Paramavatar Shri Krishna 19th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Kanha breaks all pots.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 19th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha’s friends saying kanha this is the way where we saw that pot and right here it was there. Kanha says but it is not here now, matkasur has gone somewhere hiding, we have to find him. suddenly kanha and his friends meet lalita and her friends. Kanha says lalita! What are you doing here? lalita smiles and says pranam. suddenly radha comes and says we are finding matkasur. But what are you all doing here? kanha says nothing, lets go. kanha and his friends go. radha goes too. Jevak says why didn’t you tell radha kanha? Kanha says she would have spoilt everything, we have to find matkasur. Kevat inside a pot says what is this? They think I am a demon, I scared these kids but now I have to stay hidden from them and find prabhu as fast as I can so that I get

Kanha and his friends check pots and kanha says see properly friends as matkasur can be in any pot, before he hurts anyone we have to find him. kanha and his friends start seeing all pots and go to different houses to check the pots. They finally meet and say kanha we searched entire gokul but couldn’t find matkasur. Kanha says yes even I could not see any pot but we have not yet seen all pots, we have not checked the pots which had gone to Yamuna river to be filled. Kanha points his finger and shows the gopi’s who are coming back after filling the pots. Kanha and his friends go and stop them. One woman says why did you stop us kanha? Other says don’t say anything to kanha, he is our kanha. Kanha says I stopped you because I know your secret. All women say what secret? Kanha says I know that you all fill your pots just half full so that you can come to the river again and keep talking. Women say no kanha, who told you? we fill it entirely. Kanha says don’t lie, I will tell the people of gokul that you gopi’s waste time, let me check the pots. All women say yes check it and keep the pots down. Kanha sees all pots are filled entirely with water to the brim, he says you all must have known that I am coming to check your pots that is why you filled it today, anyway friends lets go. the women are shocked.
Kanha tells his friends that see we checked all the pots of gokul but couldn’t see matkasur in any pot. Kanha says now we have to break all the pots of gokul. Jeevak says what? All pots? Kanha says yes friends, if we break all the pots, then matkasur wont hide in any pot and then we all will be safe. Kanha’s friends say yes. Behind kevat is inside his pot and says these kids are behind my life, but I have to find prabhu and stay away from these kids otherwise I will forever be stuck away from my mukti.
Laxmi says to Vishnu, prabhu if you want you can give kevat mukti in a second. Lord Vishnu says yes devi, but in the journey of so many yug, kevat has forgotten the bhakti of his lord, he has forgotten me and worries only about his mukti, that is why he couldn’t recognize me in gokul, if he tries to find me then he will get his mukti in a second.
Kanha with his friends sits near a banyan tree and says I will make something to break the pot from which we wont even be noticed and the pots will break easily. Kanha sits and with a stick he ties rope and makes a catapult. Kanha then shows his friends the gopi are coming and then he aims from behind the tree and breaks one pot with a stone. The gopi is shocked and all drenched in water. Kanha then breaks all other pots with a stone as his friends see and smile, they then run away and later say kanha this is a good way to break the pots, this way we wont be caught.
There brij bhanu says friend nand we have responsibilities of our children on us, bhadraksh inviting everyone to the malyudh is not right as it will have a bad effect on our kids. Nand says yes I understand your worry friend, I believe there will be a solution to this problem. Nand says friend you have come to gokul at the time of deepavali, here we have a procession taken for lord ram and devi sita, you stay here for a few days with us. Brij says yes. Yashoda brings halwa and gives them. She then goes to radha’s friend and gives them and says where is radha? They point their finger as radha is sitting on the rail on the next floor. Yashoda says radha get down otherwise you will fall down. Radha says kaki when I am angry I sit anywhere. Kirti says tell her friends, they will make her understand. Yashoda gives halwa to radha’s friends and tells them to go to radha. Friends go to radha and lalita says radha take halwa. Radha says no. lalita says are you angry on kanha? Radha says that kanha without telling me went away, he is hiding something for sure as I know him very well.
Kanha and his friends there follow the gopi and break all pots one by one. Slowly they start breaking all pots in gokul, pots of butter, pots of milk, pots of water and different items stored in them. All the pots in gokul are finally broke.
Nand brij bhanu, yashoda kirti and all people of gokul see the streets as all pots are fallen here and there broken. All gopi say nand baba all our pots have gone and we don’t even have pots to store water. Kanha is sitting with his friends under the banyan tree. nand says yes this is a big problem for us cow handlers, we need pots which are the most important thing for us. Nand says but we have to find who has done this and catch him as that person is right here in gokul. As everyone go, radha sees kanha and says there is a problem here but kanha is sitting there troubled? How is that? radha thinks is it that kanha has only broken all pots? Radha goes to kanha and says kanha I know who has broken all pots. Radha calls nand and everyone back and says kaka I know who has broken all the pots. Kanha looks scared at radha. Radha says kaka it was matkasur. Kanha hits his hand on his forehead. Nand says matkasur? Radha says yes kaka, I heard kanha and his friends talk about this. Kanha says what? No baba she is lying, ask her only what she knows because I don’t know anything about matkasur.
There kansa says to doctor to revive akrur. Doctor says I am trying hard, I used all medicines but akrur is not waking up, it is impossible to save him. kansa says what? Janur and pralapt are scare and worried. Kansa says how can akrur not get up? Tomorrow is a huge day for him, he has to wake up.
There radha says no kaka kanha is lying, ask him what he was doing? He was searching all pots. Kanha says I was searching for matksur. Everyone is confused. Kanha says no sorry, I was searching for corn. Radha says he is lying. kanha says no she is lying. yashoda says why are you both fighting? Kanha says mother whatever happened, it was good. Yashoda says who said that? kanha says mother rishi gargacharya said once that we have to keep away evil, and as you have said in deepavali we should throw away all old things and replace them with new ones, the same way these pots were meant to be broken so we will replace them with new ones. Everyone smile. Nand says kanha Is right, we have to bring new pots for the old ones and take this even as a good happening. Nand says but from where will we make so many pots? As deepavali will be in 2 days. Brij bhanu says don’t worry friend nand, I will go to barsana and bring back new pot for entire gokul. Yashoda smiles and says come with the entire arrangement as it is deepavali and you all have to stay here for few days. Brij bhanu says yes and says to radha don’t trouble anyone here as I will be back from barsana. Radha says okay.
There kansa beats pralapt and janur with a stick and says angrily, you fools akrur was planning and playing his tricks with you and you idiots stepped into it and started beating him. kansa says he wanted to die and you brought him almost to his death idiots! Kansa beats pralapt and janur and says if you all don’t bring him back alive, I will not leave anyone. Doctor is scared and says yes with pralapt and janur.

Precap: radha with her friends searches kanha’s room and finds the catapult. She goes nad tells people of gokul that kanha broke their pots. Kanha listens and is scared and goes. At night, kanha stands with a bow and arrow aiming, kevat sees lord ram’s avtar in kanha and does pranam from the pot.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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