Paramavatar Shri Krishna 16th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanha fights kalya naag.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 16th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha going to paras who is covered around from fire. Kanha tells paras a story of brahma dev and agni dev and says paras don’t worry kalika’s fire wont burn you because once agni dev went to brahma dev and said that his fire could burn anything and even good people who followed dharma, then wouldn’t that be wrong? Brahma dev said to agni dev that he just had to do his work and the bad things that would burn in his fire would become pure and even if his fire burned good things or people, nothing would happen to them. Kanha says to paras that he is a good person who follows dharma and agni dev’s fire isn’t going to do anything to you, you wont burn. Agni dev puts fire on paras but he doesn’t burn. Kalika is shocked. Kanha smiles. Agni dev says to kanha,

prabhu I have been put here and I have to burn something in my way otherwise it wont be my use, kanha says yes you can burn the bad things. Agni dev puts his fire on kalika and burns her to ashes killing her. There kalya naag is watching with mayasura and sunidhi and he says no, kalika is dead? That kid is going to die from my poison, I will kill him. Kalya naag pulls sunidhi by her hair and goes out of palace with her and mayasura.
There kanha says to paras see friend I told you nothing would happen to you, kalika is dead because she had sinned and she deserved what she got. Kanha says lets go friend. Kanha goes with paras out from the place and reaches an open area in the river.
There yashoda puts water on the shiv ling and everyone pray with yashoda to mahadev. There mahadev is smiling. As yashoda and everyone pray, suddenly yashoda falls down unconscious, everyone panic and try to wake up yashoda. Yashoda reaches in a dream where mahadev sits in front of her. Mahadev says yashoda, do not worry, your son kanha is alright, he is doing what he has to do! Remember god and kanha will be with you. There suddenly yashoda wakes up and she smiles and says to everyone nothing happened to me, it was a good sign from god.
There kanha suddenly faces kalya naag and others. Sunidhi hugs paras and says my son I safe, kanha it is because of you. Kalya naag is angry and says kid who are you? You will die, I know you are from gokul and after I will kill you, I will kill everyone else in gokul. Kanha smiles and says you don’t know who I am. Kalya naag says because of you my poison isn’t spreading everywhere, I will kill you. Kalya naag attacks poison on kanha but nothing happens to him. Kanha smiles, kalya naag is shocked and says how is anything not happening to you? Mayasura thinks he thought I was a fool, now let kalya do himself, he will know then. Kanha smiles and kalya naag attacks again, kanha smiles and says nothing will happen to me. Kalya naag says you killed kalika, kalya naag with his tail holds kanha and presses him and says who are you? Kanha says I will show you who I am! Kalya naag sees in kanha’s eyes and sees the entire universe and is shocked.

Precap: pralapt comes and tells kansa that a kid has attacked kalya naag and the water everywhere will be safe again. Kansa says I know its Vishnu, I will know now. Kanha does tandav on kalya naag’s nag form head.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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