Paramavatar Shri Krishna 14th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Kanha teaches devki and yashoda love.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 14th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha saying you both are just trying to claim me but not love me, you want control of me. Kanha says love means sacrifice and not control, I am going. Kanha is going.
Laxmi says lord Vishnu why is kanha going? He doesn’t want mata yashoda’s love? He is sacrificing them? Lord Vishnu says no devi, kanha is not sacrificing them but he is teaching them what sacrifice is, he is teaching them what love is.
Vasudev is in the tent and he says did devki meet kanha? No ho will she? She doesn’t know kanha, I hope her mother form doesn’t put kanha in trouble.
There yashoda says to devki, see devki sister our son is going we have to stop him. devki says yashoda you know him better please do something, he will listen to you and stop. Yashoda says

son please wait. Kanha stops. Yashoda says kanha you will leave me like this? Kanha comes near them. Yashoda says kanha I now know what you meant to say, you taught us both love and I understand you are everyone’s son and not only mine. Devki says kanha forgive me, I now know I am not your mother but you are yashoda’s son, I shall go. kanha stops devki and says mata! Devki smiles and turns back. Kanha says mata devki you are my mother and I am your son. Kanha says you have the love of a mother for me so I am your son. Kanha says from today I am everyone’s son. Kanha looks at yashoda and says but this doesn’t mean I am not your son mata, I will always be your son mata yashoda. Devki and yashoda sit down as devki and yashoda have tears. Kanha says wont you hug your son? Both of them hug kanha. Kanha says now that you know I am everyone’s son but who will tell kansa mama? He thinks I am just your son mata devki? Lets go and tell him. everyone go with kanha.
Vasudev is in the tent and says where is devki? She has not yet come. I am worried for her now. Pralapt comes and says don’t be worried vasudev. Pralapt says your wife devki’s form of mother has recognized her son, we have found out who your son is, he is nandlal Krishna whom you hid in nand’s house. Vasudev is shocked. Pralapt says come now and meet him for the last time before bhagwan kansa kills him, pralapt laughs. They both go out.
Outside kansa is sitting on his throne and kanha comes with yashoda and devki and all people of gokul. Vasudev comes out. Kanha says kansa mama! See I have come, you wanted to find the 8th son of mata devki right? I will tell you, her 8th son has always been in front of you and here he is in front of you, it is me. Devki says yes kansa he is right, my mother love tells me kanha is my son. Kanha says yes I am her son mama, I was born in your prison that night but how will you know, you never saw my face. Kansa murmurs truth is a lie and lie is truth. He says nandlal devki’s son? Yashoda then says no maharaj kansa, kanha is my son, I gave birth to him, he is my son. Vasudev is worried. Kansa is angry and egts up and screams what is this? Tell me whose son is kanha? Then from behind dai maa says maharaj listen to me, kanha is my son I am his mother. Pralapt and janur are confused. Kansa is puzzled. A gopi says no maharaj kanha is my son. All people start saying no kanha is my son. A man says maharaj I am kanha;’s father and he is my son. Kansa is annoyed and he looks down, his veins start getting red and face turns red as he listens to all people’s voices. Kansa then remembers kanha telling him that maharaj I am everyone’s son, the way everyone looks and feels about me I become theirs in that way so that is why I am the son of all mothers in this world but in the same way I am no one’s son! Kansa murmurs this is a lie, from the sounds of all people kansa’s ears start bleeding and finally annoyed he gets up and says shut up everyone. Everyone become silent. Kansa says devki this kanha is not your son, he fooled your mother form too, it was no use of bringing you here in gokul. Kanha smiles. Vasudev smiles. Kansa says this kanha becomes everyone’s in the way they want and that is why he is everyone’s son but actually he is not your son. Yashoda says yes he is my son and takes kanha near her. Kansa gets up and says come on devki we have to go back to Mathura. Kansa takes devki’s hand and takes her when kanha says mama kansa! Kansa looks behind. Kanha says why did you come to Mathura? You did not come to find mata devki’s 8th son but you came to remove your fear. Kansa says fear? Kanha says yes. Vasudev smiles. Kanha says you are scared. Kansa comes to kanha and says kanha I am kansa, I never get scared, I scare other people. Kanha says oh yes, you are never scared. Kanha says kanha’s mama can never be scared, pranam mama. Kansa goes with devki. Devki says son! Vasudev sees and smiles.
Devrishi says wow lord Vishnu, kanha today showed kansa he is everyone’s son by also hiding that he actually is mata devki’s son. Laxmi says prabhu is the one who decides everything and he only knows his maya.
Vasudev thinks, kanha you can put everyone in a misunderstanding but not your father. vasudev says I know kanha is my son but I am so unfortunate I cannot hug my own son today even when he is in front of me.

Precap: kansa is going back to Mathura with devki and vasudev and thinks it was a waste coming to gokul.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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