Paramavatar Shri Krishna 13th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Balram runs towards kansa to attack him.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 13th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with guru gargacharya opening 2 kundli’s and he shows the kundli of balram and lord Vishnu and then says this is balram’s kundli which is not similar to prabhu Vishnu’s kundli. Kansa sees the kundli and then says rishi gargacharya you have guided me and I believe you, I am honored to have your guidance. Kansa then says rishi you have taught and guided yadu vansh and I am lucky to born here, but even if he is not vishnu’s avtar, I am kansa and I am evil, I can still kill him. why should I listen to anyone? I will still kill him as I have killed so many children and if I kill him he will just get salvation and nothing else. Balram is angry and says maharaj kansa till now I was thinking you will come back to your senses but now I think you will not listen unless

you get a beating, I will fight you and show you your capability. Kansa says remove his chains. Balram’s chains are removed and he screams angrily and run towards kansa. Kansa removes a weapon of amog shakti to fight balram and runs towards him.
Laxmi says swami shesh avtar balram has become too angry, he is powerful but wont be able to defeat kansa. Narad muni says prabhu kansa has removed his weapon of amog shakti which can defeat gods demons and anyone, only you can defeat kansa. Lord Vishnu smiles and says shesh avtar laxmn had protected my avtar ram in treta yug but now my avtar Krishna has to protect his brother balram.
There balram runs towards kansa and jumps as kansa nears him. there as kanha’s eyes are closed, lord Vishnu’s form comes out of kanha and a voice says stop. The entire world stops and all the people stop at the place they are. Kansa stops as well as every small thing, including water, air, clouds, birds, everything stop. As kansa stops, his soul comes out of his stopped body and says who dared to stop bhagwan kansa? Who is that? Come in front of me. Lord Vishnu comes and says it is me, I am the supreme lord. Kansa sees Vishnu coming and gets scared, he steps back. Lord Vishnu comes ahead and says I am everything, I am the controller and maker of this universe, it lives inside me and I live inside everything in this universe. Suddenly the surrounding of palace fades away and kansa and Vishnu come in clouds. Kansa is shocked and he says who are you? Don’t make riddles. Lord Vishnu says I am everything, I have made this universe and everyone that lives in it, I am the moon that sets and the sun that rises, I am the parmeshwar, I the the night and the morning, I am destruction and creation, I am happiness and love, I am everyone, I am the clouds, the little insects on the floor, I decide everything, I am the past, the present and the future and I am also inside you. Kansa says you? Kansa says I am bhagwan not you, I am bhagwan kansa. Lord Vishnu says if you want to be a god, even then you have to accept me kansa. Kansa says I will not accept you? Lord Vishnu says I have decided what you will do ahead and only I will stop you, so give away this ego. Kansa says why don’t I just destroy you? Lord Vishnu says if you want to destroy me, you still have to accept me and then you can wipe me out, every secret to me is by bhakti and you can impress me only by bhakti kansa. Lord Vishnu goes. Kansa is sent back in his body and everything is the same way as before. Balram lands down.
Kansa then puts back his weapon. There narad muni says not everyone gets to meet you prabhu in your form, you made kansa understand but he wont. Lord Vishnu says if kansa doesn’t kill balram and does dharma he may get sakvation but if he still does what he wants then he is nearing his death everyday.
There balram is running towards kansa, kansa says stop there kid, kansa with his power ties balram with a spell.

Precap: kansa is sitting on stairs. Balram hugs vasudev and devki. Kansa says to nand later, If I find out anything that is hidden in gokul then I promise you I will destroy entire gokul. Kanha is on the throne and he says kansa mama, mother always says that the truth cannot be hidden whatsoever it is.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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