Paramavatar Shri Krishna 19th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 19th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with yashoda feeding kanha butter as kanha smiles and yashoda looks at kanha with love. Kanha eats butter. Outside the house, the baby cow savra comes and it moos. Kanha hears and says mother savra has come, he is calling me I have to go. yashoda says kanha first finish the butter and only then I will allow you to go. kanha says but mother savra is waiting. Yashoda says first eat the butter kanha. Kanha eats some butter and then runs away saying I am going. Yashoda says wait kanha!
As kanha runs to go out of the house, yashoda is sitting there and kanha says mother you here? Yashoda says yes kanha, first you will eat the butter and only then go out otherwise you will not meet any friend. Kanha says if I don’t eat butter I will not meet anyone? Yashoda says yes,

and I will be sad on you. Yaahoda then looks away and sits. Kanha takes the butter pot and eats all the butter and keeps it and then says I am going. Yashoda takes the pot and says kanha wait eat all the butter. As kanha goes out, he meets his cow savra and touches him, he says savra how are you? You must have got your mother’s milk to drink. Yashoda is coming, nand comes and says yashoda what happened? Yashoda says kanha did not eat all butter and see he went out to play with his cow. Nand sees the pot and says yashoda the butter is all finished. Yashoda says there is still some left on the sides, you wont understand a mother’s love. Yashoda goes out. Nand says that is true a father wont understand a mother’s love.
Yashoda goes out and suddenly all the people of the village come. Yashoda nand and rohini all come out. The women and people say kanha! We thank you for opening our eyes, we freed all the baby cows and now they will get their mother’s milk. All people throw the ropes down and say now we don’t need this kanha. Kanha smiles and says now even the baby cows will get their mothers milk. Kanha says just how mother yashoda and kanha, the same way mother cow and her baby. Everyone laugh.
Later, in the village, putna comes as the women and all women give putna their share of milk and say in gokul, now milk has come in abundance and that is all because of kanha, he taught us and we freed the baby cows, now the cows give twice the milk as before. Women say take as much milk you want. Yashoda smiles. Kanha comes running saying mother! He comes and hugs yashoda. Putna tells yashoda that sister yashoda send you son kanha to my feast too, who knows when again I will get to see a more beautiful boy than kanha. Yashoda says yes. Kanha says don’t worry kaki, we all will come to eat the kheer you make.
In the prison, vasudev looks outside and then looks at devki. He is sad and has tears. He sits beside devki and says lord Vishnu will make you fine devki, you will get up again.
In the palace, prapti and asti are talking. Asti says prapti don’t worry, you shall listen to what bhagwan kansa says. Prapti says I don’t care now sister, I was forcefully married to kansa and I still don’t love him, I was just worried about devki but almost was going to be killed for that. Asti says say slowly prapti, someone will hear. Prapti says I don’t fear death anymore sister, I just want to do something good for devki in this useless life.
There putna is making kheer and then she adds the kaal kuth poison in the kheer. Kanha and his friends are coming. Putna smiles and kanha and his friends come in. putna says welcome kids, I am so happy that you all came here to eat the kheer. Kanha says kaki you will call and we wont come, would that ever happen? Kanha says mother always says even if an enemy calls you with love then we should go to him. putna says sit down, I will give you all kheer. Putna thinks now I will kill each one of you. Kanha says what are you thinking kaki? Putna says nothing, I mean I was just thinking I will serve you kheer now. Kanha and his friends sit. Kanha says kaki the kheer smells good. Putna says kanha once eat my sweet kheer and you will forget your mother’s butter. Kanha says then I will fill my stomach today. All friends look at kanha and balram says kanha, don’t say that we wont get anything then. Dhama says last time you said you will fill your stomach we did not even get to taste the butter. Putna says don’t worry dhama everyone will get their fill. Dhama is happy. Putna now takes kheer to serve but all friends say first kanha will eat because kanha always eats first and only then we eat. Putna smiles cunningly and takes the kheer to kanha. There in the stables, the cows are mooing loudly. Nand and all people come in stables and say what happened to the cows? One man says why are all of them making sound together? Nand says this indicates that the animals have sense some danger. Damodar says what trouble nand baba?
In heaven, narad muni says lord Vishnu do something, if everyone eat the kheer no one will be able to live the poison. Lord Vishnu says maya always happens. Laxmi says prabhu do something, you are saying paheli’s here. Lord Vishnu says devi, putna is doing her karma, if she doesn’t give poison then kansa will kill her, like that kanha is doing his karma of eating the kheer and the cows are doing their karma of sensing danger. Lord Vishnu says maya will happen as it has to.

Precap: kanha and all his friends hear the sound of cows and before eating kheer they all run to the stables. Putna says wait, wait! Balram and everyone is finding kanha in the forest near the hut of putna. Kanha has eaten the kheer and is lying down and his body all blue.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Really?????makers
    Matlab kuch bhi

  2. I’m totally hooked in the uk I can’t wait to watch this amazing show Khanas such a fantastic little actor well done as well as the rest of the cast amazing it’s so packed with drama I can’t wait for the next episode nothing on uk tv can touch ur show well done ?

  3. Hi..I want to say something about parmavtar Shri Krishna…

    I read and watched Shri krishan story and mahabharat..from Shri Krishna childhood..
    And mahabharat story and your story are different… And I dem sure your story are wrong…
    Like putna kand..

    So I request you…please show correct story…

    You showing …putna trying to kill to Krishna in 5 year age…but reallity is putna tried to Krishna in 6 milk feeding…not a by kheer or others…

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