Paramavatar Shri Krishna 18th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanha kills kutnag.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 18th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kutnag saying kid, you cannot live my kaal kuth poison, kutnag fires poisonous gas from his mouth which melts rocks as kanha hides behind it, kanha comes in front and says I have to do something. Kutnag says now I will kill everyone in this world by releasing my kaal kuth poison, save them if you can. Kutnag opens his mouth and he releases the poisonous kaal kuth gas into the atmosphere which goes in the world. Kanha prays in his mind and says he mahadev! You once saved the world by drinking all the kaal kuth poison, give me the strength to take the kaal kuth poison inside me as well to save the world once again from that poison.
Kanha opens his mouth and inhales all the kaal kuth poison in the atmosphere and he takes it inside his body. The world is saved. Kutnag

says I knew it, which means you are Vishnu! I will kill you. Kutnag takes his nag form. kanha starts feeling sleepy and he says why am I feeling sleep suddenly? It seems it is the effect of the kaal kuth poison, I have to run away from here before kutnag attacks me as I wont be able to fight him in this condition now. Kanha runs as he feels sleepy and he sees down the mountain, he sees a lake and says I think this lake water can sooth me and freshen me up. Kanha jumps from the mountain to the lake. Kutnag comes under the mountain and he opens his mouth and takes kanha inside his stomach.
There kansa sees this and then removes his bow and arrow and aims at kutnag. Keshi says what are you doing kansa? None of your demons could kill kanha, what will your arrow do? Kansa says this is my strategy, it will be written in history about my clever and evil plan to kill that Vishnu. kansa attacks the arrow in kutnag’s eye. Then he attacks many arrows which go into kutnag and kill him. kutnag lays dead with kanha inside his stomach.
There all people of vrindavan are finding kanha and they go everywhere saying kanha! Kanha where are you? As they come ahead, they come near the lake and damodar sees kutnag lying, he says everyone come here, kutnag is here. Everyone gather as yashoda cries and says if kutnag is lying dead then where is kanha? Please kanha come to me. damodar sees kutnag’s mouth and sees kanha’s clothes of mahadev form, he calls everyone and cries, he says these are kanha’s clothes. Nand says if they are here which means kutnag ate kanha, everyone cry and yashoda screams and says no! nand cries. Suddenly a sound is heard as kanha tears the stomach of kutnag, everyone see. Kanha tears the stomach and comes out and says mother! Everyone is happy and kanha comes running and hugs yashoda. Everyone is happy and people say yes, kanha has saved us again, he killed kutnag! Everyone pick kanha and say hathi ghoda palki, jai kanhaiyalal ki! Kanha’s feet turn blue. They all get back to vrindavan.
In nand’s house, as nand and damodar sit working, damodar says kanha you were so brave today. Nand says yes kanha is, but why didn’t you go to play yet? Kanha sits quiet as he still feel sleepy. Damodar says kanha is thinking something, today how is he so quiet? Nand says yes kanha, say something. Yashoda comes and says I know why he is quiet, he is very hungry and I will feed kanha butter. Yashoda sits and kanha says no mother, today I will eat more. Yashoda says meaning? Kanha says all the people of vrindavan will bring me food and I will eat all of it.
Narad muni goes to mahadev and says mahadev, paramavatar shri Krishna believed in you and took the poisonous gas inside him, you have to do something to bring kanha back to normal.

Precap: mahadev and other gods pour mata kamdhenu’s milk on kanha who has completely turned blue. The milk sooth’s kanha.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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