Paramavatar Shri Krishna 13th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanha takes mahadev’s form.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 13th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha and radha hugging each other. Radha is happy and she smiles and says kanha, you brought me back alive, only you could do this. Kanha smiles and says radha, without you I am alone and nothing, I will never let anything happen to you. Kanha says from now the world will know me as well as you by the name radhe radhe! They will call us radhe radhe when they may remember us. All the gods see and say radhe radhe! Laxmi says radhe radhe! Narad muni says radhe radhe. Mahadev and parvati say bolo radhe radhe!
Radha smiles and says lets go to vrindavan gore. They both go.
In Mathura, kansa is down on the ground laying on his back,3 of his soldiers are pressing kansa’s nck and trying to kill him, kansa screams for help while pralapt stands beside him with

keshi. As asti is going by, she sees kansa in danger and goes and takes sword and kills the 3 soldiers, she then says pralapt you traitor you were killing bhagwan? Asti attacks pralapt who runs and says bhagwan save me! kansa stops asti and says stop my love, stop! No one was killing me, I was bored, I was just seeing if anyone could kill me like this. Kansa takes the sword and then asti says I was worried bhagwan. Kansa says I know you care for me so much. Asti thinks kansa, I am waiting when is the day when lord Vishnu comes and kills you. Asti goes. kansa then says now I cannot believe anyone, everyone is going to fail against that Vishnu, before only kanha was a problem but now we have that radha as well. keshi says no kansa, believe me, this time kutnag will help you, he is Vishnu’s biggest villain. Kansa says kutnag? Now who is this? Keshi says he is a nag as well who took inside the kaal kut poison. Kansa says that’s rubbish, only one being, that is mahadev can take kaal kut poison in his body, no one else. Keshi says no kansa, kutnag took kaal kut poison as well, when mahadev had taken the kaal kut poison during churning of the oceans, some drops fell in the ocean and kutnag took it, he then went and lived in his kut lok which is under patal lok, he sleeps till this day because of the effect of the poison. Kansa says but how did he live that poison? Keshi says he is a manidharak nag! That is why the divya powers of the mani kept him alive. Kansa laughs and says good, we will go and meet him.
In vrindavan, radha comes home and everyone is amazed, they hug radha and kirti and brij bhanu hug radha and say you are alive, we could not live without you radha. Radha says baba, how can I die so early? I am still there to trouble everyone. Everyone laugh. Radha says because of kanha I live. Kanha says radha, I did nothing, I just prayed to mahadev. Everyone say mahadev ki jai! Gargacharya says tomorrow with all rituals, I will recite to everyone the story of mahadev and devi parvati. Kanha is excited.
There kansa sits on keshi’s centaur form and then they reach kut lok. Both stand and kansa says where is that kut nag? Keshi says look down kansa, we are standing on his body. Kansa sees and the body moves and kut nag wakes up.
There radha is finding kanha in vrindavan and she asks everyone where is kanha? She stops damodar and damodar says even I am finding kanha only. Suddenly from behind kanha comes in the form of mahadev exactly like him. he says bum bum bole! All people look at him startled and say mahadev’s bal form has come. Everyone do pooja of kanha.
Mahadev says to parvati, devi today I am very happy that paramavatar has taken my roop. Mahadev says the entire world prays to me but narayana himself has taken my form and given me happiness, cant stop but go there and give kanha my blessings and take prabhu’s darshan. Parvati says we shall go to vrindavana.
There radha is confused and she says no people, this is not mahadev. This is kanha who has taken the form of mahadev. Everyone looks amazed and says this is kanha?

Precap: mahadev and parvati come disguised to vrindavan to meet kanha’s mahadev form. Kut nag is ready to kill kanha.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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