Paramavatar Shri Krishna 18th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 18th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with putna saying bhagwan please, I am saying the truth, that 8th child of devki was there in the cave. Putna says I remember that god like face and the power that came from the cave almost destroyed me. Kansa is shocked. putna tells what happened in the cave.
Putna tells the story. In the cave kanha and his friends are there hiding inside and putna comes in her demon form. She says kanha! Everyone come out , I will kill you all. Kanha’s friends say kanha! She is a real demon witch, a real monster has come to eat us. Friends say what will we do now? kanha listens quietly and says friends don’t worry, my mother always says that we should stay silent and think when we are in a problem. Putna says come out everyone yourself otherwise I will put my hand inside and

pull you all out and eat everyone. As putna puts her long hand inside deeper In the cave. Kanha goes inside deeper with his friends. All his friends go in as kanha stands in front of them to protect them. Dhama says kanha, the withc is going to come and kill us. Kanha says don’t worry friend, mother always says when you are in trouble you should pray to god. Kanha says lets pray, kanha and his friends start praying as lord Vishnu looks and smiles. Putna listens and says these kids are saying the prayer for lord Vishnu. Putna laughs and says I am soon going to kill them. Suddenly the rocks break and a powerful energy comes from the prayers of kanha and his friends. Putna is getting hurt and says stop saying the prayer, just stop it! suddenly chanur comes, he holds putna’s hand. Putna says leave me chanur, that child is here, I have to kill those children. Chanur says tell that bhagwan kansa, chanur takes putna with him to kansa.
There putna says in this way this chanur brought me here, he has made a mistake. Kansa says mistake? Yes a mistake has happened but from me. I made a mistake on believing your brother bakasura to take you under my rule so that you could serve me, I made a mistake to trust you, I made a mistake to give you the job to kill the 8th child of devki. Kansa asks chanur what is the punishment for mistake? Chanur says stammering it is death my lord. Kansa says death? I like that word so much, it gives me pleasure. Kansa takes his axe to putna and says death is the punishment, so take the axe and kill me putna, just kill me. Putna says how can I kill you bhagwan? Kansa laughs and says as if I would let you kill me. Kansa says then you will take the punishment for my mistake, you will die putna. Putna is scared. Kansa tells chanur, take putna under my rule. Chanur removes his sword to kill putna but suddenly there is loud lightning and thundering, the clouds start bursting. Chanur is shocked and sees in the sky, kansa sees in the sky. A demon comes flying, it comes in the castle and kneels before kansa. The demon turns to human form. It is bakasura. Bakasura says bhagwan kansa, I do pranam in front of you. bakasura says bhagwan kansa, you gave me a promise that you would not hurt my sister. Kansa says a god can do anything bakasura but even you gave me a promise that yours sister is very powerful and I should take her and she would serve me, she would listen to me and never fail but she has not been able to find a child since 5 years. Kansa is swinging his axe but bakasura says guve her one chance, bhagwan kansa! Only one chance and if she fails, then I will myself kill her. Kansa looks at bakasura.
There yashoda and everyone are in the cave and yashoda says don’t give me such a punishment, where is kanha? Yashoda cries and says kanha, come to me my son. Nand has tears and says yashoda it is no use, kanha is not here, we have to go and find him out. Yashoda cries. As they all turn to go, suddenly kanha coms running and says mother! Mother! Yashoda sees, kanha comes and hugs her. All friends come too and huge their mothers. Yashoda says kanha where were you? why did you leave me? Kanha says mother I am here in front of you. kanha hugs yashoda. Yashoda says kanha why did you go? kanha says mother, see just how all the mothers were sad after seeing their children go away from them, the same happens with cows. Kanha says even a mother cow is sad when her baby is taken from her and when her baby doesn’t get the food it deserves, the child is sad too, I wanted to tell you all the same thing happens when we go away from you.
Narad muni says see Narayan, how easily little kanha taught everyone and gave them the message he wanted to give. He told them that animals and humans are different but they all have the same emotions. Lord Vishnu and laxmi smile.
There yashoda says kanha you taught us all a lesson, you have opened our eyes. Yashoda hugs kanha.
There kansa tells bakasura, even he loves his sister devki and tried many times to kill her but his love came in between, but if putna fails then he will be excited to see bakasura’s hand and putna’s neck.

Precap: putna makes kheer and adds the poison of kaal kuth. Kanha and his friends come to her hut for the feast. Putna says I am happy to see you all have come for my feast. Putna serves everyone the kheer. Narad muni tells lord Vishnu that if anyone eats the kheer, they wont survive the poison of kaal kuth, do something lord.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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