Paramavatar Shri Krishna 18th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Kansa announces malyudh.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 18th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kansa calling devki and vasudev to an arena of wrestling malyudh. Devki and vasudev see kansa fighting a wrestler. Kansa fights ruthlessly, and then defeats the wrestler and kills him. vasudev and devki feel sad. Kansa then washes his hands and comes ahead. Vasudev says kansa did you bring us here to see your malyudh practice? Kansa says no maharaj vasudev! I have something to tell you, it is about you fighting malyudh this chaturthi. Devki says what? Kansa says yes, vasudev you will fight your most trusted person akrur in malyudh this chaturthi and you both have to fight until one of you dies, and if you both don’t die then your wife devki will die. Kansa laughs and says I am sorry sister. Vasudev is shocked and devki is sad.
In gokul, radha is sitting

on a tree and kanha comes and says get down radha. Radha says no I am radha. Kanha says if you fall down you will be half of what you are now. Kanha’s friends come and are all having bruised faces. Kanha says what happened to you all? Jeevak says kanha I told you, it was the pot, we got beaten by a pot. Kanha says by a matka? Dhama says yes kanha, see our faces, other friends say yes. Dhama says we feel there is an asur inside. Kanha says which means matkasur? Kanha says lets go. they all go. radha says wait kanha, wait get me down. radha says I know you will never change, but I will get down myself.
In gokul, yashoda and everyone are at the gate as bhadraksh and pralapt come on their horses for the announcements. Bhadraksh says listen everyone and then he sees nand and everyone. Bhadraksh goes and says nand you saved yourself from punishments, then he tells them to get aside and sees kirti, he says who is she? Nand says she is our guest and has come today. Bhadraksh says okay you have many guests, he then announces everyone listen, maharaj kansa has decided the entertainment of his people and he has kept a malyudh this chaturthi. Pralapt says yes it will be between vasudev and akrur. Bhadraksh says everyone has to come compulsory and see who dies as at least one has to die from them and if no one dies then vasudev’s wife devki will die. Nand and brij bhanu are shocked and angry, they all come back home and nand says friend vasudev is in a big trouble. Rohini is crying and prays to mata and says please relieve my family of this situation. Yashoda says calm down rohini. Rohini says how will I calm down? my son was in a trouble and now my husband, my entire family has been in trouble for years, when will god free us? Nand and brij bhanu say rohini bhabhi, friend vasudev is not in a huge trouble but akrur ji is, nand says yes akrur ji is friend vasudev’s most trusted man and he will not fight against vasudev until he is alive, it is his life which is in danger more. Rohini is shocked and has tears and says mata please protect akrur ji and bring them out of this situation as if akrur ji dies we will stay indebted to him.
There kanha is running with his friend when radha’s friends come. Kanha says you all are radha’s friends right? Friends say yes and introduce themselves and lalita comes and says I am lalita. Kanha gives a naught smile and says lalita! Lalita says peacock feather kanha? Kanha says yes. Lalita says the one who likes butter? Kanha says yes but who told you so much about me? Radha comes in between and says I did. Kanha is scared and says I have to go with my friends, he goes. Radha says I know everything about this mischievous boastful kanha.
Vasudev says to devki, how will I fight akrur ji, he is my family and has been everything to us in times of help. Vasudev says this is the greatest problem I have ever come across in my life, even greater than the time we both were imprisoned devki. Vasudev says prabhu narayana! Why have these problems come here? Please help me, please do something. Devki says maharaj akrur ji wont fight you. Vasudev says I know and this will put his life in danger as if one of us doesn’t die evil kansa will kill you. Vasudev says I would rather die than kill akrur ji. Devki is worried.
Akrur is in his prison and has tears, he says I will not fight maharaj vasudev in this life, I will never do that. Akrur says why god did you put us in such a situation, I took a vow to protect maheshmati until my life ends. Akrur says I will rather die than go to that malyudh, but how do I die? Akrur looks out of jail cell and see pralapt and janur, he says you dogs of kansa, what is your sue? You just live on his feedings. Pralapt and janur are angry and janur shouts. Akrur says loudly don’t shout, you both are dogs and for dogs like you we don’t throw a grain in maheshmati. Janur and pralapt come inside in anger and start beating akrur. Akrur says don’t leave me alive, if you do then believe me I will pull you both to maheshmati like dogs. Janur and pralapt beat akrur and akrur closes his eyes. Pralapt says is he dead? Pralapt laughs, akrur opens his eyes and says I wont die dog. Pralapt beats more and bangs akrur on the wall, outside kansa sees inside and akrur says bhagwan kansa ki jai and falls down. kansa is angry.

Precap: radha tells yashoda and everyone that kanha has been breaking all the pots in gokul using stones. Kanha says no mother she is lying. Radha says is that so? What were you doing then? Kanha says I was finding matkasur. Yashoda is shocked.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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