Paramavatar Shri Krishna 15th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanha goes to fight Jara.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 15th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with gargacharya saying kanha, all the people of vrindavan have been taken captive by kansa and jarasant. Kanha says I have to go and save my parents and all the people too. There jara and bhadraksh are holding the people of vrindavan captive as bhadraksh guards them with his soldiers. Yashoda, nand, brij bhanu and others are tied by their hands by use of ropes. Jara says people, tell the truth of vishnu’s avatar otherwise staying here captive, you will all die from my hands, I wont heed to the lives of anyone of you.
There kanha says I have to go. Gargacharya says kanha, you cannot go inside Mathura, if you go there then kansa and jarasant will know who you are, you have to lure jara out with the people. Kanha closes his eyes and sees yashoda and all the people

captive as bhadraksh and jara torture them. Nand says bhadraksh you have come to our village so many times, prabhu vishnu’s avatar is not in our village, why do you torture us all the time?
Narad muni says prabhu, who is this jara? And how is she so powerful? Lord Vishnu says devrishi, jara was a normal demoness who used to live in lanka! Narad says lanka? Lord Vishnu says yes, she is a resident of lanka and in treta yug, when my form of shree ram had gone at war against ravana! Jara lived in lanka that time. That time, to kill ravana, shree ram had taken laxman, hanuman and his entire army and they fought against Ravana and his demon army, ravana was killed by shree ram and his entire demon army was killed too. Jara was in sorrow for the death of her people and she vowed to take revenge against shree ram, jara stood in the battlefield and looked at the corpses of all demons, she then gained the powers of all the dead demons and then rose to be very powerful, she wants revenge from me and will do anything to kill you.
There kanha goes towards Mathura and at the outskirts, he sees jara taking people captive in a cave. Kanha plans to lure jara out of the cave outside Mathura. Kanha goes and enters the visions of jara showing her that lord Vishnu is outside of Mathura. Jara gets very angry and she gets up, she says Vishnu you will die and she comes out of the cave and goes outside Mathura to find lord Vishnu in the forest. There she sees kanha and says kid, you are vishnu’s avatar right? Kanha says what? Why will I be lord vishnu’s avatar? I am just a boy roaming around here. Kanha laughs and runs. Jara follows him and sees lord ram’s face inside kanha, she says wait kid, I will kill you Vishnu. Kanha teases jara and he runs as jara follows him throwing fire balls at kanha. Kanha dodges. There bhadraksh says I have waited too long now, bhagwan kansa needs results so I will get them. Bhadraksh takes all people at the edge of a mountain and he says if no one tells me who vishnu’s avatar is then I will kill you all from here. Everyone is scared and worried.
There kanha runs and then he hits jara with a weapon and hides. Jara says where are you Vishnu? Jara throws spells from her power at kanha as kanha dodges and saves himself. Kanha says jara, you are supporting the wrong cause and always have for years. Kanha stands and looks at jara as jara sees lord ram removing an arrow to attack her. Kanha says to get to my people, this demoness has to die.
There bhadraksh says yashoda rani, you will tell me who vishnu’s avatar is and I anyway doubted that son of yours, kanha! Bhadrakhs ties brij bhanu and nand to a rope and throws them down the mountain hanging them by a tree and says if I don’t get the truth in a minute, then I will cut this rope and nand and brij bhanu will die. Bhadraksh laughs.

Precap: kanha takes form of lord ram to kill jara. There yashoda cries and says please leave them, please bhadraksh! Kanha goes to save his people.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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