Paramavatar Shri Krishna 12th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Jamuna turns blue from poison.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 12th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kalyanaag in the Yamuna river. Kalyanaag finds the doorway to naglok. Kalya romans around the river and then sees the door and says here it is, he enters naglok and comes inside the palace, then he turns to his human form. Kalyanaag says yes I have finally come to my naglok, the lok I had to leave years ago, but now I am safe and no one can do anything to me. Kalya releases more poison into the Yamuna river.
There jamuna’s palms turn blue, she is shocked and hides her palm behind her back. Kanha and radha are with jamuna and say what happened jamuna? Jamuna says nothing happened. Jamuna thinks I shouldn’t tell them now. Jamuna hides her hand and says radha and kanha you both go ahead, I will stay here. Kanha says why? You will be alone. Jamuna says kanha

I know this area very well as I live around here, I will be here when you both come back. Kanha says okay jamuna, I and radha will soon be back. Radha and kanha go to gokul. Jamuna is in the forest and looks at her hands and says what is happening to me?
There kansa is with keshari. Keshari says kalya naag will do the task, he will get entire gokul killed. Kansa says yes I know that. Keshari says you are a bit like you were in the last life. Kansa says what? Keshari says in your last life, you were kaal nemi and I was your wife. Kansa says don’t bring that stupid life story on me again. Keshari says it is true, I will show you something, keshari takes kansa and says look inside this still water. Kansa looks at his reflection in the water and says It is me bhagwan kansa! Keshari says look properly for sometime. Kansa looks and then he sees himself looking like kaal nemi. Kansa is shocked and says who is that? Keshari says maharaj it is you. Kansa says what? Keshari says I will take you somewhere. Keshari takes kansa to a mountainous place and says look here maharaj, our palace used to be here. Kansa remembers and imagines the palace there. Keshari takes him near a beautiful forest near the mountains, keshari says you and me used to walk in these gardens and forest and enjoy. Kansa remembers kaal nemi walking with keshari in the beautiful gardens. Keshari goes ahead near a pond and says do you remember this place? Kansa says no. keshari says this was the place we first met. Kansa remembers kaal nemi meeting keshari. Keshari’s soul then takes kansa soul and they travel to a place. Kansa says where are you taking me? Keshari says some place to show you something, right now we are not ourselves too, these are our souls as we have left our body up there, kansa says before I thought you were vishnu’s maya. Keshari says no I am not, I am your love, your wife.
Keshari and kansa land in devlok. Kansa says indra lok? Keshari says yes, here we are. Keshari says this is the most powerful lok in the entire universe. Suddenly 2 gods come running and go past kansa. Kansa says they didn’t see me? Keshari says no because these are our souls, no one can see us or hear us. Kansa says it seemed they were running from someone. Keshari says yes, someone has attacked devlok, lets see who it is. Kansa and keshari go.
There kalyanaag sees naglok and then says I will take my throne, kalya naag goes and sees some apsara’s doing Pooja of the throne. The women see him and say swami you are back! You have come back. Kalyanaag says yes I finally have come back, I will sit on my throne, I will take revenge from everyone who killed nag’s and has brought them down. Kalyanaag says I have release poison in Yamuna, this river will go in the oceans and poison the water in the entire world and then all humans and living beings will die and only nag’s and snakes will live.
There kanha and radha come back. Kanha says where is jamuna? Kanha says we have to find her. Radha says but she is nowhere. Kanha says radha, I am worried for her because she was not feeling good, there are harmful animals in this forest and anything can happen to her. Radha says you are right, we have to find her. Kanha and radha go finding jamuna, jamuna goes to the river bank and cries as her netire body turns blue, she says no this cannot happen.

Precap: all people of gokul start falling sick from the poison. Kanha and yashoda and nand everyone are worried as people fall ill. Kanha meets kalyanaag.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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