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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 14th July 2017 Written Episode Update


Episode starts with nandraj indirectly says to yashoda,Today what does our kanha did special that nandrani tied him with her pallu.

Why can’t I tie my son,he is my lalla and by the way who are you to talk in between me and my son said yashoda.

But I am just asking what does our kanha did today said nandraj.

What did ask what he didn’t did today with his friends he untied all the calves of gokul.

Umm!I also heard that,but yashoda if childrens won’t be mischievous then who will? And then some childrens do this intentionally to get their mothers love said nandraj.

Nandji so you mean i don’t love my kid.

Arey! I didn’t mean that.

No nandji you’re trying to say this only but you’re not understanding today he just didn’t untied the ropes of calves but made gopikas sad who love him more than

their own kids.

Here after he won’t do like this,yashoda leave him he must be hungry.

No baba I won’t be hungry until maiya feed me with her own hands said krishna.

Today I have no mood to feed you,whole day you will be like this tied by my pallu said yashoda.

Narayan! narayan! look prabhu nandlal is tied but though how happy he is said naradmuni.

Narad,to be tied like this and beloved by mother sometimes god to feel to have this get this precious love I take avatar on earth.
Devrishi in this whole world we can tie anyone in pure love we can even tie GOD.

Maiyaa… said kanha
Kanha I daily listen to you but you never listened today I won’t listen you.

Kanha pretend to sleep.

Yashoda notice and untie the kahna and say oh,my lalla! He slept bad mom iam from morning I kept him tied in my pallu.
These are the mistakes of gopis they forget to tie calves properly and blames my kanha.

Yashoda goes from room kahna wake up and say maiya I told you na I won’t break this bond,see I kept my promise.

Ohh ashti just look at your sister’s face you will feel proud,until today only devote made get up for god but today god himself made get up of his devote.

Just look at your lucky sister.asthi get shocked by the look of prapti.

I know asthi by looking at your sister’s beauty you too get stunned.tell me how is she looking.

Phutna says kansa by laughing at looking prapti.

Krishna comes singing we are friends.
Phutna says this kanha won’t do anything though he do so much.i should keep eye on him or else he will be big hindrance for me.

Phutna…so you mean lord kansa don’t know to make get up. lord.said asthi.
You don’t know,i will tell you…said kansa.

When a woman doesn’t love her husband (holding prapti) they look likes this ugly by heart.this is her real look in behind this innocent face there is second face like phutna which she hidden from us.
Prapti do you know what will happen with phutna by glory of lord kansa she will die.if once again you take the name of devaki, now the looks of phutna then the pain of death like her.
Devaki is my sister only I can decide about her wether she should free or die.

Krishna see his all friends looks so tired.he ask jeevak why all are you so silent.madhu,mangal are you angry in me.why it seems like you did so many sit-ups.
Total 2000 sit-ups we did kanha.
Look at dhama he is just unable to sit too.
Arey!dhama what happened with you.
Baba made me to work so hard. I kept
1500 bunches of dried grass in cart and after that I had no energy.

Friends now we were unable to untie the ropes of calves as this make our mother and gopikas sad.
We are kids we cant do anything now.
Dhama we are kids SO we can do anything.

Kahna we ate butter from cows milk and now it’s calves turn to have their mothers milk.
Kanha says I have another plan.
Everyone says one more plan.
He says we will decide in cave today let’s go.
Phutna hear this and says kahna you made my plan I will kill all the kids along you in cave.

Precap:all the friends of kahna and krishna walks inside the cave.they all see giant form of phutna and they looks on.all the villagers of gokul search for kids.

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    Sorry for my bad grammar😑.
    And what is a word for shringar in English.

    I’m once again sry for grammar mistakes.

    1. Hanifbar

      Shringaar = Adornment

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    Shringaar = Adornment

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