Paramavatar Shri Krishna 12th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanha does tandav.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 12th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha going to mahadev’s temple. He says says to shiv ling, mahadev you gave the amoga astra to kalyavan, only you can save my radha, I will do tandav and get your darshan at any cost. Kanha starts doing tandav and praying to mahadev, he dances in anger and sorrow as he does tandav.
In Mathura, kansa says to bhadraksh, bhadraksh now that we know it was radha who got killed and also she is the avatar of laxmi, she has to die, her body cannot be allowed to be kept for so long otherwise that chakradhari Vishnu will do something and bring radha back alive, go and do something and put radha’s body on fire at funeral. Bhadraksh goes.
In vrindavan, all people are mourning radha. Suddenly bhadraksh appears, he comes to brij bhanu. Everyone is angry. Bhadraksh

says brij bhanu ji, see it is very sad that radha has died, but her body has to be cremated, now I have not come here to create any problem, I have come to help you so that radha’s body be cremated quickly because a dead body shouldn’t be kept for so long, please listen to me and come with me, take the body of radha otherwise look at me, I was killed but my body never cremated that is why I roam around like a ghost. Birj bhanu gets up and wipes his tear, he says you are right bhadraksh, I have to cremate radha’s body because she cannot come back alive now, she has died. Bhadraksh says I have brought all things required for the funeral. Kansa’s soldiers come holding the white cloth above their heads to carry radha’s body. As brij bhanu is going to take radha, rishi gargacharya comes and says stop brij bhanu, radh’s body wont be cremated. Bhadraksh comes and says the guru of gwala’s you don’t know that a body cannot be kept long? It has to be put on fire, let us go. gargacharya says no, it wont be taken, go away bhadraksh. Brij bhanu says okay bhadraksh, guru has said radha’s body wont be taken, then it wont be taken. Bhadraksh says now even I will see who stops me from cremating radha. Everyone take fire around bhadraksh, bhadraksh screams and is scared, he goes back to Mathura.
There kanha is doing tandav. Narad muni goes to mahadev who is meditating and says mahadev, see paramavatar shri Krishna is doing tandav, please go and give him darshan otherwise soon the tandav will cause apocalypse of the universe.
There bhadraksh goes to kansa and says bhagwan kansa, I went and also convinced brij bhanu to take the body of radha to be cremated but suddenly the guru gargacharya came there and he told not to, then I tried my best but these people every time take fire around me because of which I can die bhagwan, that is why I had to come back, forgive me. kansa takes sword and says those who are scared cannot live in bhagwan kansa’s court, you shall die. Keshi, the demon horse stops kansa and says it is not his mistake kansa, this work doesn’t seem so easy as it sounds, I will go and no one can stop me, I will put radha’s body on fire. Keshi goes.
There kanha does tandav, suddenly his tandav starts putting earthquakes, tsunami’s and volcanoes, the world starts shaking and natural calamites occur. All people in vrindavan say what is happening? Nand says it seems it is kansa. Gargacharya says no this is something else, kansa cannot cause the world to tremor. Outside the house, keshi appears in his half horse, half man form, he puts fire outside the house and the house gets filled with smoke, all people start falling down due to earth’s tremors and keshi then picks radha with his powers. Gargacharya says leave her demon. Keshi says I am not bhadraksh, keshi takes radha with him.
There kanha does tandav and mahadev appears and says paramavatar shri Krishna, stop your tandav, kanha stops. Mahadev says prabhu, I had granted the powers of amoga astra to kalyavan but it was used for adharma, I take those powers back now and grant life back to radha. There keshi puts radha on funeral pyre and puts fire on it, mahadev appears and he gives radha life and goes. Suddenly radha gets up and says how did I come here? She jumps out. Keshi is shocked and says how is this possible? He is about to attack radha when she calls kanha for help. Kanha comes and pulls keshi by his tail and says you demon, from now if you come back here or Kansa sends any demon here, I will kill you. Kanha throws keshi out of vrindavan. Radha smiles and kanha is happy, she hugs him.

Precap: kansa is angry as radha comes back alive. He goes to call lord vishnu’s greates villain, a nag!

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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