Paramavatar Shri Krishna 13th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 13th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Krishna and his friends bringing their plan to a start. Krishna says first lets go and see what the women are doing. Krishna and his friends go and see in the market, there putna is taking rice from all the women. The women say madam you are doing a good work of giving food to all the kids in all the villages you go, but what is the reason for all this? Putna says I am doing all this for one reason, to impress my god! Women say that is nice. Putna says I have everything but I am short on milk. The women say yes there is less milk in gokul because the soldiers of kansa take the milk from our village but we have cows in our stable, we will go and take milk for you. putna says thank you and goes ahead, she thinks the rice is yours the milk is yours and the kids are yours

but the poison is mine, I will kill all your kids. There Krishna tells his friends what does this kaki always think of? Krishna says it feels like she is something else but is trying to show everyone that she is someone. Balram says leave that Krishna, think about the women as they are heading to the stables to take the milk. Krishna says yes! I will distract them and you all go and untie the ropes of the baby cows. Balram says how will you do that? Krishna says with love. Balram says love? Krishna says yes, I always convince mother with love, which means even the women can be stopped with my love. Balram says okay and he goes with friends. Krishna goes and sits on a cart and removes his jewelry and keeps it.
There the women are walking to their cow stables to get the milk. They see Krishna sitting on the cart sad. One woman says see kanha is there, finally we got him otherwise he is always in his mother’s arms. Other woman says yes, he is so cute come one today we will get all his cuteness we want! All the women go to Krishna. Krishna is acting sad. The women say what happened kanha? Why are you sitting here? are you sad? Krishna says yes. Women say why? Krishna says because I asked mother to put the jewelry on me but she didn’t as she was angry on me. Women say then now? Krishna says she was sad because she says I talk to the women more than her and the women love me so she said go and tell the women only to put jewelry on me.
There balram and his friends get in and they see the cows, they untie all baby cows and the babies go their mothers and start drinking the milk. There the women say Krishna why wont we put jewelry on you? we will! The women put jewelry on Krishna. suddenly they hear the sound of cows mooing. The women run to their stables and balram and his friends hide. All the women come in and see the babies have been untied and drinking all the milk. Women say oh my god! No! who untied these cows? They drank all the milk, now what will we get? Balram and his friends come out and run away. Women say see them, catch them. The women run behind them and say that is why Krishna distracted us, lets catch him. the women run behind Krishna. lord Vishnu and laxmi smile.
As Krishna runs, putna is there in between, krishna’s dupatta touches putna and she falls down in wet mud. Putna is angry. Krishna stops and laughs and says mother always says that those who do bad get bad too! What bad did you do that you fell I this dirt? Krishna says don’t worry, mistakes happen from humans, Krishna gives his hand to putna to get up. Putna is surprised and is about to take krishna’s hand but the women come running. Krishna says I am sorry but I have to go now, Krishna goes.
There devki is running ins a garden and vasudev following her, he says stop devki! Devki says catch me maharaj, devki never stops. Vasudev runs behind devki and then says okay devki, you win, now stop. Vasudev was day dreaming and he looks at devki. Vasudev says to devki, don’t worry devki I will show you our son, you will meet our son. Vasudev says and kansa will pay for his sins, a man who does crime never lives happy.
There Krishna is at home and yashoda brings him out as all women have come to complain. Women say yashoda Krishna has become very naughty, he untied all the cows and they drank the milk, now what will we get? Krishna says no mother, don’t listen to them they all lie, I did not untie the cows, you know I have so tiny hands and I cannot eat food with them then what will I untie their ropes? The women say yashoda don’t listen to him, he is mischievous, Krishna teases them. Women say he untied the baby cows and also stopped us and said mother is sad on me and did not put jewelry on me so you all put, so we started putting the jewelry on Krishna. Krishna says no mother, is it ever possible that you will not put my jewelry on me? They are lying. yashoda nods her head. The women say no yashoda, he is lying. Krishna says no mother I know, they are all jealous because you love me more and they cannot get enough of me. Yashoda says yes kanha is right, you are jealous of my son, he did not do anything. Then women say yashoda he is lying. Krishna says mother the baby cows need what is theirs, they need the milk of their mother, just like I need the food you make even they need what is their otherwise how will they grow up? Yashoda says yes it is true, and tells the women that kanha is right and the baby cows need milk of their mother. Women say yashoda we came here to tell you about Krishna but you are telling us only. They all go. yashoda then says kanha now I will not let you go anywhere and you will be tied to my pallu. Yashoda ties krishna’s dhoti to her pallu and says you will not go anywhere. Krishna says I will never untie this knot mother, I will not go! yashoda says I will not come in your sweet talks.
Putna comes in her hut and says kanha, kanha! This name gives me headache as if he is the form of lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu smiles. Putna says I don’t have the milk now because of kanha, but I will make kheer from goat milk, I will kill all the children.

Precap: Krishna tells his friends that lets go to the caves. Putna listens and says now I will not leave you kanha! Kansa has wiped the make up of his wife prapti and says you will never tell me about devki otherwise next time you wont be there to say anything.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. The funniest scene was when phutna fell in mud??? and then when kahna teasing those gopis???.

    1. AAYUSH

      Yeah thats true and it has the highest trp on and tv 0.9 yay

      1. Yes

  2. Lord krishna kills Putna when he was just 6 days old…pl clarify which Putna is shown in current episode???

    1. They are showing their own version of phutna lol? and she will feed kheer more lol,lol,lol???

      Hey guys check my fan fiction a new LoVe story?

  3. Yaa true..dey r showing their own version of krishnaleela…..

  4. They are telling the wrong story of Putana.. putana attempted to br*astfeed Krishna when he was an infant with her poisoned br*ast milk.. please show the right story!

  5. Exactly… Even the episode which was telecasted on 6th july of naamkaran… They showed naamkaran of radha n krishna by a lady… In reality it was naankaran of lord krishna n balram by Gargacharyaji… I dnt know which version of Shree Bhaagwat t they trying to show…

  6. This is the reason why foreigners call our history a myth.(sad).

    Well we should get one thing all the historical shows which are telecasting rigjt now are showing their own version.
    So we should just enjoy it as normal drama.

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