Paramavatar Shri Krishna 12th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Kansa decides to attack chandra dev.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 12th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kansa angry and saying why hasn’t the moon moved from its position yet? Kansa is angry and stands in the balcony, he says Chandra it seems you want to die today, I will give you only 2 hours Chandra, if you don’t set according to time then you will not be alive anymore. There in his palace, Chandra dev says I am not scared of anyone, my prabhu has told me do as he said, I will listen to him.
There radha is tied by vines and she tries to move. Laxmi smiles. As radha tries to move the vines now start pulling her, she says why is this pulling me? Someone help me. Suddenly some owls come flying inside and they with their beaks cut the vines, the vines fall down. radha is freed, she smiles and then continues in her journey ahead.
There kanha looks at

the moon with his eyes open. There narad muni says prabhu if the moon doesn’t set today and sun doest rise then the world will be in trouble and the earth and moon rotate as it has to. Lord Vishnu smiles and says shesh avtar laxman in treta yug had done a lot for me, he had sacrificed his happiness and life for me and since then I was indebted to shesh naag, today kanha will do what he can and take all it takes to save his brother. Laxmi says which means prabhu you are paying the debt of what you had earlier in treta yug as shree ram. Lord Vishnu smiles.
There nand and brij bhanu say today the moon seems to stay in the sky for too long. Nand says yes, this must be shree hari Vishnu, balram is saved until the moon is in the sky.
Balram in another prison is confused and vasudev and devki in another prison look at the moon. There kansa is angry and annoyed, he walks in the balcony and then looks at the water clock in the palace. Kansa says time is going according to its speed but the moon is still in the place it was before, it hasn’t moved an inch. Kansa is angry and says Chandra dev you want to die I think.
There suryadev indra dev and narad muni come to lord Vishnu and do pranam. Indra dev says prabhu if now the moon doesn’t set and sun doesn’t come up then everything will be destroyed. Suryadev says yes prabhu, if now we don’t go according to time then the earth will be ravaged by natural calamaties and everyone will die. Lord Vishnu says the moon will not set as it is Chandra dev’s dharma now to stay up to save balram. Suryadev says but prabhu it is my dharma too to rise. Lord Vishnu smiles and says then suryadev you follow your dharma and rise, do not worry. Suryadev smiles and says yes and they all go.
There kansa is now angry and says Chandra dev it is time now, seems you are no longer scared from me. Bhadraksh says bhagwan why don’t we just bring balram and kill? Then whatever these gods are doing to save him, it will be a fail. Kansa says no I want to kill balram in the light in front of the entire world and want everyone to see his death and the end of Vishnu on earth. Suddenly the sun rises, the light falls everywhere and everyone is confused. It is morning. Kansa laughs and says surya has come, it is morning, it is time now. Kansa dances. Kanha there sees the sun come up and is sad, he looks down.
There nand and everyone see. There kansa is ready to go. but lord Vishnu there sends a bright light inside kanha’s body, this light enters his body and an alter ego comes out of kanha. This alter ego starts becoming huge and takes the form of vaman of lord Vishnu. kanha starts becoming huge and huge and huge. All the gods in the universe do pranam. Laxmi does pranam too. kanha now becomes huge than earth. Laxmi says prabhu your vaman form had arose to defeat the ego of raja bali, since then it has come now, with the entire universe today even I have become pure after looking at this form. Kanha becomes so huge that he now blocks the sunlight on earth.
There suddenly night comes and kansa is shocked and very angry. Everyone is confused, devki and vasudev say this is sure the doing of lord Vishnu, he is saving balram. Birj bhanu says it is night again.
In gokul, yashoda’s friends say yashoda see it is night again, it was morning just, what is happening? Is this a bad sign? Yashoda is worried. Kanha is happy and he looks at the moon again.
Kansa is very angry and he stands in his balcony and says Chandra you don’t want to live, you have called for your death today. Kansa with his power creates clouds and lightining and then has a bow and arrow in his hand. He aims at Chandra. There Chandra dev says kansa do whatever you want, today I will stay here till the end until my prabhu says so. Narad muni says to lord Vishnu, prabhu see this danger, no one can stop kansa’s arrow, Chandra dev is in danger, do something prabhu. Lord Vishnu smiles, he looks at laxmi and nods his head.
There radha reaches the house of a rishi and says rishi you have to help me.
The vaman form of kanha now goes back inside kanha and he smiles and looks down now. Chandra dev understands and says prabhu I have understood your sign. Chandra dev now sets and the sun comes back. Kansa stops and the bow arrow disappear from his hand. Bhadraksh says bhagwan see sun has come back. Kansa sees and is happy, he laughs and says now no one can stop me from killing balram. Kansa sends bhadraksh and janur pralapt to bring everyone.
Bhadraksh goes to prison and says to brij bhanu and nand that come with me. Nand says where? Bhadraksh says where? It is the death of the child you fed till now and has grown up, balram is going to die. Everyone go. kansa goes to devki and vasudev and says I will kill your 8th son in front of you today, he takes them.
In the court, balram is held with chains and tied. Balram is very angry. Nand, brij bhanu, damodar and jeevak are tied by chains and devki and vasudev are tied by chains too. kansa says vasudev, see your son, you are his father whom I am killing today and then I will cheat death too. vasudev says angrily you evil kansa, you killed my children and are calling me a father? kansa laughs and says okay I wont but your son is anyway going to die. Kansa looks at the huge mudgal he has kept with spikes on it. Kansa says mudgal dhari balram! You love mudgal right? Kansa starts going towards balram with the mudgal. Balram is angry and says maharaj kansa, just free me once and fight me then we will see who is capable of killing whom? Kansa says nephew did you think I am a fool? I will not free you. Kansa goes to balram as balram says free me and I will beat you to death. Kansa picks the mudgal and swings it, everyone say no and struggle from the chains. Devki has tears. Rishi gargacharya comes and says stop kansa! Kansa stops and sees rishi gargacharya and says rishi you in kansa nagari? Welcome. Radha goes to brij bhanu, brij says are you fine? Radha says yes father I am okay.
Narad says prabhu kana does not listen to anyone, will he listen to rishi? Lord Vishnu says rishi gargacharya was kansa’s teacher before and only fate knows what kansa will do.
There kansa comes to rishi and keeps the mudgal down. rishi says kansa you have become blind by your ego and are not able to see the truth. Kansa says what is the truth rishi? Rishi says kansa this child you think is shree hari Vishnu? no he is not the child you think, he is not the 8th son of devki. Kansa says what? Rishi I have seen his power and I know he is that child, I respect you because you have been the teacher of yadu vansh but don’t make me take harsh decisions now. Rishi says kansa it is the duty of a teacher to show his student the right path but it is the students decision whether to take it or not. Kansa says then show me gurudev. Rishi with a power shows 2 kundli’s with various planets moving around it.

Precap: rishi says kansa I have showed you the right path, balram is not devki’s 8th son. Kansa has a mayavi weapon to kill balram. Kansa says I have decided. Suddenly a voice says kansa stop it. Kansa says who is that who dared to stop kansa? Lord Vishnu in his shree hari form comes ahead and says it is me who decide everything. Kansa is shocked.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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