Paramavatar Shri Krishna 13th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Jarasant goes back in the past.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 13th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha getting up and he says mata, what happened? Where is the boy? Mata smiles and says yes kanha, the boy is safe. Kanha says but where is he? I cannot see him. Mata says kanha, he is inside you. Kanha says what do you mean? Mata says kanha, I am devi anima-siddhi, you were seeking me and I am here. Mata turns into goddess anima siddhi. Devi anima says kanha, I wanted to test you and you passed the test by giving your life to save a boy’s life for his mother, now I shall help you as your have passed my test, I will stay inside you and will come whenever you call me and require my help. Kanha says pranam and devi anima goes inside kanha. Kanha says as guru gargacharya said, from all ashta-siddhi I have attained devi anima-siddhi’s help, now I can get into that

dark temple of kansa and jarasant to stop them from killing me.
There jarasant sees through portal as kansa fights vasudev. Vasudev picks the sword and is angry, pralapt and janur attack him but vasudev battles with the sword and throws pralapt and janur down, all soldiers surround vasudev and attack but vasudev throws them all away. Vasudev runs towards kansa as kansa removes his gadha, both fight and kansa hits vasudev with his gadha, vasudev falls down in pain. Devki screams. Kansa picks the sword to kill vasudev and swings it but devki comes running and picks a spear and puts it near kansa’s throat. Kansa says sister you want to kill me? Okay then, I will let you fulfill your wish too. Jarasant says from outside, kansa you fool, go and kill that kid, don’t waste your time with them, kill that kid. Kansa says kill me sister, devki uses her spear. There jarasant says now I understand why kansa couldn’t kill that kid for so many years? That fool wasted time here and there, he is not capable of killing this kid, I have to go there. Jarasant closes his eyes and his soul goes in past as his body stays there.
There devki picks the spear but jarasant comes, everyone look at jarasant and devki stops. Jarasant says kansa you fool, what are you wasting time? That Vishnu wont stop this long, he will do something, go and kill that kid. Jarasant takes the sword to kill the kid but devki throws the spear on jarasant, kansa goes and saves jarasant and the spear hits the throat of kansa’s statue. Jarasant is shocked as kansa is too. Jarasant says till today no one could beat me but this woman, she almost killed me using the spear. Jarasant says kansa go and kill that kid now, we don’t have so much time.
There kanha comes to the dark temple and he says now to enter this I will need the help of devi anima siddhi, kanha calls devi anima. Devi anima appears and says kanha I will take you in but we cannot go inside in our bodily form, we will go in a light form, they both turn to light as devi anima holds kanha’s hand and they get inside the protected dark temple. They come and see jarasant and kansa’s body in deep sleep as their souls are in past. Kanha sees the portal and sees kansa and jarasant about to kill him. Devi anima says if we have to stop this, we have to cause a distraction and wake them both at any cost. Kanha says I will wake up kansa mama now.
There kansa takes his sword and walks towards kanha’s baby form.
Here kanha picks a leaf and puts in kansa’s ear. There kansa get tickles and he laughs, he says who is doing this?
Kanha says I tried but kansa mama and jarasant are in very deep sleep. Kanha says what do I do? Yes, I know, mother always says that whatever it is, if a person’s oxygen is snatched away, then however deep he is meditating, they have to wake up. Kanha says devi anima use your power and remove their oxygen. Devi anima says you are very smart kanha. Devi anima uses her powers and puts ropes around the necks of jarasant and kansa, and starts choking them.
There kansa holds his neck and jarasant too as they choke. Kansa says father someone is choking me, jarasant says me too, I had told you kill that kid fast but you did not listen, that Vishnu has played his tricks now. Kansa says I will kill that kid, kansa crawls towards kanha but jarasant says we have to go otherwise we will die, jarasant takes kansa back with him before kansa is about to swing his sword on kanha.
Both kansa and jarasant come back in their bodies to the present. The portal closes. Kanha and devi anima see both. Jarasant screams and says who dared to do that? Who disturbed our deep meditation, the mighty jarasant will kill you. Kanha and devi anima go. Kansa says why are you screaming in anger? Jarasant says what do you mean? Kansa says this has happened because of you, if you had given me 2 minutes more then I would have killed vishnu’s avatar. Jarasant says how dare you blame jarasant? So now you will blame your guru and guide, if you had stayed there for one more moment then your body would have been lifted from here for funeral you fool. Kansa screams in anger jarasant, jarasant screams too and they both press each other’s throats. Suddenly a portal opens and both look at it, a voice says jarasant, brahma dev had given you this power to travel anywhere in past or future but you misused it to wipe out something that is written in destiny, your powers are taken back immediately and you wont be able to use them from this second. The portal closes forever. Kansa laughs. Jarasant says you think this is funny? Kansa says I am laughing on the trick that Vishnu played, you came here to help me and lost your power to time travel, kansa laughs. Jarasant says now I have taken this personally, I will not leave that vishnu’s avatar, he has to die.
There devi anima says kanha, from today I shall always live inside you, you can call me whenever you need my help. Devi anima goes inside kanha. Kanha says I have stopped kansa this time, but something has to be done to stop him in the future. Kanha goes back to rishi gargacharya.

Precap: jarasant calls his demon. Jarasant says kansa, every time you had to go or send a demon to vrindavan, vishnu’s avatar is hiding in vrindavan but this time his avatar will come to Mathura.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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