Paramavatar Shri Krishna 15th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Kansa goes to narad muni.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 15th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with paras meditating and he prays to lord vishnu saying the prayer of vasudevay namah! Mayasura comes and says paras what are you doing? It wont be good for you if you pray to Vishnu, kalya naag doesn’t like that and you know I, your father will kill you so stop it otherwise I will have to do something. Paras doesn’t listen and continues to pray to prabhu Vishnu. mayasura gets angry and removes a weapon to kill paras, kanha comes and holds mayasura’s hand. Mayasura is shocked.
There kansa goes on his flying crow and flies to the snowy mountains. Kansa keeps searching and then finds narad muni meditating on the snowy mountain. Kansa stops there and gets down from his crow. Kansa says narad muni! You are here. Kansa laughs and says I have been finding you.

Narad muni gets up and says narayan! What do you want kansa? Kansa says narad I want that rishi’s name, he is my enemy and knows how I shall get to my enemy, your prabhu. Narad says I cannot tell you that kansa, go away. Narad starts walking going from there. Kansa suddenly freezes narad’s legs and says now tell me otherwise I wont leave you like this, you will be troubled by me unless you tell me the rishi’s name. narad muni says a Vishnu prayer and lord Vishnu from vaikunth frees narad muni’s legs, narad then goes away. Kansa comes in front of narad muni and says you shouldn’t have done, kansa uses a spell and narad’s stomach starts aching, kansa says tell me now narad muni! Narad is forced and tells kansa the name of the rishi. Kansa laughs and says if you has told me before then you wouldn’t have had to go through all this. Kansa goes. Narad muni goes to lord Vishnu and says prabhu I have done a mistake, what have I done? I told him the name of the rishi! Lord Vishnu smiles and says it is not your mistake, everything is happening according to what kanha wants in the world.
There yashoda is holding the pot and going towards Kailash mountain with all people of gokul with her to meet mahadev. As everyone go walking with yashoda, a valley between mountain appears. Yashoda keeps walking and everyone say please yashoda don’t go there, you will fall down. kirti says yashoda stop, balram says kaki please stop don’t go. yashoda doesn’t listen and she keeps going. As she goes to the valley, mahadev there smiles and makes a bridge of rocks appear there for everyone to cross to the other mountain. Yashoda smiles. Kirti says finally even god has heard the voice of a mother for her son. Everyone go ahead walking from the bridge towards mahadev’s place. Mahadev meditates and smiles.
In naglok, paras is praying and kalya naag’s second wife comes. she says paras you have one chance only, you have to stop praying to Vishnu, if you don’t then you will die from my poison because no one can live through my poison. Paras says I am not scared from death, prabhu Vishnu wont let anything happen to me. Wife says then be ready to die. There kalya naag is with sunidhi and sunidhi says swami please leave my son, please, sunidhi cries and says don’t kill him, he is just a child. Kalya naag laughs and says now see the death of your son yourself, kalya naag shows her from a portal. There wife looks at paras and she then with her eyes looks around paras and creates a fire around him everywhere. Kanha sees and smiles as he plans to do something.

Precap: yashoda reaches to mahadev and says lord give me my son back, please! There kalya naag and kanha are facing each other to fight as he says kanha you will fight me now. Kanha says now you will see who I am! Kalya naag sees in kanha’s eyes and sees the entire universe and gets scared.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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