Paramavatar Shri Krishna 19th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Kaal nemi meets raja bali.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 19th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kalyanaag spreading poison all over the world waters. the water goddess goes to brahma dev. She says brahma dev, you know this, kalyanaag has poisoned the entire water in the world, he is keen on destructing everything and we are all threatened, more than us, the living beings living and relying on those waters are in danger, everything has disrupted brahma dev, you have to do something, we need help. Brahma dev says devi don’t worry, you go, something will be done.
There kansa is with keshari, kansa and keshari are in patal lok. Kaal nemi has come to meet demon king raja bali! Kansa says why has he come here? Keshari says see what happens. Kaal nemi kneels before raja bali. Raja bali says kaal nemi, how could you do this? Did you tell me before going and

fighting the gods? You said before you would tell me, but you didn’t. kaal nemi, why did you have to go and fight those gods? We don’t want any fight now. Raja bali says the demons always have to bargain, and for years I have not needed to go through that, that is why I am living here in peace without being disturbed by anyone, why are you trying to destroying that peace? Kansa says what is this fool saying? He is talking about peace, we are demons. Kaal nemi says before I could do anything, Vishnu came there? Raja bali says Vishnu dev came? What did he say? Kaal nemi says Vishnu said he wanted the help of demons, he wants us to come with the gods and help for the sagar manthan, by the churning of the ocean, we will get amrit and he needs our help. Raja bali says if Vishnu dev wants then we demons will do our part. Kaal nemi gets up and goes and thinks we will do our part, but will we get amrit? Kansa says I knew, Vishnu cheated. Keshari says that is what everyone knows about, but after sagar manthan kaal nemi was cheated by Vishnu.
There lord Vishnu is with laxmi and brahma dev appears. Vishnu says brahma dev, you have come here, what happened? Brahma dev says shri hari Narayana! You know the situation very well, this has arisen on earth, the waters have been poisoned, someone has to defeat kalya naag and punish him otherwise everything will be destroyed. Lord Vishnu says brahma dev I know that, my form of kanha is on earth, you have to wait to see what kanha does. Brahma dev says but Narayana kanha is a child, his mother has put him in a room, without letting him out what will he do? Lord Vishnu says brahma dev, you are forgetting the purpose of kanha on earth is to end all evil and iniquity and re-establish dharma!
There kanha is in his room and from window he sees everyone helping the people of gokul those who are poisoned. Balram and all kids too give medicines to the people as yashoda and the women mend for food and water and help making the medicines. Kanha says everyone is helping the people, only I am stuck here, I have to do something and convince mother. Kanha sees a dai maa going from his room, kanha starts acting and starts coughing loudly. Dai maa comes and says kanha what happened to you? Kanha keeps coughing, dai maa worries goes out and tells yashoda, yashoda kanha is coughing a lot, he is in pain. Yashoda has tears. A woman says yashoda this has happened because of your arrogance and not allowing kanha out. Yashoda thinks is this because I locked him? Yashoda says no I will not let anything happen to kanha. Yashoda and all people run to kanha. Kanha coughs and yashoda says son what happened? Nothing will happen to you, yashoda hugs kanha. All women see and say after so much time we have seen kanha, now we feel good. Balram understands kanha is acting. Kanha says mother I am totally fine. Kanha says but mother you used to say your day doesn’t go without seeing me, but you have not seen me for 2 days, is that your love? Yashoda says no son it is not that, I am worried for you, you are everything to me. Kanha says mother you took me near you always but now you don’t do that, aren’t you worried for me? Yashoda says kanha I am, that is why I didn’t allow you to go anywhere. Kanha says mother I promise you, unless you tell me to go from the house I wont go anywhere. Kanha says but can I at least go now, I wont go to the Yamuna, I am tired staying at home, I want to go to the people I want to help them. Yashoda says but kanha what will you do? Kanha smiles and says I will share their sorrow mother, I will help them. Yashoda smiles and says okay.
There kansa goes with keshari at the sagar manthan. All gods are there, Vishnu dev appears and everyone do pranam. Kansa says before demons have come, Vishnu is telling them something, he is for sure cheating. Vishnu dev says to gods, gods you have to hold the tail of nagraj Vasuki ji when you are churning the ocean. Gods say why? Vishnu dev says because if you hold his mouth side then you will get affected by the poison released by nagraj Vasuki. Gods say okay but will demons listen? Lord Vishnu says it is the character of demons to do opposite of what they are told. Vishnu goes. The demons come with raja bali. Gods do pranam and say raja bali, we will hold the mouth part of Vasuki ji. Raja bali thinks Vishnu must have told them, there must be some cheat hidden in it. Raja bali says no, we will hold the mouth part. Kaal nemi says let thme hold the mouth part. Raja bali says no, we will hold it. Gods say okay.

Precap: garud ji brings the mountain magrachal to be used for the churning. Brahma dev becomes a rishi disguised and goes to gokul, he says to kanha I need to go from the road from Yamuna. Kanha says mother has denied me from going to Yamuna river. Rishi says come on, she wont know.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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