Paramavatar Shri Krishna 16th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Kansa is angry

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 16th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kansa going. Balram comes angrily toward alambasur and says alambasur this time you have been saved, but you know my power now and if you ever get past Yamuna river to gokul then know it will be the end of your life that very day. Alambasur is angry and thinks I will do what my friend kansa will tell me. Alambasur goes. Balram then goes and hugs nand. Devki and vasudev smile. Nand hugs balram and then says rishi gargacharya I am thankful to you for helping us and saving balram’s life today. Rishi says don’t thank me nand, if you want to thank, then thank radha, because of her everything was possible as she came to me on time. Balram says radha you went to rishi? Radha says yes brother balram, I went and called rishi here to save you. Balram says thank you radha.

Radha says one more thing, radha opens her choli and removes laddoos. Balram says wow laddoos? Radha says yes. Balram takes one and is about to eat, he sees vasudev and devki. Balram goes to devki and says kaki devki, I met you and feel like my mother. Devki says balram, looking at you makes me feel like I found my lost son. Balram says then wont you both feed me laddoo as your son? Devki smiles and feeds balram laddo and then hugs him. vasudev says balram you think I am your father then hug me. Balram hugs vasudev as vasudev is in tears. Rishi gargachary says kanha! Where is kanha?
There kanha is sitting with his still closed and radha comes and says kanha open your eyes now, the sun has come out. Kanha opens his eyes and says what? Where is brother balram then? Everyone come there and balram says kanha it is not your job to be worried, it is mine. Kanha smiles and says brother you are safe. Balram says yes kanha no one can do anything to your brother, I am safe and I also showed kansa my power, he is scared now but all this happened only because of radha. Kanha says radha? The one who creates a mess how did she solve a mess? Radha says kanha I went to call rishi gargacharya and called him in time, he made maharaj kansa understand that balram is not the child he wants to kill. Kanha says how did you come back in time before sunrise? Radha says because I am radha nothing is impossible for me. Kanha says okay radha thank you as brother balram was saved because of you.
There laxmi says prabhu you always do the leela but give the credit to someone else. Lord Vishnu says no devi, you did what was needed and you got the credit for it but a person who doesn’t do something and takes the credit he still becomes part of a crime.
There radha says kanha anyway I will not talk to you as no one can make you understand. Balram makes signs. Kanha says okay radha you want me to forgive you, I forgive you as you saved my brother balram. Radha says it is difficult with you, boastful kanha. Kanha says you arrogant gopi. Rishi sees and thinks I know the both of you are those avtars, I am fortunate to see you both.
Yashoda is waiting for nand to come back. Rohini cries and says I kept the truth away from balram for years and now he has landed in the trouble that I did not want him to land in. yashoda says don’t worry rohini, everyone is there to help balram and nand ji. Just take the name of narayana.
There kansa is sitting on stairs and says nand if I find anything against you or any proof of you hiding something, believe me then I will wipe out entire gokul. Kanha is on the throne and says mama kansa. Kansa listens and says tat a thaiya Krishna kanhaiya, where are you nephew? Kanha says don’t see here and there, look up. Kansa sees kanha and says nephew you are here. Kanha says mama I have to tell you something, come here. Kansa looks at kanha and goes to him. kanha says in ears see brother balram was saved. Kansa gets angry. Kanha says the sun never rose and brother balram was saved too, mother always says that the truth can never be destroyed. Kanha says now I shall go. as kanha goes he says you say narayana mantra always and if you want to be god first accept narayana himself as he is inside you. Kansa is angry and remembers what Vishnu said to him. kansa says Vishnu you can fool kids but not me, kansa says om kansay namah.

Precap: everyone is heading back to gokul. In gokul, yashoda and rohini wait for balram nand and kanha to come back.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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