Paramavatar Shri Krishna 18th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Radha takes vira laxmi avatar.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 18th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha sucking the power of the sun. the sun gets weaker and weaker and surya dev realizes his mistake, he appears and says he prabhu kanha! Forgive me, please forgive me for what I did, I was egoistic of my powers and responsibilities and I realize that now, I denied to give the creator of the universe, prabhu Vishnu my karna kundal whereas you own everything in this universe. Kanha stops and says surya dev, I am happy you realized your mistake because you had to be taught a lesson. Surya dev says forgive me prabhu, I shall tell you where the karna kundal is. Surya dev says prabhu, my son Karna is born on earth, I gave my son karna, the karna kundal so that no one could ever know where it was and karna would rightfully use what I gifted him!
Kanha goes with

garud dev to the house where karna lives to borrow the karna kundal.
In vrindavan, all people turn into demon forms and follow radha. Radha goes to the ashram of rishi gargacharya and guru tells her to take the avatar of Vira laxmi! Radha says but guru, how do I do that? rishi says radha, close your eyes and focus, you will know when! Radha closes her eyes and she sees all the avatars of laxmi, radha focuses and she takes the form of Vira laxmi. All gods do pranam and gargacharya is grateful as he gets the darshan of vira laxmi. Radha goes to vrindavan.
Kansa says to karnasura, radha has taken the form of vira laxmi. Now go karnasura and kill her, kill that laxmi and then I shall kill kanha. Karnasura goes to vrindavan and starts destroying the houses. Vira laxmi comes and karnasura says I knew my destruction would compel you to come here. Karnasura says now I shall kill you vira laxmi. Vira laxmi says karnasura, I have taken my avatar when evil like you rose in this world, I shall end you too.
Kanha goes to the house of karna and he meets his parents. They say nand lal, what are you doing here? Kanha says kaka and kaki, I wanted to meet karna as I wanted to borrow his karna kundal. Kaka says kanha, we never had karna kundal, what are you talking about? Karna’s mother says kanha, I knew about the karna kundal, karna had them, he wore them when he was a child but I threw it in the river as it burned his body! i am sorry I did that, but now I only know it is in the river. Kanha says kaki, don’t be sorry! I need the karna kundal now in any case and I will find it in the river. Kaki says kanha, but when you find it, will my son still be the owner of karna kundal? Kanha says yes kaki, karna will be the woner because he has always been the owner of the karna kundal, once I am done with using it I will return it to you for karna. Kaka and kaki go saying thank you.
Kanha jumps inside the river and he comes to the floor of the river. Kanha says where will I find the karna kundal now? It has been lying in the river for years, I don’t even know where to start from. Suddenly an old man comes and says are you finding the karna kundal? Kanha thinks how is an old man walking inside the water? Kanha smiles.

Precap: the old man says if you want the karna kundal follow me, kanha follows the old man. Vira laxmi cuts the neck of karnasura but he resurrects.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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