Paramavatar Shri Krishna 18th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Vishnu dev stops kaal nemi.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 18th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kaal nemi looking at Vishnu, he says Vishnu don’t come here, I have won heaven and I will do what I want, go away from her. Vishnu says yes kaal nemi, you are a free man and can do anything. Kansa gets angry. Kaal nemi says Vishnu in your sweet words, there lies cheat in your heart, we all demons were given the dark place of hell to live and all these useless gods given heaven to live? Why such indifference between us? Kaal nemi says I will not leave any god alive now. Vishnu says kaal nemi every person in this world deserves the best but the gods have a task, everyone works and the world runs in a set of events which you cannot destroy kaal nemi. Vishnu says the world has been set and no one can disrupt what goes on. Kaal nemi says Vishnu you are trying to talk

me out of your words, go away. Vishnu says but without knowing why I came? Kaal nemi says why did you come? Vishnu says kaal nemi I came to help you. Kaal nemi says help? Kansa says did I hear that right?
There all people of gokul are packing their bags and things, they put it on their bullock carts, nand says people please stop, don’t go you all are losing hope, don’t leave gokul. Nand says to one man, the man says nand baba, my family is not safe here, they are not getting food here, I cannot starve them here, we have to leave the place where we are not safe. Everyone cry and say and anyway kanha is nto here for us, without him no one can save gokul. Nand is sad and does pranam.
Kanha is at home and sad, he says my people are in trouble but I will have to stay here. Balram comes with jeevak. Balram says come on kanha lets go out, we have to play now. Kanha says no brother I cannot leave the room, I have to stay here until mother allows me to go anywhere. Balram says but kanha without you we all are lonely, without you we wont play and eat too. Balram says you have to eat something we got you. Kanha says butter? I am not in the mood now. Balram says no, its orages we stole from the orchard, kanha eat it. Kanha says brother I am not hungry. Balram says if you wont eat then no one will eat. Jeevak says yes kanha, if you wont come then no one will have fun playing. Kanha says brother you all go, until mother allows me I wont go anywhere, you all play and tell me who wins. Balram and friends say okay and go sad.
There kansa says Vishnu is a cheater. Vishnu says to kaal nemi, I came to tell you about amrit! Kaal nemi says amrit? Vishnu says yes amrit, if you want amrit and if you drink it, you will live forever and rule the heaven. Kaal nemi says that sounds right but I will take amrit after killing these gods. Vishnu says that cant happen, to get the amrit you need to do sagar manthan and for that you need the approval of both gods and demons. Kaal nemi stops and says you are saved indra today but I will come back after taking amrit, kaal nemi goes. Kansa says no, Vishnu you cheater, kaal nemi has gone.
There kalyanaag is in his kingdom under water and says I am the ruler here now and will soon be in all the world. Kalyanaag comes in the water and spreads his poison everywhere even more. Kalyanaag says now I have poisoned entire Yamuna, no one can stop my poison, I will soon kill all people of gokul.
There nand and yashoda are in their room. Nand says yashoda you have put kanha in his room and swore him not to come out, he is just a child. Yashoda says nand ji that is what I am saying. Nand says yashoda kanha can help the people of gokul, he can do something which can defeat kalyanaag easily, kanha has a plan and he has always protected everyone. Nand says the people need kanha, yashoda! Yashoda says nand ji, please don’t force me into doing anything, kanha is a child and my son, he is not a god to protect anyone. Nand says but he at least needs to stay with the people of gokul to stop them from leaving gokul. Yashoda says no nand ji, kanha will not go anywhere, if you force me then I will take kanha and leave gokul tomorrow. Nand is worried.
Kanha is in his room and radha says from window, he gore open the door! Kanha says yes, he opens door and closes back. Radha says kanha I brought you food, eat it. Kanha says no gopi, I am not hungry. Radha says but looking at your face, it feels like you are hungry. Kanha says I don’t know gopi, all the people of gokul are alone without me, my friends need me, kalyanaag is hurting everyone, I have to do something but I wont unless mother leaves me from here. Radha says then what is it with food? Just eat it, you seem to be hungry, if you wont eat then how will you protect everyone? Kanha says gopi why is your stomach making noise? Radha says I don’t know, I had food some time back. Kanha says it doesn’t seem so, so even you did not eat food because I didn’t! radha says so you know now, then why don’t you eat? Kanha says I have never eaten sitting alone, mother is always here with me. Radha says now I am here, we both will eat together. Both of them eat food.

Precap: kalyanaag says the poison has started reaching the world. Kalyanaag laughs. In the waters over the entire world, the living beings living and relying on water start dying.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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