sure you, those medicines, all the people and even that vishnu’s avtar dies. Kansa goes. Yog maya says, kansa, I will not leave you, you adharmi you will die. Yog maya screams in anger and she takes her divya form and says today kansa shall be punished, it is this day that he will be punished, she goes. Kanha tries to stop, balram comes. kanha says brother, yog maya has gone to fight kansa herself, she wont be able to stand alone that way because the medicines have been taken captive, and if she fights then kansa will also kill the medicinal plants, that means our

people will die without those medicines.
There nand, damodar and yashoda, brij bhanu, kirti tend to the people. They pour water on all people, the people still scream in pain and say there is poison and it is hurting us. Suddenly some men choke and they die, others cry and say save our friends, narayana! Please save us. Nand and others are shocked and worried.
There kansa is standing in the balcony and yog maya appears in her huge form. Kansa smiles and says so you finally came yog maya. Yog maya says kansa, you adharmi, you have done enough of your sins, you will be punished. Kansa says yog maya, you know right who that kid is? Who is vishnu’s avtar? Yog maya says kansa, that kid is not just a kid, he is prabhu! And prabhu Vishnu knows your days are over/ kansa says yog maya forget that, firs see what is happening to your people. Yog maya closes her eyes and she sees all people dying and choking from the heat and poison. She opens her eyes and they are all red, yog maya is angry and has blood tears, she says kansa you will die. Yog maya takes the form of mata kali with an axe in her hand. She steps in front of kansa with her tongue out and she roars in anger, kansa removes his weapon and yog maya says kansa I have killed many demons like you, you will die too. kansa says yog maya, I am not just a demon, I am bhagwan, so you will die not me. kansa sends his demon soldiers to fight yog maya. Yog maya in her mata kali form kills all the demons and she clashes her weapon with kansa’s axe. Kansa fights yog maya and kicks her. Yog maya gets more angry and she jumps on kansa and hits him. kansa removes his gadha and says now I will attack you yog maya, you will see my power. Yog maya removes trishul and counters gadha with her trishul. Yog maya says kansa, stop convincing yourself that you are powerful, yog maya kicks kansa. Kansa falls down.
There kanha and balram come to Mathura. Kanha says brother we have to go to the prisons, there kansa has taken the medicines captive. Balram says yes kanha, I have my mudgal, let anyone come in between, they will get a taste of the power of my mudgal.
There keshari speaks with the medicinal plants and says you save everyone right? The plants say that is our dharma and duty. Keshari says but bhagwan kansa has taken you captive and soon we will kill you, who will save you?
There kansa and yog maya fight, kansa says yog maya, I am bhagwan and my powers can kill you, I have decided that you will die today. Yog maya runs towards kansa and their weapons clash, a loud bang is heard.

Precap: yog maya and kansa fight. There balram and kanha enter the prison to save the medicinal plants.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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