Paramavatar Shri Krishna 19th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Hanuman gives kanha honey.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 19th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha telling hanuman, I have to remove the fear in people’s mind about indra dev. hanuman says how to do that prabhu? Kanha sees a beehive and says hanuman I want the honey, I want it for radha too because she gifted me this pearl necklace, I shall thank her. Kanha says I will remove it. Hanuman says not like this prahu, the bees will bite you and you will get hurt. I will remove it. Hanuman uses his powers and creates smoke on the beehive, the bees go away. Hanuman goes and brings honey and gives to kanha. Kanha eats honey and says it is so delicious. Hanuman says to remove honey, you should use smoke prabhu. Kanha says see hanuman, you gave the answer to your question. Hanuman says I did not understand. Kanha says I want to use the smoke of bhakti and drive away

the fear of the people about indra dev, they should pray to govardhan mountain, it is nature that gives us everything but we fear and pray to those whom we shouldn’t, we don’t ever thank nature for its creation and gifts it gives us. Hanuman agrees. Kanha says that is why I cannot go to indra dev himself because there are other gods supporting him in this wrong work and everyone has to know what they are doing is wrong.
There suryadev starts bringing the sun closer to earth and says humans, you cannot escape the heat of my powers, I will burn you and your soul will burn too from my heat. Indra dev laughs and says everyone will be punished for not doing my Pooja and praying to me, this is what you all deserve.
In vrindavan, all people are feeling restless due to the excess heat. Brij bhanu says nand today it feels like earth has become the sun, the ground has become like a cooking place and if the heat continues like this, our crops will dry out and no work would be able to be done on the fields. Balram’s friends say balram we cannot work today, the heat has almost taken our life. Balram says yes friends, even I may not be able to work today. Balram is going and he sees radha looking everywhere, he says radha what are you doing here in this extreme heat? Radha says what is it to you? Radha goes. Radha says I have to find kanha, where did he go? He always runs away somewhere, I will find him. Radha goes.
There kanha says to hanuman, I have to go back to vrindavan, the heat has increased, I have to tell the people to pray to govardhan mountain. Hanuman says I will also come prabhu. Kanha says hanuman you don’t come, the path I am going has many difficulties, I don’t want you to come, if I need you I will call you. Hanuman says okay and he looks at kanha’s pearl necklace and sees radha and kanha’s face. Hanuman says I need one thing from you prabhu. Kanha says what? Hanuman says I want the pearl necklace, I want to keep it near to my heart as your remembrance. Kanha says okay hanuman, radha gave this to me but I now give it to you as love for you, kanha gives the necklace and goes. Hanuman looks at it and has tears, he says prabhu thank you for this.
As kanha goes, he meets radha and radha says where were you kanha? Don’t you understand I was finding you everywhere. Kanha stammers and says I went to bring honey for you radha because you gave me the necklace so I wanted to thank you. Radha sees and says then where is the necklace kanha? Why aren’t you wearing it? Kanha sees and stammers, he says oh I must have lost it when I was removing honey, I am sorry radha. Radha says I gave it to you with so much love but you lost it, this is disappointing kanha, you did not respect my love for you and you don’t even care for me or love me, you lost my pearl necklace and you did not even find it, I wont talk to you. Radha goes and says i will find the necklace. Kanha goes to vrindavan.
There hanuman sits and looks at the necklace, radha is coming and she angrily throws a stone which hits hanuman. Hauman sees radha and says wow today my wish is complete, I wanted to have darshan of radha ji and she came too. Hanuman changes his disguise into a village man like a wrestler and his gadha changes into a hal. Radha is coming and hanuman quietly places bed of flowers under radha’s feet. Radha comes and says who are you? Hanuman says my parents left me here alone because I eat a lot of food, I don’t have anywhere to go to. Radha says don’t worry, you come to the village with me and I will feed you a lot of food. Hanuman goes with radha.
Laxmi says to Vishnu, it will be exciting to see how kanha handles the situation when radha is in vrindavan with hanuman.

Precap: kanha tells yashoda he is very thirsty and needs water. Yashoda brings water. Suryadev increases the heat on earth.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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