Paramavatar Shri Krishna 17th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Yashoda takes kanha home.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 17th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha, radha and balram hiding in the trees and watching the kaka graze his cow. As the cow is behind kaka, kalyaang comes from under water and pulls the cow inside. Radha kanha balram are shocked and radha says what was that? The cow is gone! Kaka looks behind and is shocked, he calls his cow and is terrified. As kaka waits, from the water he is getting pulled inside the water too. Radha and all are shocked. Kanha says we have to help kaka, balram and kanha go. Kanha and balram start pulling kaka as he calls for help. Kanha and balram save kaka. Kalyanaag goes inside.
All people of gokul come and yashoda says kanha! Kanha hits his forehead and thinks mother came here again! Now she wont leave me. Everyone go back to gokul. Yashoda says kanha why did you

go there at night? Nand says yes I had told you not to go out of the house at all. Kanha says father see we saved kaka otherwise he would have been pulled inside the water too. Nand says okay but now you all will go home and not come out of the house at all. Yashoda goes. All people say nand baba but what do we do now? Now we know for sure, kansa has been doing all this otherwise our friend here wouldn’t have been pulled inside the water. Brij bhanu says yes people but we have to fight kansa. Nand says yes, kansa is powerful for sure but also defeat able, if we stand together against one man we can fight him and defeat him. People say but nand baba, we cannot defeat kansa, instead now the only option seems is of leaving gokul otherwise more people will be in danger. Rishi gargacharya comes and says no, kansa that thing cannot be defeated, because it is a naag snake. everyone is shocked and say nag? Gargacharya says yes, it is kalyanaag, the most vicious and evil of all naag’s. he has put poison inside the river of Yamuna, that Is why all people got poisoned but yes he can be defeated, but not if everyone leaves gokul. Kanha comes and says rishi is right, people we have to stand together, whatsoever it may be, unity always stands against anything evil and my mother always says the entire world has problems but running from it is not a solution, we have to face our problems and fight, people you need to trust in your kanha, If you help me then we will be able to kill kalyanaag. People get inspired and say yes kanha, you are our savior, you save us all the time. Yashoda comes and says no, kanha is no one’s savior, he will not kill anyone, my kanha is just a child, the work of saving belongs to all the gods and not my son, he has always faced troubles for everyone but not this time. Yashoda takes kanha as he says but mother…
There kaal nemi is swinging his sword when indra dev prays to lord and says prabhu Vishnu save us! Save me! Please prabhu! Kaal nemi laughs and says don’t call that Vishnu, it is no use, no one can save you from me indra dev, you all gods have played your game for too long, now it is my turn and you wont live. As devraj says again, prabhu please save us! As kaal nemi is swinging his sword, lord vishnu’s garud comes and stops, Vishnu appears himself, kaal nemi says Vishnu you came! Kansa gets angry and says keshari, this Vishnu interrupted in everything.
There kalyanaag comes out of the water in his human form and laughs, he says people of gokul you cannot be saved from my poison, this time I will not leave any person, everyone is going to die. Kalyanaag puts his poison everywhere and laughs.
There kanha says to yashoda, mother I have a plan to make things right and catch kalyanaag and punish him, but if you wont leave me the people of gokul will be in danger and everyone will suffer. Yashoda says no kanha, you will stay inside this room from today, you will not go anywhere, if you don’t care for me then you can go, the people of gokul no what trouble it is and your father is there, they will see what solution to remove after talking to rishi gargarcharya, I will not let you put your life in danger again. Kanha says but mother, the people need me and you know nothing will ever happen anything to your son. Yashoda says no kanha, if you go from here then you will see my dead face when you come back. Kanha is shocked and has tears, yashoda says you will stay here kanha and listen to me if I am your mother! Yashoda goes locking the door. Kanha says mother wait! Kanha cries and thinks about the times he spent with yashoda. Kanha says okay mother if you want me to stay here, I will stay here for you, you are my mother and I will listen to you! I will not go anywhere.
There as kaal nemi looks at Vishnu. Vishnu smiles and kaal nemi says Vishnu you have come to kill me and save these gods? I will not let you do that.

Precap: kansa says Vishnu was the one who cheated and killed kaal nemi. There kanha is sad, he says I will stay here but I have to think about people of gokul otherwise kalyanaag will kill everyone.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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