Paramavatar Shri Krishna 17th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 17th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with yashoda and rohini in the yard making curd. Balram comes and says kaki have you seen kanha? Yashoda says yes balram, he is sleeping. Balram says sleeping? So late in the afternoon? Yashoda says yes. Balram says kaki kanha never sleeps in the afternoon, he once said to me that he makes excuses of sleeping in the afternoon and goes, so believe me he never sleeps in the afternoon. Rohini says no yashoda, he must be sleeping. Balram says mother kanha loves to explore and not sleep. Yashoda says balram is right, I will go and check. Yashoda goes in the room and sees Krishna sleeping under the blanket covered. She says balram says anything, kanha is sleeping here. Yashoda goes and removes the blanket and sees pillows, yashoda says where is kanha? He was here, balram was

right he went somewhere.
There Krishna is in the forest and tells his friends now our plan will work, Krishna tells one friend to go and call all their friends. The friend goes. Krishna then says come on friends lets go ahead. Putna hides and sees and says kanha, I will kill you today and all your friends too, you are yourself giving me a good location to kill you.
There yashoda is fining kanha in the house and says kanha where are you? Yashoda is worried and rohini says yashoda don’t worry so much, kanha must be playing somewhere in gokul only, why are you so worried? Yashoda says no rohini, kanha is gone somewhere as he was angry on me, he doesn’t want to talk to me. Nand comes and damodar come. Yashoda tells damodar to go right now and find kanha in gokul and bring him home. Yashoda has tears now.
There Krishna is walking ahead and says go and hide friends I will find you until others come. All friends go and hide. Kanha then says where is everyone? Friend jeevak, dhama? Where are you? Putna is hiding and says I will kill each child here but first all other children will die and then kanha. Putna turns in her original form in black dress. Putna says first I will kill this fat child. As Krishna says, everyone come out where are you? Dhama says this kanha asked us to hide and he is telling us to come out. Suddenly putna’s long hand comes on the face of dhama, dhama screams loudly. Kanha and all friends come. Dhama says I saw a hand of a witch long and had long nails. Everyone get scared, kanha says don’t worry you just saw what you thought of, kanha says lets go to govardhan mountain in the cave to pray so the cows get milk for their babies. Kanha and his friends go. putna says kanha you got such a good spot for your killing. Putna goes.
There all women come and damodar comes. damodar says yashoda all the kids of the same age of kanha are also not there. The women say yes yashoda, my son dhama has also gone and I cannot find him anywhere. Nand tells everyone don’t worry we will go and check outside gokul near the forest and cave, everyone go running towards the cave.
In heaven, laxmi says prabhu, nandlal’s mother yashoda is worried about him and there his mother devki is in trouble of dying but nandlal is worried about the cows, what is this leela? Lord Vishnu says devi, Krishna is born to remove all the bad characteristics in a human being and not only kansa, if the bad thoughts of a person are removed and his attitude is removed then people like kansa wont be born, kansa will be defeated himself.
There yashoda and everyone come outside the cave. There putna becomes demon form huge and goes inside the cave to find kanha and his friends. Inside kanha is with his friends. Outside all mothers are worried and damodar says nand she is the witch demon putna who was sent by kansa to kill all children. Yashoda is worried and has tears, she runs inside the cave saying kanha, balram nand and rohini run behind her. Everyone go in. yashoda says kanha, where are you? Kanha! Everyone come in and find, damodar then says no one is here and not even putna nand. Everyone is worried. Yashoda says don’t punish me like this lord, give me my son. Yashoda cries. Damodar says nand, did putna take everyone? Nand is worried.
In palace, putna says bhagwan kansa what has janur done. Kansa says janur did what I asked you to do 5 years ago, he followed my orders. Kansa comes down slowly with his axe and says putna you did not do what I said. Putna says bhagwan kansa I had almost got that kid, devki’s 8th child but janur took me here, I could have killed him. kansa drives the axe on putna’s neck.

Precap: kanha is with his friends inside the cave, putna is in huge demon form and puts her huge hand inside to get kanha. She says everyone come out fast otherwise if I catch you, I will devour you all. Putna says kanha, I am going to kill everyone here. Kanha stands in front of his friends to protect them.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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