Paramavatar Shri Krishna 13th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Devki and yashoda fight for kanha.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 13th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with yashoda saying devki what happened then? Devki says maharaj vasudev brought kanha in gokul that night. She then says yashoda I can do anything for my son but I wont lie, I don’t know at whose house maharaj vasudev kept my son but he came to gokul. Yashoda says see you are yourself saying you don’t know then how can you say my son is yours? Devki says yashoda I am a mother, my mother’s love wont lie to me and I know it that I have given birth to kanha. Yashoda says maharaj vasudev told me he came to gokul and his best friend is nand baba, they both are really good friends so for help maharaj vasudev would have come to his friend’s house only. Devki says that vasudev told her that when he came to gokul, he was walking through the streets with their son and

he saw all the people of gokul were in deep sleep and no one was awake. Devki goes to that kaki and says kaki you tell me, that night didn’t you wake up after a long sleep? Had you yourself with your eyes seen that yashoda gave birth to a son? Kaki remembers and says that night I woke up from the cries of a child and he was lying beside yashoda, that is when we knew it was a son. Devki goes to kaka and says kaka didn’t it feel like you all woke up after a sleep? Kaka says maharani devki you are true, I woke up after sleeping that night, all people say yes we woke up after a sleep. Devki asks yashoda, you tell me yashoda did you yourself see that you gave birth to a son? Yashoda says sister devki, you are right I woke up from the sound of my son lying beside me just like all the people of gokul. Yashoda says okay for once we believe that kanha is your son, then where is my child? Didn’t I give birth to any child that night? Does it mean that my pregnancy for 9 months was a lie? I prayed to narayana for 8 years for a child and Is it that god himself lied to me of my baby? Where is my child? Devki says sister I truly don’t know completely about that night but when maharaj vasudev came back to Mathura, he came back with a baby girl. Yashoda says a girl? Devki says yes it maybe that you gave birth to a girl. Yashoda says a girl? Then where is she devki? Devki says that next day just like my other children, kansa came and thinking of that girl as my child he threw her out of the open balcony, but that girl did not die and she flew up and it turned to be devi maya! Laxmi says to lord Vishnu, please stop this prabhu, a mother is trying to defeat another’s mothers love and it is the worst thing that can happen in the world as any mother would not accept that. Lord Vishnu says devi, they both are fighting for kanha and trying to claim him not understand what true love is, that is the reason behind all of it.
Yashoda says for once if I believe kanha is your son, then why are you yourself pushing him in the mouth of death? Devki says yashoda what are you saying? Yashoda says devki I and all the people of gokul have always prayed for your son in these many years that he come back to you, he has been born in this world so that he will defeat iniquity and establish dharma back in the universe, but if you say kanha is your son kansa is here with you and your mother’s love recognizing your son may put him in danger of kansa’s evil tricks, kansa may know who your son is and kill him too! yashoda says don’t do this devki. Devki says yashoda did you think about me before saying this? I am a mother who ahs not met her last surviving child since he was born, I saw my 7 kids being killed in front of me and you are trying to keep me away from meeting my son? This time not! I will meet my son! Yashoda says devki we all people of gokul will help you in finding your son but for that please don’t bring kanha in between, he is my son and you put his life in danger, please! Yashoda cries. Devki says whatever it be, the truth wont change yashoda, I gave birth to kanha! Yashoda says no devki you are in a misunderstanding, kanha is my son not yours! Devki says no yashoda, I have given birth to him. Yashoda says devki you are in a misunderstanding. Kanha comes saying mother! Both devki and yashoda look at kanha and smile!
Kanha comes and stands. Devki and yashoda both come ahead and bend down on knees. Devki says my son, kanha! Devki looks at the peacock feather and remembers her wish. She says see yashoda that peacock feather, it was my wish that I put it when I have a son and this feather is mine only. Yashoda says sister devki, I myself put this feather on my son’s head. Devki says hug your mother son! Yashoda says kanha come in my arms.
Kanha says I wont come in your arms and mata devki I wont hug you either. Yashoda says what are you saying son? For years you have come to your mother, why do you say that? Kanha says mother yashoda and mother devki, you both don’t see what you have to, you both are trying to claim me and showing who owns me, I am not a thing to be owned by someone. Kanha says see mother yashoda, you are my mother as well as mata devki who thinks I am her son she is my mother too! then he points at kaki dai maa and says she has love for me like a mother then she is my mother too! kanha says it is the truth that every woman who looks at me like their son is a mother to me and no one can steal their motherly love from them. Kanha says mata devki, I am everyone’s son in this world, just not one mother’s and I don’t belong to a single person but I belong to the whole world, that is what you both need to know as a mother’s love is what defines a mother not the fact that I am their son or not.

Precap: kansa comes to gokul with pralapt and janur finding devki’s son to kill him. kanha’s eyes show the entire universe in a peacock feather.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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    Jai shree krishna

  2. Less action and more dialogue. It becomes insipid. There is no story two lDys crying and cajoling and kansansan ranting and even behaving like a joker. Please see that story progresses. If not these people then it is Nara and then swam, prabhu conversations between vishnu and his consort. Boring and dragging a d obvious the serial makers are duping viewers.

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