Paramavatar Shri Krishna 12th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Indra dev says he is the greatest god.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 12th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha and radha and radha says kanha what is the problem? Kanha says radha I don’t have any problem but we cannot support indra dev’s anger, he is just scaring people to be his disciples and to pray to him. Radha says but it is required for the rains everyone needs, we cannot stay like this and it is everyone’s choice what they want to do. Radha says kanha you don’t keep interrupting everyone. Kanha says but radha, it is wrong. Radha goes.
There indra dev says to all gods, from now everyone will pray to me and will make my temples everywhere, I will be the pratham devta from now and everyone will be under me. Indra dev sits and says I am the greatest god and everyone shall impress me from Pooja and bhog if they need anything. Indra dev’s mother is

In vrindavan all people are preparing the mandap for the Pooja of indra dev. yashoda comes to kanha and says kanha, I made the food and sweets for the bhog and I have made some for you to eat too, so eat it later after we give the bhog. Kanha sits under a tree and thinks if this pooja is done, indra dev will become more egoistic of his powers and him being the king of the gods, but this shall be averted. Kanha removes his flute and starts playing it. He plays the flute and its sweet music goes to everyone’s ears, this music then goes far away. There some rishi’s are coming to vrindavan in a bullock cart for the Pooja of indra dev. the cows hear the music and they stop midway listening to it. The rishi’s say lets check what happened and they get down the cart, they then see the cows and rishi’s pray to the cows and says mata please take us in time to vrindavan for indra dev’s Pooja, if we don’t reach on time indra dev will be angry and he will punish us, please mata. Rishi’s say if we don’t get there, we will be punished by indra dev and will have to face his anger, lets go walking. The rishi’s start walking. There radha comes to kanha and says do some work gore, don’t sit like this playing your flute. Radha goes and kanha sees up on the trees, there are many crows. Kanha says so you got my indication, good you have come on time and to work up my plan, we shall start now. The crows start shitting on the food and sweets kept for the bhog and spoil all the food.
In vrindavan, as all preparations for the Pooja are done and the rishi’s reach. The rishi’s say we have come in time for the Pooja and we shall start it before we all get late. Everyone sit for the Pooja and then the bhog is show, the rishi’s say no, there is all crow poop in this food and sweet and it has been spoiled, we cannot serve this to indra dev otherwise he will punish us all. What do we do now? Suryadev is invisible and he sees everything. Yashoda comes with a plate of bhog and says don’t worry, I have this which I made for kanha, we will serve this. Yashoda gives and she sits. Kanha thinks even my food is gone. Suryadev goes to indra dev and says devraj, your Pooja has started and you have to appear in front of the people and bless them with rain. Indra dev sits and says not now, I have to be impressed by the people.
The Pooja starts.

Precap: nand says we have to cut trees from govardhan mountain for indra dev’s pooja’s fire. Kanha says no father, we cannot harm the environment for the Pooja.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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