Paramavatar Shri Krishna 16th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Kansa wakes up kutnag.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 16th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha taking mhadev’s form and radha says this is kanha only. Kanha smiles. All people then look properly and say but it seems like mahadev has taen this child form himself. Rishi gargacharya comes and says no people, this is our Krishna! He has taken the form of mahadev, he looks so beautiful in the baal roop of mahadev. Everyone is amazed and they say yes rishi you are true. Gargacharya says radha even you go and dress in devi parvati’s form, the pooja of mahadev and mata parvati shall be done. Radha says yes guru. Radha goes to dress up as mata parvati.
Rishi gargacharya goes and prepares for mahadev and parvati’s pooja. There mahadev and devi parvati comes disguised as villagers and enter vrindavan, mahadev says devi, today I am very eager to see paramavatar

shri Krishna in my baal form. parvati says yes swami, me too. both head towards nand’s house for the pooja.
There kansa and keshi are in sutal lok and kansa says this kutnag is still sleeping. As they wait, kansa hears kutnag in sleep saying narayana! Narayana! Narayana! Kansa says you foolish keshi. Kansa removes his weapon and says I will kill you, this kutnag is vishnu’s bhakt and you brought me here to take his help? You want to die? Keshi says no kansa, listen carefully, he is saying narayana but in anger and in eagerness to kill him, not in love. Keshi tells the story and says when kutnag took kaal kuth poison in his body, he lived because of the mani on his head and because of its divya powers, in some years kutnag became very powerful and then one day he attacked swarg lok to take control of it and rule it. In flashback, kutnag attacks swarg lok and laughs, all gods get scared even though they try to protect swarg lok. Kutnag attacks kaal kuth poison on all gods and says no one can stand in front of kaal kuth poison, you gods will die. The goddesses go in a room and pray to lord Vishnu and say prabhu, we are praying to you, protect us prabhu, did tridev appoint us just to be defeated from kaal kuth poison? Please lord Vishnu save swarg lok.
Lord Vishnu appears and kutnag says Vishnu you? Lord Vishnu smiles kutnag says even you cannot live the kaal kuth poison. Lord Vishnu removes the nidra astra and attacks it on kutnag, kutnag says no narayana! The arrow puts him in deep sleep, lord Vishnu takes kutnag and puts him in sutal lok below patal lok. Lord Vishnu says the nidra astra has put kut nag in deep sleep, he will remain in this sleep and wont hurt anyone. Lord Vishnu goes.
Kansa says okay, so now it is time to wake this snake up. Kansa becomes very huge in size to wake up kut nag, he removes a weapon and beats kut nag, kut nag wakes up suddenly in anger and he takes his tail and catches kansa in it and says how dare you come here and trouble me? kansa says kutnag calm down, I am bhagwan kansa and came to be your friend, see you woke up from sleep. Kutnag then thinks yes indeed, I have woken from this sleep finally. Kutnag says what do you want? Kansa says our both enemies are common, you hate Vishnu and even I want him dead, Vishnu has taken his form of kanha in vrindavan now! Go and kill him with your kaal kuth poison kutnag! You get revenge and my enemy’s enemy is my friend. Kutnag puts down kansa and says so Vishnu has taken an avatar? Kansa says yes , paramavatar shri Krishna in vrindavan, that little boy kanha! Kill him kutnag. Kutnag says I waited for revenge for these 2 yug, now I wont leave that kanha, I will kill him.
There in vrindavan, all people sit and gargacharya comes as kanha and radha sit as devi parvati and mahadev. Kirti and yashoda say kanha and radha are looking like mahadev and parvati, so divya! Both smile. Mahadev and parvati come disguised. Gargacharya tells the story of mahadev and parvati’s marriage to everyone as a song plays in background. After the story everyone take blessings of kanha and radha as mahadev and parvati.
Mahadev and parvati come to kanha and radha and take their blessings and give them their Prasad as a sign of their blessing. Mahadev says to parvati, devi today I am very happy, prabhu Vishnu has taken my baal form which I never have lived, I was born as an entity in the form of mahadev but today after looking at kanha taking my baal roop, it seems if I was born a child, my child form would have been like this only. Parvati says yes swami, even it seems radha is looking like my child form only! Both mahadev and parvati are happy and they go.
Kanha gets up and says people, we did the aarti here and guru even told us the story of mahadev and mata parvati’s marriage, we should go to gopeshwar mandir and do mahadev’s aarti and take his blessings, he will protect us from all evil and his blessings will stay over our village and us. People say yes, kanha is right. Nand says yes, we should depart now and go to gopeshwar temple. Everyone go.

Precap: kutnag comes to gopeshwar temple and attacks the people. Kanha stands in front of kutnag.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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