Paramavatar Shri Krishna 17th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Kevat is inside the pot.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 17th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha and radha at the river as kanha gives radha water to drink. Dhama and jeevak see a pot in the water and jeevak says come dhama lets see. Jeevak and dhama see the pot and jeevak says see such a beautiful pot it is but what is it doing here alone? Dhama says lets take it. Jeevak then tries picking the pot but in vain. Dhama tries with jeevak but cannot pick the pot. Jeevak and dhama call kanha. Kanha says what happened and goes running to them. Radha says wait kanha, I am still thirsty.
Laxmi says prabhu I knew you will go somewhere else, bringing me to the river for water was just an excuse but you wanted to see the pot. Lord Vishnu says it is not that devi, this pot is different.
Kanha says what happened? Jeevak says see this pot is so heavy and

looks different as if something is in it. Kanha says what is in it? Kanha picks the pot easily and says what happened? Lets go now. Jeevak tries again but fails and says dhama lets go this pot looks dangerous. Both go. nand says come on everyone we have to reach gokul in time before it is sunset. Everyone go ahead. The pot in the river comes up and there is a human being trapped inside the pot who is singing a sad song. The pot flies in air behind kanha to gokul.
Laxmi says prabhu there is a human inside the pot? What happened? Lord Vishnu says didn’t you recognize him devi? He was the one who helped us cross the salyu river in treta yug. Lord Vishnu says he is my param bhakt kevat. Laxmi says yes lord I remember kevat very precisely, he helped us in treta yug. Laxmi says what happened prabhu? How is he trapped inside the pot?
In gokul, yashoda is waiting for everyone and finally kanha and all reach gokul. Yashoda is happy and she hugs kanha and says kanha you are small but you went to Mathura to save baba, why did you do that? Kanha says don’t be worried mother, nothing would ever happen to me, I am your son. Yashoda hugs kanha. Balram comes and says where is mother? Rohini comes out and has tears, she says balram! Balram runs and hugs rohini. Rohini says are you fine balram? Balram has tears and says yes mother, I am alright. Rohini cries and says I am sorry balram, it was my fault that for so many years I hid the truth from you about your father. balram says no mother it is okay, I now know who my father is. Rohini is shocked and thinks he knows? Balram says when I went to Mathura I met mata devki and maharaj vasudev and they accepted me as their son so from today maharaj vasudev is my father for me. Rohini thinks balram how will I tell you, your real father is maharaj vasudev and your actual mother devki, I just gave birth to you. Radha is eating sweets and says so I am radha and when I am hungry, I don’t stop, I just eat so if you all have stopped crying, come and eat. Everyone say yes radha we will eat, yashoda says radha I wills serve. Nand thinks balram’s real father is vasudev, it is good he met him. the pot comes flying inside gokul.
Laxmi says prabhu why is kevat trapped inside the pot? Lord Vishnu then tells the story that after kevat left them at the river he in return asked that one day he also be brought to other side of a river by him. in flashback, kevat serves lord Vishnu and comes to his dham to serve him. he one day brings water from the 7 pure rivers for lord Vishnu and is coming to vaikunth when rishi durvasa stops him. kevat stops. Durvasa says you peddler, what are you doing in the forest? Kevat says rishi durvasa I am the disciple of lord Vishnu and I am taking water for him of the 7 holy rivers, I don’t want to keep him waiting. Rishi says give me water, I want to drink. Kevat says rishi I brought it from 7 rivers for my prabhu Vishnu and I cannot keep him waiting. Rishi says you are denying me water, you know what the result is of insulting rishi durvasa. Kevat says I am sorry rishi but I can give this water to prabhu Vishnu only. Rishi durvasa is angry and says I curse you kevat, you will stay trapped inside this pot. Kevat says no rishi please forgive me. Rishi says once I give a curse it cannot be taken back. Laxmi says prabhu rishi durvasa should have kept his ego aside, he was too harsh. Lord Vishnu says this way kevat came to met in the pot and I told him that in dwapar yug my avtar Krishna would free him.
There in gokul, jeevak and all friends are there with kanha. Dhama says oh my god my stomach is full, kaki yashoda gave too much to eat today. Other friend say yes dhama, my stomach will burst it feels. The pot comes flying and kevat is singing inside. Dhama says jeevak stop singing, how are you able to sing with a full stomach? Jeevak says where am I singing? They all see the pot and get scared, jeevak says the pot came here flying, I told you something is inside it. Dhama says is there a demon hiding?

Precap: kanha says demon inside the pot? Kevat comes to kanha in the pot.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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