Paramavatar Shri Krishna 18th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanha kills Jara.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 18th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha saying this jara has to be stopped now, if I don’t then it will be too late and my parents and people of vrindavan will be in danger. Jara breathes fire on kanha and kanha dodges and saves himself. Kanha then thinks what do I do? Jara says you have made me wait long now, I will kill you. Kanha climbs on a mountain. Jara reaches out to catch kanha with her hand. Kanha says I have to do something quick otherwise if jara holds me then I wont be able to save the people. Kanha climbs at the peak and he pushes a boulder on jara, the boulder hits jara’s head and she falls down and screams in pain. There jarasant hears the sound and feels worried, he says what was that? Jara must be in danger, that Vishnu! Kansa says father in law, wait, this is the sound of jara

saying Vishnu is with her, she will bring Vishnu to us.
There kanha says I have to see the source of jara’s power. Kanha looks at the stomach of jara and says yes that is the source, I will kill jara now, I have to be quick.
There bhadraksh holds yashoda at knife point and says tell quickly yashoda rani otherwise nand and brij bhanu are going to fall to their death. suddenly balram and his friends come. Balram says bhadraksh! You? Again! I will not leave you and anyone who has been sent by that evil kansa, I will kill you all, you always trouble my parents and people, I have warned you before but you wont listen. Balram runs towards bhadraksh, bhadraksh is scared and says where did this fat balram come from?
There kanha takes his catapult and a stone and then shree ram appears in with a bow and arrow, he aims at jara’s stomach and hits the stone. Kanha kills jara who screams in pain. Jarasant hears and says no! jarasant goes in the balcony to see. Suddenly jara falls down outside the palace landing. Jarasant sees and is sad and angry, he has tears and says who killed jara? Who dared to do that? Kanha comes and keeps his leg on jara’s body and says why are you crying for the death of an adharmi demoness? It is good she died. Jarasant is angry and has tears. Kanha says I killed her, I am the one. Kansa comes from behind and looks at kanha and is shocked, he says Krishna kanhaiya?
There pralapt and janur attack balram, balram uses his mudgal and throws both pralapt and janur away. Pralapt then uses his sword and hits brij bhanu, everyone get scared and scream. Balram screams pralapt! Balram runs and hits pralapt with his mudgal and throws him away flying on the ground. Balram hits janur too. Janur and pralapt run away. Balram then runs towards bhadraksh and says bhadraksh you will die today. Bhadraksh gets scared and says what do I do? He uses his powers on balram but balram destroys all his spells. Bhadraksh says my powers aren’t working, even after dying, this kid wont leave my back. Bhadraksh vanishes and appears again. Balram runs towards him in anger, bhadraksh says I have only one choice and he vanishes and escapes. Balram says bhadraksh, next time you come I will kill you. Nand says balram before anything happens again, we should get back to vrindavan and take all people to safety. Balram says yes and they all go.
There kansa comes down as kanha stands outside mathura’s gate. Kansa says from inside, kanha! So you are that Vishnu’s avatar? You are the 8th son of devki and vasudev. Kanha says kansa mama! I have the answer that you have always wanted and you couldn’t find, you always failed in finding me and today I have come in front of you, I am what you always wanted! I am the son of mata yashoda and nand baba, I was born from mata devki and vasudev, till today, I have killed all your demons, whomever you sent to vrindavan and gokul, I was the one who killed them! I only changed shridhar and made him a disciple of Vishnu again and I only allowed you to do whatever you have wanted to. Kansa laughs and says Vishnu you cheater! Paramavatar shri Krishna, you will die. Kansa removes his axe and throws at kanha abut the axe is stopped by the shield line surrounding Mathura. Kansa gets angry. Kanha says kansa, your fight is with me and you want me, then come and fight me, but don’t trouble the people of vrindavan and my parents, if you do then I will kill you! Kanha says and if you ever feel sad and want revenge, then come like a baby to me and take your revenge but I wont undergo you torturing my people. Kanha says I am going now! Kansa says stop, stop you cheater, no stop. Kansa is thrown back by the shield. He screams in anger and says Vishnu you cheater.
There as kanha gets back to vrindavan, all people look at him and get scared and says come on inside, lock your house, come on otherwise we will die. All people run and lock themselves inside their houses. There kanha is confused and says what is happening? Why are people running from me? Kanha then sees 2 gopi’s and says wait gopi please tell me what has happened? Why are people from scared from me? Gopi say not from you but from kansa, kansa will come to kill us, we shall go in too, the gopi’s go and lock their homes. Kanha goes to his house and sees, nand, brij bhanu, kirti and yashoda tensed and worried. kanha thinks what has happened?

Precap: jarasant devises a new plan with kansa and says don’t worry, you cannot go to vrindavan but a demon almost powerful like you can go and will kill that kanha!

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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