Paramavatar Shri Krishna 12th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 12th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Krishna meeting all his friends under the banyan tree. all friends say kanha what happened? Tell us! We have the butter but why are we waiting to eat it? distribute it amongst everyone. Krishna says we don’t own the butter. Dhama says yes Krishna we do own the butter, it is ours. Krishna says no it is not. One friend jeevak says Krishna then it belongs to the women. Krishna says no not even women it belongs to cows. Dhama says how does it belong to cows? Krishna says when mother makes food for us whom does it belong to? All friends say to us. Krishna says then as a cow mother gives milk whom does it belong to? All friends say to the cow. Krishna says then butter is made from curd and curd from milk, then whom does it belong to? Dhama says to the cow. Krishna says

exactly! I saw saying the same. lord Vishnu and laxmi smile.
Krishna says though the cows don’t like butter but they deserve milk and if we don’t give them milk to drink then how will we get more butter? All friends say yes you are right. Krishna says I have an idea from which we can get the milk from our mothers and give it to the cows. Krishna says the idea and then balram says no! not at all, I am not going to come in this idea, mother will give a lot of beatings later. Krishna says don’t worry brother, whenever mother has asked me if I will go out alone I told her brother balram will be with me, I trust you so much, even you have to trust me. Balram says okay Krishna I will help you in this, everyone cheer.
Narad muni says Narayan! This is nice, see how Krishna convinced balram. Lord Vishnu smiles looking at shesh naag.
In the palace, in jail, devki is lying and vasudev makes medicine and puts it on her forehead. Vasudev says devki don’t worry! I will make you fine and you will live. Prapti and asti are watching, prapti is sad and asti too, she says I will tell maharaj kansa today whatever the punishment be but I will tell him to free devki and vasudev. prapti and asti go. vasudev tells devki that you will get up because our 8th son is alive, I have seen him and I saved him, he looks so cute and has a shine on his face. A tear rolls down devki’ eye.
There Krishna tells yashoda that he wants to talk to her. Yashoda says no Krishna I will not talk to you. Krishna says why mother? Are you angry? Did I make you sad? Yashoda says yes Krishna I am angry and you made me sad. Krishna says then that will make me even sad mother. Yashoda says Krishna I will not talk to you, you do what you want, you go out of the house in the day and now even at night you went out. Krishna says mother I did not go out, I was called outside. Yashoda says who called you? balram says kaki, Krishna has a cow who called him. Krishna says savra called me out, it is a baby cow, he was hungry so I went out. Yashoda says how did you know he was hungry? Krishna says savra told me he was hungry so I gave him jaggery to eat. Yashoda says you get to know what is in a cow’s mind and you don’t know what I feel. krishna says you will not talk to me mother? Yashoda says no. Krishna says then I will go out, and not come back I will also not answer to your calls. Krishna waits then says I will really go mother. Krishna walks ahead and looks back, then he says I am going and he goes. Yashoda is making butter then she sees up and says where did kanha go? yashoda gets worried and says did he really go? yashoda walks ahead to find him and says kanha! Krishna says I am here, Krishna is sitting on the stairs. Yashoda smiles and sits beside him. Krishna says I will not talk to you, Krishna says if I am at fault then I will also suffer the punishment, I will not eat anything and not even butter and I will not talk to anyone. Yashoda feels sad and says I am sorry kanha, come with me I will feed you butter. Krishna smiles. Yashoda says I was just angry kanha, come on. Yashoda takes Krishna and feeds him butter. Nand sees and says this mother love, no one will know.
In the palace, in room prapti tells kansa that I want to talk to you maharaj! Kansa gets up and says tell me dear prapti. Prapti says maharaj, I am worried for devki and please I request you to let them go back to maheshmati. Kansa smiles and says wow prapti, you did not say what was in your heart you said what was in my heart! Kansa says even I think the same, I want to let my sister and vasudev go back to maheshmati. Kansa then says I will fulfill your wish, tathastu! Then kansa says you don’t love me prapti, prapti says yes I do maharaj. Kansa says you are not wearing the tika, but don’t worry I will put it, kansa then twists prapti’s hands and takes the tika and puts it.
There putna becomes a woman and goes to nand’s house. She meets nand and damodar. Nand says yes madam what do you want? Putna says nand baba I have heard about you, I am just going for a yatra and each village I go, I arrange a food feats for the children of the village so I was told that there is a very cute child here so I have come here to invite him too. Krishna and balram both come out. Nand says he is my son Krishna. Krishna says what happened? Putna says Krishna, I am going to make kheer for all children, will you come? Krishna is excited and says kheer? Putna says yes, kheer! You will come right? Krishna says yes don’t worry I will come. Krishna says you don’t need to tell me the place, my nose will smell kheer and I will come there myself. Putna says to nand that nand baba now I will go as I have to invite all the children. Balram says kaki don’t worry, if Krishna comes then all the children of gokul will come because where kanha goes all children go there and where he doesn’t, no one goes there. Putna thinks then kanha has to come. Putna thinks, krishna says what are you thinking? putna says nothing i was thinking about the kheer and then says okay and then smiles and says nand baba I will go. putna goes and looks at Krishna. Krishna looks at her and tells balram that dau I think she was thinking something else and saying something else.

Precap: putna is asking for milk from a seller in the market, Krishna and his friends are watching her hiding. Putna says I need milk as I have less of it. putna thinks milk will be yours but poison will be mine.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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