Paramavatar Shri Krishna 1st February 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanha goes to naglok.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 1st February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Vasuki telling kanha, kid don’t waste your time, your ring is not here, go away from here. Kanha says where do I go? I swear my ring is here and it has fallen here, please let me find it once. Vasuki thinks if it was someone else then I would have sent him with one blow but what do I do? He is a small child. Kanha says guard uncle, please let me find my ring, even mother says a child’s wish should be kept. Vasuki says okay kid, find it but you wont touch any rings. Kanha says okay kaka. Vasuki picks rings one by one and puts in kanha’s finger, all of them fit, kanha says but this is not mine, kanha smiles. Vasuki is confused and thinks how are all rings fitting this child? Vasuki puts another ring and removes it, he says oh my god, how couldn’t I understand?

This is my prabhu shree ram, it is his new form which has taken birth to kill evil. Vasuki bends down on one knee and says prabbu please forgive me, I couldn’t recognize you, you are my shree ram’s form. Kanha smiles and says kaka I came to take my ring here. Vasuki says yes prabhu, Vasuki closes his eyes and sees one ring, he takes it and puts in kanha’s finger. Kanha says yes kaka, this is my ring, thank you. Vasuki says I thank you prabhu as I was lucky to have your darshan! Kanha says I came to meet kalya naag, how do I go to him? Vasuki says I will show you prabhu, Vasuki opens a door to naglok. Kanha goes. Vasuki smiles.
There paras is in a cell ands very cold. Mayasura comes in the form of fire and says kid are you scared? Paras says yes. Mayasura says do you feel cold and want to get out? Paras says yes kaka. Mayasura says then forget Vishnu, stop being his disciple. Mayasura says I am your father’s friend and where you are standing and living, everything here belongs to me. Mayasura says you will die if you don’t forget Vishnu. Paras starts saying prayer and says om namo bhagavatey vasudevay namah! Mayasura says no! stop it. Lord Vishnu smiles. As paras says the prayer, the sound of the prayer makes mayasura run away as he gets hurt. There the prayer echoes everywhere. Kanha is coming towards naglok and he hears the prayer, he says who is my disciple here? Jamuna comes and says prabhu I was finding you only, this is naglok. Kanha says I know that but who is my disciple here? Jamuna says prabhu it must be someone from kalya naag’s family. Kanha says I feel he is in pain, I have to go and save him and then punish kalya naag. Kanha goes inside.
There as prayer is said by paras, kalya naag hears the prayer and says no, my enemies prayer is being said here, I cannot hear it anymore. Kalya naag gets up and screams and says no! my ears are bursting, I will not leave anyone. Kalya naag says I have to stop that kid, first I will kill sunidhi! Paras will stop and then I will kill him. Kalya naag goes.
There kansa is outside the village on his crow. All villagers are saying prayer of om namo bhagavety vasudevay namah! Kansa is angry but says they are praying to my enemy, Vishnu! Kansa laughs. Crow says prabhu, what happened? Kansa says I know what you are thinking, why I am laughing after listening to vishnu’s good? Kansa says because these people don’t know who is here, they are going to face bhagwan kansa and I wont leave anyone! Kansa uses his power and removes some spells.
Sunidhi listens to the prayers and then says my son! My son is here. Sunidhi runs towards the voice. Kanha comes inside and listens to sunidhi’s voice saying son! Where are you? Kanha says is it mother? Kanha runs towards the voice. Kanha says mother? Sunidhi hears kanha’s voice and runs towards him. Sunidhi sees kanha and cries and says no, he is not my son. Kanha says this is not mother. Sunidhi cries and kanha says yes mata, I am not your son but you are a mother and I can be your son. Kanha says mata, I am like your son. Sunidhi hugs kanha and says my son has been prisoned by my swami, he is alone in darkness and must be scared, I am worried for him. Kanha says don’t worry mata, I am here.
Kalya naag is coming towards sunidhi. He sees kanha and attacks him and kanha falls down unconscious. There yashoda gets up and it was yashoda’s dream. Yashoda says my son! Yashoda faints again. Doctor says the poison has started to work on yashoda, she will be in more danger. Nand is worried and says please do something doctor. balram thinks I wont leave kalya naag, he has troubled my entire family, I wont leave him.
There sunidhi tells kanha, she hears kalya naag coming so he go and hide behind a pillar. Kanha hides behind a pillar and kalya naag comes to sunidhi and says don’t cry you fool. Sundihi says swami please free my son, I will make him understand. Kalya naag says your son is vishnu’s disciple and he has enraged me too much, now he wont live. Sunidhi says please swami, you leave paras I will fill anger in his mind against Vishnu, please. Kalya naag says no sunidhi, you don’t need to do that, my friend will punish paras, mayasura ! sunidhi says what? Mayasura?! Kalya naag says yes paras will be punished, kalya naag goes. Kanha comes to sunidhi and sunidhi says he will not leave my son, he will kill him. Kanha says mayasura!? Sunidhi says yes, that demon mayasura uses his maya to torture his enemies, he not only kills them but tortures their life, makes them beg and kills them. Kanha says don’t worry mata, nothing will happen to paras because I am here, his friend!

Precap: kansa is disguised as villager and attends a Pooja, rishi and all people pray to lord Vishnu. Kansa cannot tolerate and takes his normal form and starts attacking people. Kanha goes to find paras as sunidhi goes in kalya naag’s room.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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